Full summary: All the girls are using the new perfume called Vampire. They believe if they spray it on themselves that they'll actually attract actual vampires. But such creatures do not exist do they? When Ino accidentally knocks into Sakura, he gets the perfume sprayed on him instead! When Naruto walks home after school, he's attacked by a raven haired man! What will he do?! AU. SasuNaru

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Naruto's attacked by Sasuke Uchiha, who's a vampire that now enrolled into Konoha High. Being in the same high school sets tension between Sasuke and Naruto's best friend, Sai. After revealing about vampires to Sakura, she's unfourtanetly attacked inside her home by a new-made vampire, who was coincidentally is a friend of her parents.

Sasuke's assigned to investigate Orochimaru's laboratory by the Akatsuki leader, Yahiko, who's considering letting Sasuke joining the group. Even though Sasuke doesn't have any interest to join, he followed his orders. But he doesn't find anything that could show proof of Orochimaru behind the making of the "Vampire Perfume".

Naruto couldn't deny he feels something between him and Sasuke. When Sasuke began acting weird during school, Naruto goes home alone. But to his surprise, Sasuke waited for him in his bedroom. Not able to hold back emotions, Sasuke and Naruto have sex.

"Vampire Perfume"

Chapter 27: Untitled Emotion

Sasuke set Naruto down but didn't remove his arms away from his shoulders. Naruto felt his cheeks warming up, turning so his naked back touched Sasuke's chest. He thought of how many times he has blushed already, he was surprised his face didn't stay red permanently. "Are you going to let go of me?" He asked, his breathing returning to normal, his eyes drifting to the full bathtub.

Sasuke moved his hands away from him. Naruto took no time to rush into the bathtub, biting his lip as he eased in. A sharp sting went through him. "Urgh."

Naruto turned to look back at Sasuke, but he was nowhere to be seen. Naruto felt his shoulders slump in exhaustion and leaned back slowly, closing his eyes. "Stupid Sasuke," he muttered, a little disappointed that he'd left.

Naruto's brows scrunched together when he felt something cold against his cheek. He opened his eyes for them to meet a deep silver. "Dammit, would you stop that?!" Naruto glared up the vampire.

"Who are you calling stupid?" Sasuke moved his hand away from his cheek, staring down at him. Naruto felt his mouth gape open. Sasuke leaned over him, fully clothed. Those silver eyes moving to his lips before going lower, making Naruto blush.

"Quit it, teme!" He yelled, covering himself. He didn't know why since Sasuke already seen every inch of his body. Naruto looked away when he saw Sasuke's lips turning up slightly. He heard Sasuke moving closer, feeling the coolness of his body temperature radiated over him. He looked up at to find his face two inches from his, his eyes involuntarily zoning on his pale lips. Those lips moved closer and gently touched his. Naruto groaned lowly before Sasuke pulled away.

"You better hurry up with your bath before the water gets cold, dobe." Sasuke told him, standing upright.

Naruto clenched his teeth, "It's your fault for distracting me. Hand me my shampoo from the rack."

He watched as Sasuke stretched his pale arm to the rack of his cleaning products underneath the shower head. Grabbing the shampoo, Sasuke quickly threw it at Naruto, who caught before it could hit him square in the face. "Teme," growled out before opening the bottle, squirting the gel in the palm of his hand.

As Naruto lathered his wet locks, he grumbled, "Are you just gonna watch me wash myself or something? Or would you be a gentleman and give me some privacy?"

Sasuke doesn't speak a world before leaning against the sink counter, folding his arms over his chest, his eyes not moving from his direction. Naruto rolled his eyes before concentrating on just getting himself washed up. Getting done with rinsing his body, while Naruto pretended that Sasuke wasn't watching every single move he'd done.

Standing up, he shivered from the coolness that hit his wet skin. "Get me a towel," Naruto ordered, not bothering to add please to his command. Sasuke's eyes scanned his naked body before he grabbed a plush white towel hanging on the wall. Naruto expected Sasuke to just throw it at him but was surprised when Sasuke came in front of him and put the towel over his head, gently rubbing. "You know I can dry myself?" Naruto questioned but couldn't deny he liked how Sasuke was doing it instead.

"Lift up your arms," Naruto complied as Sasuke took the towel away from his head and began drying his arms. After that, he started on his torso, moving slowly down to his waist. Naruto tried holding back a shudder when he reached his hips, but couldn't. Butterflies filled his stomach anxiously, gulping when Sasuke just continued, patting his thighs so lightly it almost felt like he wasn't even touching his skin.

"Sasuke..." Naruto couldn't help but voice his name. But Sasuke ignored him, kneeling down on his knees so he could reach his calves. Seeing Sasuke on his knees made Naruto tense when he could feel arousal starting to build inside him. Images of what Sasuke could do while on his knees in front of him entered his mind unwillingly. Naruto closed his eyes, hoping that not seeing the Uchiha crouched in front of him would help him distract his mind from the suggestive images running through his mind, but to no avail. Especially when Sasuke lifted his foot, drying it before Naruto felt his cool lips landing on the arch of his foot.

He couldn't contain the moan that escaped his mouth.

Sasuke tried containing himself but not able to hold back his desire for Naruto, he flicked out his tongue, licking up from his foot to his kneecap, leaving a wet trail. Feeling Naruto trembling, Sasuke couldn't help the smile pulling at his lips. Standing up, he threw the towel on the floor, noticing Naruto's eyes were closed. "Open your eyes," he told him, cupping his heated face in his hands.

