Full summary: All the girls are using the new perfume called Vampire. They believe if they spray it on themselves that they'll actually attract actual vampires. But such creatures do not exist do they? When Ino accidentally knocks into Sakura, he gets the perfume sprayed on him instead! When Naruto walks home after school, he's attacked by a raven haired man! What will he do?! AU. SasuNaru

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A/N: I came up with this idea because I actually got Vampire Perfume as well, ha-ha. I was just thinking it would be funny to actually write this story with this idea, so the plot is not going be really serious. More humorous is more like it and of course romance! So if you're interested and reading this, thank you! I hope you enjoy this! Probably isn't going be a very long story, unless you want it to? ;)

The first chapter isn't very long, really short but will try to make the other chapters longer!

On with the story!

"Vampire Perfume"

Chapter One: Sweet Fragrance

Naruto felt his brow twitch at the three girls in front of him giggling. He rolled his eyes as he grunted and laid his chin on his arms.

"C'mon Sakura, you can't actually think that this is for real?" Naruto groaned out to the pink haired girl who kept gazing lovingly at the red container in her hand. What was up with this new perfume anyways? It seemed that a lot of girls were fawning over it and he really couldn't see why though. The platinum blond girl sitting beside Sakura sent daggers his way.

"Naruto, you just don't understand girls' fantasies," Ino scoffed at him then she moved her eyes back at the object in Sakura's pale hands.

"H-Have you used it yet?" Hinata who also seemed very interested in this new product as she was sitting with the two. Naruto just shook his head, really even sweet Hinata?

Sakura looked up at her two friends, "No, I haven't. I just bought it yesterday." She squealed out. "It wasn't cheap either, and I'm excited to spray it. I wonder of how it smells," she mused, she brought the bottle closer to her chest as if she was cradling it.

"But Sakura, you can't actually think it will attract vampires do you? Those don't even exist!" Naruto whined out and gulped once those words were out of his mouth. Ino and Sakura glared at him with icy eyes and he swore he felt the temperature drop slightly when they did.

"Just shut up Naruto," Sakura said in a demanding tone and Naruto just felt his sweat drop. Seriously, if every girl who got this perfume thought it was going to attract non-existent people, oh how he felt sorry for them. Just because it's called "Vampire Perfume", didn't exactly mean it will attract them!

Naruto just sighed and when he heard someone slide in next to him in the other seat, he looked and saw it was Shikamaru. The lazy intelligent boy looked at the three girls with non-interested brown eyes.

"So they're actually thinking this piece of crap is real?" He drawled out as he moved his gaze towards Naruto who just nodded.

"Yeah, oh man, I do not understand why they think it though." Naruto told him, cupping his cheek with his hand and just watched the girls talk animatedly for a moment until he heard Shikamaru mumble something. He quickly looked to him with a raised brow.


"I just said, maybe they think this stuff is real is because of all of those ridiculous romance novels about vampires and humans getting together. Ah, what a pain, the mind of a woman is a very difficult thing to understand." Shikamaru told him and Naruto couldn't agree more.

"Hey guys," Naruto heard a male voice and turned to see Kiba walking his way towards him and Shikamaru.

"Hi Kiba," Naruto waved with a smile as the dog boy sat down in the other seat beside him.

"For once, I can't actually wait until class starts. At least it'll make those idiots to stop talking about that dumb ass perfume," Kiba said. Naruto guessed that everyone else in the classroom felt the same way, well at least all the guys.

Naruto was glad though that the girls sitting in front of them were so into their conversation that they didn't even hear them. Naruto than vaguely wondered who in the hell made this perfume anyways? He heard it came out about a week ago and he had seen a lot of girls with the perfume in their hands already.

"Yeah, I wonder where Kakashi is. I wish that man would just come early," Shikamaru agreed as he leaned back in his desk and put his hands behind his head.

And as if on cue, the silver-haired man walked through the door and Naruto, Kiba, and Shikamaru breathed relieved sighs. He heard Sakura and Ino complain while Hinata just turned around quietly. Sakura tucked the perfume into her purse that sat beside her desk and after that the girls in the class quieted down, it was almost like music to Naruto's ears.

He actually paid attention to Kakashi teaching the class for once as Shikamaru fell naturally asleep and Kiba just stared up at the ceiling. When the class bell rang, Naruto shot out of his desk and stretched his limbs before he got ready to walk.

Sakura got up from her desk and took out her Vampire perfume out of her purse and smiled at the glass bottle and she gingerly took off the lid. She decided that she really wanted to spray it before going to her second class, but as she put her finger on the top of it ready to spray, someone knocked into her from her right. Causing her hand to sway to the side and her finger accidentally pressed down and the intoxicated fragrance sprayed out, it didn't hit her, but rather the person behind her. She sent a glare at Ino who had rushed over to her side when she saw that Sakura was about to spray it.

"Ino," she growled out. She heard a yelp and then a sneeze from the obnoxious blonde that she figured was behind her, as she could tell by that recognizable cry. She turned her head to see Naruto with a shocked expression; dammit the first spray and she completely missed herself because of Ino-Pig it landed on him instead. She wanted to throttle the blonde girl who sheepishly mumbled, "Oops," before she rushed away from the rosette and out the door.

Naruto could smell the saccharine fragrance go right though his nostrils as the misty spray landed on his neck. He heard Kiba howl out in laughter. Shikamaru put a hand to his mouth and snickered.

"Ah, crap I smell like a girl!" Naruto yelled out in agony. Could this day get any worse?

To be continued…?

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