Full summary: All the girls are using the new perfume called Vampire. They believe if they spray it on themselves that they'll actually attract actual vampires. But such creatures do not exist do they? When Ino accidentally knocks into Sakura, he gets the perfume sprayed on him instead! When Naruto walks home after school, he's attacked by a raven haired man! What will he do?! AU. SasuNaru

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"Vampire Perfume"

Chapter 23: More

Naruto and Sasuke walked on in silence, the sidewalk bustling with people. The chatter from the people walking by and around them was the only thing that didn't make the long silence between them too awkward. It distracted Naruto from his lingering thoughts of him and Sasuke and was thinking about Sakura. She seemed suspicious of Sasuke, but he was glad that her parents had come when they did. He wasn't sure of which excuse he'd tell her. Naruto isn't good at lying and he's realized his been making a lot of excuses lately. Sighing, Naruto winced from his chest heaving and gently put his hand on his chest. It's been awfully sore all day, he had checked it out in his bathroom mirror this morning and it's red and puffy with irritation. It had scabbed over, making his skin feel tight.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke piped up, noticing the blonde clutching at his chest.

Naruto felt his cheeks getting warm, no doubt blushing before replying, "It's where you bit me, its freakin' sore." He accidentally must have said that a little too loud because some people stared at them oddly. Naruto looked down at the ground, embarrassment filling him.

Sasuke quirked a brow before his lips curved ever so slightly from thinking about what happened last night. But slowly morphed into a frown when he remembered that Itachi wanted him to go and meet him with the other members of the Akatsuki. Sighing out on frustration, he ran his fingers through his thick hair.

"Dammit," he muttered out. Naruto looked at him, wondering what was on his mind.

"What's up?" He asked casually, his gaze drifting to the buildings they were walking by, still finding it hard to look directly at him.

"I have to meet up with my brother tonight..."

"Hm, is that a bad thing?"

"It involves with the Akatsuki," Sasuke pursed his lips from saying the group's name. He really didn't want to even deal with or even see them for that matter. He looked at Naruto out of the corner of his eye; the blonde was looking at the buildings. Sasuke felt a pang of annoyance, he hasn't looked at him during school and it was bothering him, a lot. Sasuke quickly grabbed Naruto's upper arm before pulling him against him.


"Why won't you look at me? You've been avoiding your eyes from me all day." Sasuke told him, ignoring the curious stares they were getting. Naruto's cheeks turned a rosy red. His eyes flicked to his face for a moment before looking at the ground, finding the concrete interesting.

"Y-You know why..." Naruto tries pulling his arm from Sasuke but he's pulled more against his front. "C'mon Sasuke, cut it out. People are staring!" He whispered in a flustered tone.

"I'm not letting go until you look at me," Sasuke said.

Naruto rolled his eyes in frustration before he reluctantly looked at Sasuke. Sapphire orbs meeting stormy silver, his cheeks getting hotter. He could hear the people passing by whispering and he squirmed, wanting Sasuke to let him go already.

"Good," Sasuke said in a praising tone like he was a dog. Naruto felt his lips pull down into a frown, he wasn't an animal. But yet, Sasuke didn't release him.

Sasuke suddenly leaned down, brushing his cheek against his. His hair tickled his cheek and his hushed voice enters his ear, "I'm not afraid to do something in public."

Naruto pulled his face away, his face getting ten times hotter. To his relief Sasuke let's go of his arm and he took a tentative step back before looking up at Sasuke. The obsidian-haired teen was facing away from him. He couldn't believe that he said that! Naruto pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance, now he was getting frustrated.

"I-I'm sorry, it's just..." Naruto hesitantly began, how could he tell him? Before he could finish though, Sasuke started walking. "Hey, wait!"

Naruto trailed after him. Great, now Sasuke's ignoring him. How could he look in those eyes without remembering that he and Sasuke-

Ugh, just thinking of that made him palm his face. Sasuke had touched him very intimately last night and he could have objected but...he didn't...

Naruto paused in following after the vampire, wait, why didn't he? He could've revoked his invitation simply. Yet, he had let Sasuke touch him. Naruto's ripped out of his reverie when he's suddenly knocked into from someone passing by him. He stumbled back with a grunt.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to knock into you. Are you alright?" Naruto looked to see a beautiful girl with black hair up in a bun, brown eyes framed by thick, long eyelashes. A tall man with short spiky brown hair with a scowl looked down at him with annoyance.

"C'mon Haku, we need to get going."

"I know Zabuza," Haku replied before looking back at Naruto with an apologetic expression. "Again, I'm sorry."

"Nah, it's alright. I shouldn't have just spaced out, miss." Naruto chuckled out nervously. His cheeks heating up again while he scratched at his cheek. The tall menacing man, Zabuza, put a long muscular arm around Haku's slim shoulders possessively. Was that her boyfriend?

"Let's get going." Zabuza then walks off with Haku pressed close to his side.

Naruto just watched them disappear into the crowd before he looked back to see if Sasuke had waited up for him but he didn't see him. He glanced around but doesn't spot him anywhere, his shoulders sag. He's mad, fantastic.

Naruto just trudged with the pedestrians while crossing the road. He felt sad or was it disappointment or guilt? He wasn't sure what he was feeling but he's unsure of how to act normal around Sasuke because of what had transpired between them. He didn't intend to make him upset. He frowned as he stepped on the sidewalk, shoving his hands in his pockets. "I can't believe he left me..." he whispers to himself, kicking an invisible rock.

