Meredith woke up early, it was quite an unusual occurrence as she was usually the last one up. Her and Brian had moved into a different apartment in the little complex that made up the manor and it still felt odd without Jaime waking her up. She carefully removed herself from Brian's arms and crept out into the kitchen not wanting to wake him. After pouring herself quite a large cup of coffee she spotted the calendar on the kitchen wall. February 14th, valentines day how had she forgotten, she'd brought the card weeks ago! She decided to make it special seen as it was their first one as a couple and started pulling things down from the kitchen cabinets.

Mere knew that she had about an hour and a half before Brian woke up. Grabbing out the ingredients and mixing them together she made basic pancake batter before adding pink food colouring and putting it in the refrigerator for later. She pulled out a glass jug and filled it with orange juice and dyed that red. Tiptoeing back into the bedroom she unplugged her iPod and took it back through to the living room creating the perfect playlist.

Listen to your heart

You are the music in me

Not alone

Right here right now

The way I do

Love story

Loved and alive

Love grenade

A heart full of love

Can I have this dance

With that done she made the pancakes and even made pink syrup and butter. Everything was almost ready she made coffee with red cream and set everything out on the table, placing a card under Brian's plate. Meredith pulled a pink dress and white heart patterned tights, a memory from an old valentines day party with the girls and put them on before waking Brian.

"Happy valentines day Bri"

"mmhh, five more mintes Merdff"

"I made coffee and pancakes"

"I'm up, I'm up!"

Twenty minutes later the food was gone and they were just sat listening to the music

'Take my hand, take a breath, pull me close and take one step

Keep your eyes in line with mine

And let the music be your guide'

Brian climbed to his feet and offered her his hand, she took it and soon they were twirling unsteadily around the apartment not nearly as gracefully as they did in the movie, they slowed down to avoid injury and Meredith rested her head on his shoulder, it was perfect, pure bliss. Well until a certain miss Lauren K

Lopez burst through the door yelling.

"Meredith! Can I borrow food? I want to cook something for me and Joe but Julia already used all of the ingredients, its not that I'm not happy that Darren's home but there being all cutesy and gross... Like that... Never mind I'll ask Jaime... Bye."

She slammed the door and both Meredith and Brian callapsed about laughing as the song ended. Pure bliss.

Hope ya like it and yeh I used Zefrences what of it? -LOL IWannaBe