Finding Peace Chapter 2 Awakening

"It's getting harder to stay awake

And my strength is fading fast

You breathe into me at last

I'm awake I'm alive

Now I know what I believe inside

Now it's my time

I'll do what I want 'cause this is my life

here, right now

I'll stand my ground and never back down

I know what I believe inside

I'm awake and I'm alive"

Awake and Alive – Skillet

"She's awake! Already? That was fast Lucca, another brilliant work, as always!" – Crono was smiling again, in a way that Magus probably never understood, the king looked to has a motive to smile always, because he was mostly of time looking that way. Was Marle all that important to his life? The fiendlord thought, Wait... Schala awake?! That was very surprising! In just a few hours she recovered! What am I waiting for, why am I still under those blankets? Why am I still in this bed? I have to go NOW!

"Scientist! Thanks for your work assisting my sister. Can I see her for a moment?"Magus asked in such a gentle way that surprised everyone, Crono was talking with he for some hours and noticed how he changed, since he brought his sister back from the darkness the archmage was not more the same person, he was a new being, or the resurrection of his old lost Zeal memory.

"Magus being gentle?! What happened?" Lucca whispered to Crono, trying to be as discrete as possible, but nothing escapes from the amazing mage audition. "I'm still here stupid scientist! Do you prefer me talking with you that way?" The fiendlord asked while laughing, but this wasn't an evil laugh as he usually did, it showed his good humored being, thing that no one ever thought existed. What was that? That sound from my mouth? What happened? Am I starting to be like Crono? I think that is what means happiness, now I understand...

"Ok, Ok, rude guy! Come here with me, I will lead your path towards your sister bedroom." Lucca and Crono was laughing too. Then the scientist went toward the door with the two kings following her.

They walked a little in the big castle, Lucca explaining to Magus all the locations and respective bedrooms for each person he met, then they stopped at a door and she said that it was there where Schala was recovering from all the problems that appeared while she was on the darkness. I can feel her presence there, and another one, a strong aura, no so strong as Zeal's one, but they were similar in a certain aspect... While he was thinking, Crono opened the door, that made Magus "wake up", and then the Guardia king said to Magus: "She's your sister, go there first. Hug her and tell the truth."

Magus wondered what that "Say the truth" meant, then he remembered that he was not only Magus the Fiendlord and Demon King, he was the Zeal Prophet, that used Schala as a chess piece on his brilliant mind game, also he was Janus, who is Schala sister, making their love something forbidden. What to do now? She will never know that I'm Janus, she'll recognize me as Magus, the prophet who tortured her and made she work like a slave, what she doesn't understand is that she was a piece of a game that was intended to save her since the beginning... Like a chess game that the player will risk his pieces and "trade" them, ending with enemies main pieces and using pawns to bring back an important piece, I was the player and Lavos was the another one, I sacrificed in the start my most important piece, the queen, Schala, and also some others like the gurus to, with the help of my pawns, who I can't call anymore pawns, but friends like Crono, recover my queen and defeat the other player, but how can I explain that to Schala? What to do now?

"Magus... Will you enter or just keep waiting outside?" The king asked. The mage walked slowly and saw Schala under some blankets in a bed that is infinitely better than the horrible place that she was, a dark place that nothing could be sensed. Probably between 12,000BC (Ocean Palace incident) and 600AD(Lavos death), he was already inside the bedroom and saw Marle casting some healing spells on the Zeal princess, she was already asleep again, they took much time waiting that made she sleep again. When Marle saw her former companion awake and well she stopped the last casting and rushed near him, the within some meters away she jumped on his neck and hugged he as she never did with anyone, not even Crono, that was not envy because he was happy with Magus return too, and Marle was a woman with a too good heart, she was worried about he since they separated their ways because of the fear of any crazy thing that would end with Magus death. And when she saw him with Schala on his arms, holding her in such a warmth way, the queen understood what was his real objective in going with them, she felt very relieved that Magus was there, but when the fiendlord fell on the ground she entered in panic, worrying that anything really bad could happen, now with he there, awake, alive and well, she could not stop herself and the impulse to hug her friend.

