Hogwarts Rejection Letters

Harry Takamachi

Dear Professor McGonagall

I am afraid your offer has come a bit late as I am already enrolled at St Hilde Academy of Magic and have no intention of transferring away from my current school. Also I have been reliably informed that it would be unwise to attempt to learn both the Modern Belkan style of magic and the style your society practice at the same time.

Plus my adopted little sister Vivio would be very upset if her 'Onii-san' had to move so far away for nine months of the year.

Perhaps at a later date when I complete my education here I could attend your school and learn more about your style of magic. Some of the higher ups in TSAB (Time-Space Administration Bureau) are very interested in a possible exchange of information between our two societies.


Harry James Potter-Takamachi

P.S. Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama are very interested in meeting Albus Dumbledore and discussing his illegal placement of me with my Aunt and Uncle. I think they would like to 'befriend' him.

Jbh14: Had this idea for awhile, started writing some ideas and only now got round to editing them. Don't know how many of these I'll do or how regularly this will get updated. Basically If I have an idea for one, I'll write it and post it here. A number of these are from dead fics I never got around to finishing.