Just a small oneshot - my inspiration came from when I was watching the end of V for Vendetta, a movie which I hadn't seen for a while and an idea just occurred to me.

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John Watson was there the night the Houses of Parliament blew up.

The first wave of explosives was earth shattering. A massive wall of pure light, heat and sound that made every bone in his body vibrate. Chunks of stonework flew out wards and the bare skeleton of the building began to sink into itself.

Next came the fireworks. Huge bursts of red and gold and white that dispersed and faded like falling blossoms. A discordant clang of exploding bells rang out as the face of Big Ben shattered and the tower crumbled to the ground. Right in the centre of it all a flaming red letter 'V' hung in the air.

He lifted the Guy Fawkes mask off his face and let the long wig fall to the floor so he could take in every inch of the brightly lit night sky.

John found himself smiling properly for the first time since Sherlock's death. Everything had changed so quickly. The war, the riots, the anger. He had stayed in the flat most of the time, only going out for food. Mrs Hudson had been scared half to death. Harry had suddenly stopped emailing him too. But he knew now that things were going to get better and maybe he could get better too.

Maybe he could finally let go of Sherlock.

John was still smiling even when the fiery 'V' had faded from the sky.

"Everything's going to change isn't it?" he said, turning to the man next to him even though he hadn't a clue who the bloke was.

The man still had his Guy Fawkes mask on, but the wig had slipped revealing some dark curly hair beneath.

"Yes, I think it will, John, I think it will."

John's smile faltered.

"I'm sorry, h-"

The man grasped the mask under the chin and pulled it away. John gasped as he saw the real face beneath. A face he knew all too well.

"Hello, John." Sherlock said, his lips shaping into the ghost of a smile, "It's been a while."