Naruto opened his eyes halfway, but Sasuke could see those deep blue eyes are glazed over. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hips, shoving his naked body flush against his clothed one. Gripping a fistful damp golden spikes, Sasuke set his mouth to Naruto's, enjoying the heat of his tongue going into his mouth. Dancing their tongues together, Naruto wrapped his legs around his narrow waist. Reacting fast, he was able to support his weight in his hands preventing both of them to collapse on the tiled floor. Melding their lips together in a fierce make out, Naruto pulled back a little to breath.

"Naruto," Sasuke gasped out, feeling drool dripping down his chin from separating their mouths from each other.

"Can we...?" Naruto asked, his voice dripping with need. Sasuke could feel his hardened member against his stomach.

Sasuke leaned his head forward, bumping his forehead against the blonde's lightly. "I have to go."

"What?" Naruto's eyes fully opened, surprise and disappointment flashing in them. "Why, who says you have to go?"

"Naruto, you need to relax. Besides you're sore. I want to wait, all right?" Sasuke lightly kissed his scarred cheek. Naruto perked up a bit and just nodded while loosening his legs around his waist. Sasuke balances him on his feet, giving him chaste kiss. "Now, go get dressed."

Naruto rolled his eyes, punching him in the arm lightly before walking out of the bathroom to his bedroom. Opening his drawer with his underwear, he grabbed a pair of black boxers, slamming it shut while slipping on his fresh boxers. "Hey Sasuke, are you going be in school for much longer?"

"I don't know, maybe another week." Sasuke answered, his voice sounding close. Naruto turned to see him behind him, looking down at him. "Why did you suddenly ask me that?"

"Oh, it just popped in my head," he chuckled in response.

"Hm," Sasuke turned away from him, "See you later dobe."

"Okay, see you later," Naruto kept his voice from wavering, he really didn't want Sasuke to leave.

"Bye," Sasuke then blurred out of the room. Naruto crawled on his bed, landing on his front, burying his face into his pillow. Sasuke flashing in his mind before he fell asleep.

"Oh, go to the right," Naruto moaned, leaning forward. "Now go lower." He closed his eyes, enjoying the way Kiba's hands massaged his back.

"Damn, Naruto, you got a lot of knots," Kiba commented, who's sitting on the couch behind the blonde teen. Naruto had invited him over today, which surprised him. Kneading his hands over Naruto's hard muscles, he asked, "So, do you know why Sasuke wasn't at school?"

Naruto tensed up, making Kiba pause his generous massage. "I don't know," he told him. Kiba arched a brow at Naruto's depressed tone but didn't comment on it, knowing Naruto would deny it and probably punch him. "You know for a newbie he's missed a couple of days already. Its been only a week since he's been in school."

Kiba continued his massage, hearing Naruto sighing out made him smirk. It was Friday, and Kiba was hoping him and his best friend can have quality time out in town later. After massaging Naruto, they watched TV for a couple of hours, chatting here and there.

"You ready to go out in town?" Kiba asked, looking down at Naruto who was laying his head in his lap while his legs dangled over the arm of the couch.

Naruto doesn't move his eyes from the TV, "What time is it?"

Kiba looked at the clock, "It's a quarter after five." He saw Naruto's eyebrows furrowing, deep in thought. Kiba just arched a brow, waiting until Naruto looked at him, nodding. "All right, let's get going then!"

The two teens head out. "Want to head to the arcade? It's been awhile since went there," Kiba looked over at Naruto. Wearing a white wife-beater tank, it made Naruto's sun kissed skin look more tanned. His eyes locked on the band-aid at the base of his neck. He was curious what was underneath the bandage, but didn't want to make Naruto uncomfortable. Kiba wondered if he was trying to hide a hickey but just pushed his thoughts back as they arrived at the arcade.

"Ready to get your ass beat?" Kiba grinned down at the short blonde who looked up at him, his eyes glinting.

"Let's just see who beats who."

Naruto doesn't know how long they've been in the arcade until he beat Kiba at air hockey, he looked around to see if there was a clock somewhere. When he does, he saw it read eight thirty. Feeling his eyes widening, he walked back over to Kiba who was leaning against the hockey table, arms crossed over his chest. "We need to go Kiba, it's getting a little late." Naruto kept his voice even when Kiba just stared at him. "C'mon," he said before walking past the dog boy, heading straight to the exit.

"Dude, it's not that late. Why not stay longer?"

"We just need to go Kiba," Naruto said, not looking behind him. He didn't plan on staying out this late.

Sasuke went rigid when he entered the mansion. Orochimaru stood with the other members of the Akatsuki. Sasuke went over to Itachi, who's seated. Ignoring the stares of the others looking at him, he stood by his older brother.

"Brother, you reek of that boy." Itachi softly told him. His blood-red eyes not looking at him but at someone else. Orochimaru.

Since he had completed his little assignment, Yahiko decided to let Orochimaru stay within the group after confirming that the man was not the one who created the perfume. Orochimaru gave a plausible explanation of the sketches of plants and other things Sasuke had reported to Yahiko. Orochimaru claimed he was trying to figure out who was making the perfume as well by studying different types of plants and herbs.

"You've arrived just in time, little brother." Itachi's gaze flickered to him for a few seconds before setting his sight back on the alabaster skinned man.

Sasuke raised a brow in question before Yahiko moved from the other members and was in everyone's line of sight.

"As you all know, this perfume," raising a pale hand, Sasuke could see he had the perfume bottle he'd given him. "Kabuto had analyzed this for a couple of days. He checked what types of ingredients and chemicals were in the liquid."

"So did he find anything extraordinary?" Obito questioned loudly, making everyone to look at him quickly before looking back at their leader.


To be continued...

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