Their wedding was a simple affair. The two of them, a few witnesses, and the Priest of Mara.

Kathryn wore her dress, and a few flowers woven into a crown. Roliand wore some traditional Nord finery. Nothing too fancy. There was a small party at the Bee & Barb, and the pair of them put away more Mead than anyone had expected of them. And then they had retreated to Honeyside for their wedding night.

In the morning they would face the world. They would find a way to end the Civil War, they would stop the World-Eater. They would complete a hundred menial tasks around Skyrim, trying to do what they could to make the world a better place.

And then they might sit down and talk about a home. A family. A future together.

But for tonight, none of that mattered. For that one night, their wedding night, they were lost in each other.

Everything else could wait.