"Mewdifffff, Come on it wasn't my fault!"

"Yeh it's never your fault, is it Bri"

Huffed Meredith turning Her back on her boyfriend.

"We only have a fifteen minute brake before we have to rehearse our big scene together, Nick and Julia will kill us if we're fighting!"

"We're not fighting! We are having a disagreement!"

"Fine, can I make it up to you?"

"You could try" She said crossing her arms and turning back around to face him.

"Ok so this is way to overwhelming for a Tuesday! So just give me a minute to regain my confidence"

She tried to hold back a laugh but didn't manage to hide the smile playing across the room at his terrible accents.

"Meredith, you are Super-Mega-Foxy-Awsome-Hot, and i'd love you if you were the horse that ate my cousin!"

This time she did laugh, and she didn't stop for about five minutes. She leaned up and kissed him.

"Ok so that one was for being so cotton-pickin' cute this one is for good luck"

They kissed again, gentle and soft, a ghost whisper of what they were both longing for, lingering long after they were forced to brake apart.

"I found themmmmm! They were making out in the back ha- aghhhh" yelled Lauren.

Joe and Jaime came running through to a sight that would be considered very strange anywhere but a starkid rehearsal. Lauren was yelling, tied up in Merediths scarf, facing a wall and with a note taped to her forehead.

'Catch us if you can!'