"I was so worried... Never do it again are you hearing me? Never risk your life that much again... *sniff*" Nadia was crying so much, that even Lucca and Crono left a tear drop, they never felt that way, they never knew how the ex-Zeal prince was important on their life and how he was missing from their life, like Ayla and Robo, but they knew those two was having a nice life in the prehistory and the new better future, Magus otherwise had nowhere to go, fiends would point at him calling he a coward, a loser, a traitor anything like that, while the people would never accept he living with them, he didn't fit any era other than 600 AD and 12,000BC, but 12,000BC only before the Ocean Palace Incident, because now there was nothing not destructed from his home, nothing but Schala, that was right there in his front. After Marle stopped the hug, Crono went at her side and kissed the queen gently, then Magus went toward the bed where Schala was sleeping, she was wearing a new robe, this time a red one, like his shirt that was changed while he was unconscious.

He then was down to his knees and looked directly at the Zealian closed eyes, she was so beautiful... So pretty... So innocent to deserve such a punishment on the darkness, hew blue hair was all over the bed, like an ocean, he touched her face and then her hair then stopped and a tear was falling from his face.

"You don't have any idea of how I am happy with you here. NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE AGAIN SCHALA! Please, never do it again... I know it was all my fault I ask you, no... I BEG you your pardon, they say pardon is divine, so a goddess like you can do it, please Schala. Forgive me for all that I made you pass, you don't have any idea of what I was feeling until today, 12,000 years passed with this feeling. Forgive me... For... Gi.. ve... m... e..." He fell on the floor, he was a very powerful man, but that time he didn't rest enough, and with Schala there he felt weak. Crono ran next to his friend and carried he back to his bedroom, Marle and Lucca followed the two and inside the bedroom Marle cast some spells to recover his sanity and health, she was not feeling bad this time, as she knew he only passed out because he was too tired.

"He really loves Schala, doesn't he?" The scientist asked, "The way he was acting there was something I never imagined to see before. Do you know of anything Crono?"

The king was paralyzed with the question, he promised Magus that he would keep the secret and he did it, he said nothing about the love that the fiendlord felt by his sister. He only mentioned about the siblings love, a fraternal one.


Some hours later the mage awakened again, Crono was sitting next to him on chair looking at him, the blankets were over him again, then the king smiled, thing he always did...

"Good morning Magus! Feeling better?"

"Yea, yea... I was very tired... Now I'm alright... Did Schala already awake again too?"

The king answered a no with his head, then the demon king looked to the door, and started to feel all the aura around his and Schala's bedroom, inside Schala bedroom was Marle, the same aura he felt before entering her room, downstairs there was two peculiar auras, he tried to focus a little more and discovered that was of Glenn and Lucca, other than that everything was pretty normal. As soon as he finished he looked back to Crono's face and spoke one thing that would change the history about what happened a lot. Changing the name of Ocean Palace Incident to Janus Zeal Great Plan.

"Crono, you're an intelligent man... So I will tell you all the truth about the Ocean Palace and Lavos..."

"What? What do you mean by th..."

"Let me start and you'll understand... As you know I was sent to 600AD by Lavos while I was a kid, then Ozzy found me and we started the cruel and bloody war, until there nothing was really planned, actually, after I grown up I took conscience of many things and I was prepared to do one thing that would change my life, as well as yours. I ordered Yakra kidnap the queen, knowing that one of the generations would be sucked by a time warp by Lavos and die there, but she would met someone that would come and save her, then,, the brilliant part starts, I started the Lavos spawn and knew that Frog would try to stop me, also I knew that if I defeated you the distorted time warp would never happen, so I lowered my guard and let you guys defeat me... After that I was warped to 12,000BC, my home time, where I would play as prophet and make the most important moves on this game... As I know my mother better than anyone would I knew that she would love unlimited power and then I knew that I had to spawn Lavos there, but this time, my "key" was Schala, as we have the world's most powerful Magicka we would be able to activate the Ocean Palace and spawn Lavos, then the game really starts. Imagine a chess board, technically speaking the players are the Kings, who controls anything and when killed that means a game over, so imagine this chessboard with me as white king and Lavos as black king, then imagine all terrible creatures you had to defeat as Lavos' pawns, then you imagine yourself and your team as my pawns, imagine the gurus as if they were two each, one is my tower, other is my bishop and the another one is the knight, so there is still missing one important piece, the queen, imagine the queen as Schala. Did it? Cool, now Lavos side you have the shells as towers, the part inside the Lavos shell, the one that looked like a robot, as bishops and himself, the core, as the king, there's missing a queen too, that's when I start preparing the game, mom was always crazy about power and putting her on Lavos side was easy, then putting mom as Lavos' queen the board was complete and we can start the game."

