"-And there ain't no winter, cause that'd ruin the harvests and-"

"Totsie, I usually find your story's cute, but I have already been preprogrammed with all of the data the G.L.E.E has on file about every planet, including farm planet so these lessons are of little consequence."

"What?" He said looking thoroughly confused by her wording.

"I know all of this already, I don't need to be told about the purple sky or the double suns" Megagirl explained. Her husband missed the obvious hint of her newest download, sarcasm.

"Yeh but do ya know about how people live on the planets, like how I have to take ya back where I come from, farm planet to meet my family so that we can have a real weddin' did ya know that"

"No, I did not know that. But it is of little consequence, if we went to farm planet there is a 74% chance that your parents will not accept me as your wife, a 67% chance that they will force you to leave the G.L.E.E and a 87% chance I will be chased out of town."

He looked utterly crestfallen but didn't arguee back knowing he could not win against his wife's unbridled logic.

"Well anyway, so threres these orange birds that helps us to plant the seeds and the rains pink so as-"

That was the point Megagirl began to count the 0s in her bace code binary programming.