"Who left you?" Naruto moved his head to see Sai walking in his direction; he waved at the pale boy.

"Oh, uh, well..." Naruto coughed, "what are you doing in town?" He dodged Sai's question, knowing his friend would probably get mad for him hanging with Sasuke. Now why would he get mad, he wasn't sure.

Sai quirked a brow at him avoiding his question but he ignored it while he slipped his arms around Naruto's shoulders. "I'm actually getting some groceries and then gonna eat out. Do you want to come with?" He asked nonchalantly.

"Um," Naruto paused. He wasn't sure he was in the mood to hang out.

"You know Naruto, it's alright if you don't want to," Sai said. Those dark brown eyes trained down on him and Naruto gave a small smile.

"Nah, we can hang."

Right when Naruto said that, he felt an arm slip around his waist and is roughly shoved into a strong chest. Naruto felt his eyes widen like saucers when he peered up to see Sasuke.

"Sorry, but I've already made plans with him tonight. He just probably forgot, right dobe?" Sasuke squeezed him closer to his side while Sai glared dangerously at him with piercing dark brown eyes. He's pissed.

If Naruto didn't act fast, this was going be a repeat of being pulled between the two like last time.

Clearing his throat, he quickly spoke, "I'm sorry Sai. I did make plans with Sasuke, how about another time?" He hastily lied.

A glint of disappointment shone in his eyes before they shifted on Naruto.

He gave a forced small smile, "It's alright, how about I come over and spend the night like we used to when we were kids?"

Naruto just nodded quickly.

Sai's features light up from the response. Before Naruto knows it, warm lips pressed against his forehead. Then the warmth was gone and Sai stalked away with a confident stride. Setting his hand on the spot where Sai's lips had touched, Naruto felt the hand on his side tighten and looked up to see Sasuke boring holes at the retreating figure with murderous intent, he looked furious. This wasn't looking too good.

Naruto unconsciously grabbed the vampire's hand, causing the taller male to look down at him. He wasn't sure what he was doing, but he wanted to calm down the fuming Uchiha. He ignored the peculiar stares they were getting.

"Sai's just my friend," the words passed his lips before he could stop them. Why in the world did he say that? It wasn't like he's worried. When he and Sai were younger, they always hung out and Naruto would invite his friend over almost every day. Now that he thought about, he remembered that Sai used to always give him quick kisses on the forehead and cheeks. But it was just a friendly gesture, right? He pressed his lips into a thin line, thinking it would be best to keep that part to himself.

Sasuke felt something stir in his stomach and squeezed the warm tanned hand firmly in his. He jerked the blonde forward that surprises even himself. He kissed Naruto right in-between his eyes, the same area Sai had done it. He did not like how those lips connected to this warm skin other than his.

Realizing where his thoughts were taking him he hastily removed his lips from Naruto's forehead to see the shorter boy's cheeks flushed. His cerulean eyes were wide and luminous. His lips turn upright at the corners before removed his arm from his waist and took a step back.

"I have to go, see you later dobe." Sasuke says nonchalantly.

Naruto felt his mouth hang open, at a loss for words. Why couldn't he speak? A random person walked in his line of vision of Sasuke and when the passerby was gone, the pale man wasn't standing there. It was like he disappeared into thin air.

Naruto shook himself out of his stupor and briskly walked, his heart pounding wildly in his chest.

Sasuke walked calmly beside Itachi; the younger Uchiha wasn't really looking forward to attending this ridiculous and tedious meeting. He kept a firm grip on the bottle in his hand.

Sasuke didn't feel like talking, nor did Itachi. The two just remained quiet while a grand building came into view, the vast trees around it camouflaged it well. Apparently the Akatsuki liked keeping their hideout a secret. They walked speedily to the grand double doors. The massive doors creaked when they opened up before them.

"Are you ready brother?"

Sasuke didn't respond as they entered. Once his foot entered, he felt his brows furrow. The Akatsuki members stood there, evidently waiting for their arrival.

The doors they had entered shut with an eerie echo. Sasuke just watched silently as Yahiko made his way to them. Oddly, a brown dog with pointed ears and a furry tail flanked his side obediently.

"Itachi, Sasuke, welcome." The orange-haired man greeted, a small smile splayed on his lips. Those light blue eyes immediately trail down to Sasuke's hand, making his lips stretching further. "Well, it seems Sasuke was able to get what we wanted."

Yahiko stretched out his hand and Sasuke gave the perfume bottle to him. Clearly, he wanted to get down to business. At hearing a deep growl made him look down to see the dog baring its teeth at him, muscles tense.

"Behave, Chibi," the leader of the Akatsuki ordered the animal. The dog looked up at his master before sitting down calmly. It was certainly a smart animal. Yahiko held up the red bottle closer to his face, examining it before he said, "Nagato. Please take this to Kabuto."

The redhead took no time to obey and vanished through the rest of the cloaked vampires. A faint noise of a door opening and closing made Sasuke realize there was a door behind them.

"You did very well Sasuke, but I'm afraid that we need more information." Yahiko looked down at the young Uchiha.

"What do you mean exactly?" Itachi cut in, curious of what Sasuke must do now. Was having the perfume in their hands enough?

Yahiko got a mischievous glint in his eyes, making them appear brighter.

Sasuke didn't like where this was going.

To be continued...

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