"Wait! Are you meaning that everything happened to us after we defeated you was meant to be like that?"

"Not everything, for example Dalton playing dumb and doing shit was not expected... Other than that everything was meant since you went to 12,000BC, that I was already waiting."

"Ok... Please continue..."

"So, the game started, and my play tactic is a piece trader tactic, which mean I was going to sacrifice some pieces to destroy enemy pieces, Schala was the first one, I traded a queen for a queen, with my mom without Schala, she wasn't able to get all the power she want, two pieces out of the game. Now his movement was something totally unexpected, he used his shell to destroy one of mine most precious pawns, you. Then with that the other pawns had to work hard and save you, and they did, at the cost of Gaspar help, let's take a bishop out of this game now, then things happened as you know, the Ocean Palace failed to fulfill it's work, taking out many Lavos pieces at the cost of two mine, you and Schala. Then I knew the frog wasn't going to be able to fight me, he has a heart like Marle one, he isn't able to harm me. So Marle invited me to the party and we went back to get our most valuable pawn. Almost everything was inside the plans, we played without any important movement until we went to the Death Peak revive you, then Lavos knew something had to be done, he tried to get us there with some small shells, but it was worthless, we defeated it easily, then Lavos started to lose his board advantage, I was playing in the defensive, while he was on the offensive, when he started entering in panic he made pointless attacks which leaded him to the final point that we revived you, a player in panic is not worth even the simplest mop you have here, now with that important pawn back, he wasn't more a pawn, but a bishop, with higher value. Then we attacked Lavos back in 600AD, and as you know on a chess game you can get back a better piece, there are eight pawns, but as you noticed you were a group of six, two missing space, completed with a doppel doll of you and Schala, so we used your to get you back and there is still one left, what is it? Oh yea, Schala doppel doll, her recover was just a matter of time, when we defeated Lavos the game wasn't complete yet, as we defeated all his pieces, leaving the king nowhere left to run, but also not being a checkmate neither a stalemate, and the time passed like that, until I gathered resources enough to make a Chrono Trigger, with the cost of the help of some more pieces, let's take out a bishop and a tower now, also we forgot to take out a knight because of the Epoch! So while the pawns and the bishop were having parties and that king of stuff the king went to the death peak get his queen back, and as soon as the queen was back with us. BAM! Checkmate! Lavos complete defeat!"

Crono looked at his friend in a surprising way, he figured out all the logic now that it ended, but Magus not only thought about everything on the game, he defeated the beast, a possible stronger beast respawn, saved two lives and thought it all before anything happened, a plan of more than 15 years biologically speaking about he and over thousands and thousands of years when talking about real chronological time.

"Magus, I can't believe you thought about all that... That's amazing! Even more surprising than Lucca inventions!"

"I was not called Prophet just because I knew what was going to happen there. But I never did all those expectations after it, as well I never heard the black wind howls again, which is good, that it means I won't need to think things like those again *laughs*"

"Is something disturbing you? After you told me all your old tactic you didn't look proud or anything like this... Why?"

"Now with Schala back I'm very happy, but Crono, do you know what is to sacrifice the life of the person you love most in the world? Do you know what is to see your love falling on the ground just in your front and you won't be able to do anything? Do you know what is to face your love after you did such a shit like that?! Tell me, do you know how is feel like that?"

"No, I don't have any idea, it sounds terrible, while you were speaking this I imagined Marle dying the same way Schala died, I don't know how strong willed you are, but for sure you're really strong, also you kept the plans and completed with no fail. That's such an amazing thing."

"It is terrible! But now, I'm really hungry. Let's eat something..."

"Me too, let's go..."


Author Notes:

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