Finding Peace – Prologue

"Now that we killed Lavos, I think it's time to each one face our own destiny... We no longer need to be there together, and if we don't go back to our times fast enough it's going to be too late, soon the Time Gates will be closed", it was a very sad new, but Lucca was right, as soon as they said their goodbyes, many went away. At the main square, there was only left Marle, Lucca, Crono, Magus and Glenn. The former frog warrior fell in love with Lucca and he said it was not possible to he return to his time and leave Lucca all alone there.

"What about you Magus? What are you going to do now, as your main objective was completed?" Crono asked with a serious tone, the thing is, the main objective that Crono and the others knew was accomplished, actually his real objective is far from completed. Magus slowly moved away, looked at the portal to the End of Time, and thought about his life until now. It was a really hard life, and now, with Lavos death, he's one step closer to get back to the woman whose he loved since he was in Zeal. "Magus ,is everything alright?" asked Marle, he looked sightly to her and just nodded with his head, however he knew he was lying, one important piece of his life was missing.

"I need to go now, soon I will return, just wait for me..." - those were the last words of the great Fiendlord, which was said with a malicious laugh, soon he was going to chase his dream, a dream that he needed to chase alone, as no one was strong enough to accomplish it, or even help him. Magus jumped in the portal and went to the End of Time.


In the End of Time everything was really quiet, it looked like nothing was alive there. Fine, Magus thought, with no one here, I can go to where I want easily and with no worries *laughs*. But he was interrupted by a sudden movement in the darkness, and precariously he made his Doom Scythe emerge.


"Calm down my son, there's nothing to worry. It's me Gaspar"

The old man walked in Magus' way, then with his cane he downed Magus' scythe. Gaspar and the End of Time, no one knows which of both is more mysterious, maybe both are one single thing in the Universe, but that can also be not possible, as Gaspar was an almost normal Zealian person, except by his wisdom which was amazing.

"Are you going after her?"

"That's not your business old man, keep there and doing what you do."

"My lord, don't you think this could change history so drastically that can end with thousands of lifes"

"You wouldn't understand that. I bet you never felt it for anyone. By the way, I presume you know why am I doing it."

"Janus... She's your sister! Remember that! We all know she will not love you that way, it's wrong and bad."

"Who knows if you're wrong. If I don't save her, there will be another timeline which I actually saved her, when we're put into making choices, another timeline appears with the choice we didn't make, but only the person choosing can say what is the best to be chosen, you taught me that. If I have to sacrifice thousands, even millions of lifes I'd do so, only to see her smile again, listen her beautiful voice again."

"If it's that, then I can do nothing else telling you that's not the only way... Farewell my son, good luck."


Magus went to the Epoch and prepared to fly to his time, hoping he could find Zeal alive again, but the time that the Wings of Time was set was already after the Ocean Palace incident, and that means that Schala was dead, so using the time-warp machine was almost useless... The great demon lord stopped a little to think about "That's not the only way' which Gaspar said... If he wasn't able to restore Schala before the Ocean Palace incident, that meant only one think... As soon as he conclude he set the engines up, changed the time and prepared to fly to 65,000,000 BC, the time when Ayla was alive, he knew he would find one important component to do one thing that would change his life.

65,000,000 BC, Magus soon landed in a place very far from the villages to don't scare anyone there. He walked toward to the village and in some seconds found Ayla fighting with a man, just a way to have fun that time. How times changed, in that time it was all about fighting, Zeal had much more to offer than any other place, even nowadays Magus feels like the world is far undeveloped near to what was the great flying realm. When Ayla noticed his presence, she ran to talk with him, like if it they didn't meet each other for many years, for Magus it took some minutes to be there, but Gaspar told him that the effects of time-warp are many, but, mainly when stuck on the End of Time, when some minutes may be real minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades... There's only one known case of a creature who stood on the End of Time for some minutes and when he got back to one place it was twenty years after, that case is about Spekkio, who left the fallen Zeal in 12,000 BC and when he went back to the same place it has been passed twenty one years. Ayla hugged his former companion and asked why was he there, Magus explained that he needed one important thing, a stone, from Lavos fall to do a thing which was able to save his sanity, as love kills it.

The prehistoric woman brought there two pterodactyls, she said to he mount on it and soon they both flew over the skies to find Lavos' fall place.

"But why Scary Cape Man need Big Stinky creature stone?"

"That's something I cannot tell you now, maybe one day you'll know it, maybe not... That's for a particular reason, and I don't feel nice giving all the details for anyone, even someone so good like you Ayla, don't think bad of me, just show me the path."

"Can Scary Cape Man tell Ayla when we achieve Big Stinky Creature fall place?"

"If I find what I want, yes, I can."


In some minutes they found a huge crater in the middle of a forest, which means Lavos fell there. They landed the pterodactyls near that crater and Magus asked Ayla to wait near the dinosaurs, as he wanted to search alone, as nothing would interrupt his work.

The Demon king jumped inside the crater and leveling up his right hand an explosion of fire melt all the rocks there and made the crater even deeper. Ayla looked to the hole worried, and she felt no more worries when she found Magus hovering there, with not even a single scratch, he was such a strong man, without Masamune, no one can even leave a mark on his body.

He looked on the hole once more and did another fire explosion, and another, another, another, until he went to deep that the prehistoric woman wasn't anymore able to see him. Until a great thunder came from the sky and hit the ground, she looked down once again and saw Magus going up with water, he was the only man able to control all the elements, no one else was able to use fire, thunder, fire and darkness at once, and his fight style was amazing, a fast aggressive guy with a scythe, it looked like there was no one person in the world stronger than him.

The Mystic King started hover over the big hole and showed to Ayla the small stone, both said no words until Magus started:

"Do you want to know everything now?"

Ayla was too scared with his amazing power, it looked like Magus developed such amazing power after killing the big world destroyer Lavos, so she simply nodded.

"It's a long story, we should eat and drink something before..."

The woman brought the flying dinosaurs again, and both flew back to the village, Magus was put in the guests hut, it was pretty nice, a large place to sleep well, Ayla said she would be back soon, only was going to get some "beer" and meat. Magus sat down on the "bed" or at least it was a place to sleep, because, actually, it's only a very big haystack, and took off his shirt along with his cape, then lied down starting a relaxing meditation, but after he did some seconds of this meditation until Ayla came back and gave him meat and a very good drink. He swallowed everything in little moments, and felt really better, he used too much mana to cast all the spells on the crater, if he was completely sane, that would be nothing, but something was affecting he, like if someone was calling for his help and he knew that that cry was from Schala.

"So, big Scary Cape Man, what are you up to?" - Ayla asked, breaking the tension.

"I-I... Sorry... I really need to go..."

Magus was worried with everything turning out this way, and he already had his last piece, now the only thing he needed to do is create a Chrono Trigger and revive Schala, but it will be difficult, as she never died. However everything was inside the plans, now it's only about he finish his work.