A/N: I'm back bitches! -A

Ok j/k, so here's what really happened. I literally had a ton of Spashley stories saved on my computer two years ago and was working on all of them to some degree, and both of my incomplete stories on here were finished on my computer and just waiting to be posted. Until SUDDENLY... my hard drive fries and I lose everything. I was crushed. So crushed that I stopped writing, actually. I had like at least 1 million words of Spashley saved up on there. But recently I've been rewatching the show and I felt inspired to try again, so this is a rewritten version of one of the incomplete stories on my old computer. I remember the basic plot from about two years ago but beyond that I'm a little fuzzy, but we'll see where this goes. I literally just churned this chapter out over a period of approximately 30 minutes, like... just now. Nothing else has been written, so you have been warned. Hopefully I will find the motivation to keep going. Now time to resolve some stuff:

For fans of "All the Time"... there was one chapter left and it was an epilogue with a time skip that revealed Spencer and Ashley were happily living together while Spencer went to college. Paula and Ashley completely made amends, etc, everything was happy. I'd like to think that story was mostly resolved already, with what has been posted, since it's only missing one chapter, after all.

As far as "Don't Waste It" goes, that was probably my favorite Spashley story I've ever written and I am devastated I didn't get to finish posting it. But unfortunately probably less than half of it made its way onto this site before my hard drive fried, so I would just recommend not even starting that story tbh if you haven't already. I will say that Spashley got together in the end and Ashley became a better person due to Spencer's influence if that's any consolation. And the whole Carlin family accepted Ashley as one of their own, eventually.

Now onto this new story!

"While upon the 9th state's ratification of the United States Constitution the document became effective immediately, this controversial 2/3 rule became null, as Rhode Island became the 13th and final state to ratify the Constitution in May of 1790. Shortly thereafter-"

"Oh my God, are you studying?"

Spencer plants her butt onto the floor beside me, and I look up and over at her with a frown as she stares back at me with mockingly wide eyes.

"It must be the end of the world."

"Or I have a test I can't fail," I correct her, noticing a few nerds in the distance glaring at us. I passed on a table and chair at the front of the library in favor of a quieter place on the floor in the back, but Spencer knows me well enough that it doesn't surprise me that she knew to look here. "And didn't anyone ever tell you you're supposed to be quiet in the library?" I point to the angry nerds, the poor things. "They're all going to fail because you can't shut your mouth, you know."

She rolls her eyes at me and leans over curiously. "So what'cha studying?" I hold up my book so that she can see the cover. It's American Government. "Fascinating."

"Glen told us the class was boring as hell," I remind her. "I was prepared for this."

"So prepared you're making a C?" she teases, spinning around on the floor and then leaning over so her head is resting in my lap while I'm still holding my book in the air.

"Shut up, dork," I retort, calmly resting the book on her face.


"We can't all make A's, can we? It's like… Murphy's Law or something."

"Are you thinking of the bell curve? Because those are not remotely similar things."

"I'm thinking about how in every best friendship someone has to be the dummy. I'm just taking the bullet for you because I know your self-esteem couldn't handle being the dumb friend." I move the book just in time to see her roll her eyes at me. "However, in exchange, I also gladly assume the role of "the hot one", so we're even."

"You're so mean."

"Oh my God, I said you were smart, Spencer."

She reaches up and tries to get a slap to one of my cheeks in, but I jerk out of the way and snap my legs up to get her head off of me. She sits up with a pout.

"So why aren't you in class, oh smart one?" I question her casually, already trying to find the right page in my textbook again.

"Gym," she replies with no further explanation. I understand.


"With your boyfriend."

My nose wrinkles further to match the rest of my displeased expression.

"Can we please-" I start.

"Dump him?" Spencer finishes for me. When I glare at her, she has her knees pulled up to her chest and is resting her chin on them, her head tilted innocently to one side.

"Soon." I turn back to my book, trying to focus on a paragraph on the process of Senator reelections.

"How soon?"

"Just… soon, okay. I seriously have a test next period, and this is my only study break, Spence."

She sighs. "Alright. Sorry to bother you." She starts to stand up.

"Are you really trying to make me feel guilty right now? Because it's not gonna work."

"No…" she replies, drawing out the word even as she steps away.

"Okay. Well, bye."

"Bye." I hear her take a few steps away from me. "Here I go…"

"Again on your own?" I don't look up, but I hear a chuckle.

"I'll see you at lunch, Ash."


"I think they're serving mystery meat. Should be interesting. And possibly fatal if consumed."


"And if we survive it you should dump Aiden because he's a cheating asshole."

"K-" I pause, then look up to glare at her. She smiles innocently and I get an idea. "I'll dump him when you get a boyfriend."

She looks appalled. Both of us are perfectly aware that her dating history is zilch. Nada. Not unless you count Zach Harris in the 8th grade, who gave Spencer her first kiss and then was crushed when she dumped him a week later.

"I can't tell if that's a genuine offer or just you taking the opportunity to make fun of my love life," Spencer informs me.

"It's both," I clarify simply. "But I know it won't happen, so it was probably, like… 30 percent genuine offer, 70 percent just mocking you." I go back to my book and miss whatever face she makes at me.

"I swear I'm not hideously undateable," she defends a moment later. "I could get a boyfriend if I wanted one."

"Spencer, you're gorgeous," I reply sincerely, although I'm eager for her to leave now. The words in my textbook are starting to blur, I've been in here staring at them for so long. "We both know you're just picky."

There's a long pause before I hear a reply.

"Well… thank you." I hear her shuffle away. "See you at lunch?"


"Dump Aiden?"

"Ye-… Spencer."

The sound of her laughter follows her out of the library. So do the glares of everyone else in the library but me.

As crazy as she can be sometimes, not a day goes by that I don't look at Spencer and think, "I have great taste in best friends."