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I never forgot, I never could for I knew he wasn't dead, he just wasn't. He didn't forget me; he didn't allow me to disappear, to fade into the background of war. The times where his eyes never left mine, his strong hands gripping mine tightly. He made me a promise and I made him one. One I still keep, one I will never break. He became my best friend, my dance partner, the one person who still holds my heart. I won't allow him to disappear. I won't.

The man in red and blue with a star on his chest.

I remember when we first met, in that recruitment office with my uncle. His eyes questioned my presence, the smile I had when he asked if this was a test. When we met again his curiosity got the better of him, asking me questions about who I was. To him I came from a different world. He made my laughter come back, something I thought I had lost long ago, and he made me feel normal. After all that's been happening, he made me feel grounded. We're enemies, our countries are at war and yet we found each other.

Let me start at the beginning. The very beginning.


People forget that the first people the Nazi's invaded were their own. At first, when Hitler came into power there was this feeling of pride and honor again. Then things, just small little things, started to happen. Those of pure, non German blood were frowned down upon, shunned, and treated like dogs. My father would say to me, no, no little one do not believe such lies on the radio for that is what they are. Lies.

My father was a great man and everyone on our small village knew that. My mother was equally liked as well. People say I look just like her with my dirty blond hair and golden eyes. I was their angel, their miracle baby.

I was born in a small farming town a few miles from the city in the middle of spring. For a while my parents tried for a child but none would plant themselves and give my mother the feeling of holding a baby in her arms. So, one sunny spring morning my mother walked down to the lake near our house and sat there for a while, looking at the swans, water lilies, and the willow tree that leaned over the side of the lake. This was her favorite place to go to think and to relax. She laid on the cool grass for a few minutes when an old woman appeared, dressed in a strange dress with eyes like mini suns. She asked why my mother was smiling so brightly and my mother replied "Because I know that this baby will grow and will be born soon. I know it...deep in my heart." The old woman smiled and placed her hand over my mother's stomach, a twinkle sparkled in her eyes as she spoke. "Yes, yes this child will grow big and strong and beautiful and kind. She will change many lives." She then whispered something in my mother's ear that even to this day I still do not know what she said. All my mother said was that I would know when I am older.

After I was born we left our small farm town and moved into the city, closer to my parents work at the factory. From there I grew up in a tiny two bedroom apartment only a few blocks from my school and a few blocks away from the factory in the other direction. Every day since I started school I have walked those long blocks and walked them home afterwards. My parents earned their reputation at the factory as the best people and the best workers. As the years pass I grew more and more like my mother. I grew out my hair till it reached my mid-back, my eyes were more golden than ever and my grew into my curves. My mother said that men would be lining up the street soon, much to my father's displeasure.

Once I entered high school I began to travel from school to my parents' work where I would bring in sweets for the workers and my parents and to help out from time to time. Many of the men working would come over and talk, mostly flirt, with me but I would tell them that until my studies were done, I would not seek any relationship. Mt father patted me on my back while my mother exclaimed that she would never get any grandchildren at this point. My father then would say I don't need a man now and would laugh when my mother said to me that my father acted the same way when they were seeing each other. That caused my father to blush, making both of us laugh and smile. The way he looked at my mother made me believe that one day a man would look at me the same way. To have that love, that passion, that feeling my parents share when they're with each other.

Little did I know that on November 5th, I would lose everything.

I am now 21 years of age and I am going to college for a better education, thanks to our dictator ruler, Adolf Hitler. With him in power my father thought it necessary that I learn to protect myself. He taught me some self-defense tricks he learned while he was in the military along with how to use a hand gun. I am still learning am still a frail woman. I still live with my mother and father due to the fact that my father doesn't like the idea of myself living alone just yet, especially with the war going on. And no, I'm not married to seeing anyone, much to my mother's displeasure. It's November 5th, 1939, and I am just returning from my classes when the ground shook, a long boom filled the air, lifting a black cloud into the sky. Sirens ran down the streets as screams and shouts got louder as I gasped at the sky. It was red. Red as blood as a black death was left in the sky. I knew what had happened, I knew from the direction death was coming from. My feet carried me as fast as I could; retracing the path I have taken many times before until I reached the factory where my mother and father work.

"Mother! Father!" I shouted as I ran forward. A woman and a polizist, a police man, took hold of me and stopped me. I watched, screaming as my parents went up in flame and ash. I continued to scream as the Nazi's hung their damn flag over Jewish, German, and polish workers bodies as they were shot against a wall. They were workers who survived, who I had known as a child.

"Shhh, little one, shh. Your must be strong now. Take that anger, that sadness and keep it away. You will need it to survive little one. You must have a will to go on." The woman held me close, whispering he words to me. The woman said something to the officer and he got up and left in a hurry. It was only a few minutes, my eyes never leaving the flames, until a car pulled around. The woman got me to my feet and we both got in the car.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked, staring out the window.

"Your home. There you will pack and get your things and from there your uncles." The woman said.

"My uncles? My mother's brother? I have not seen him since I was small. Who are you?" I asked them. The officer looked through the rearview mirror and the woman nodded, only slightly. He drove on.

"We're friends. There's three of us working here and the others are scattered. We swore to protect you." She said to me.

"From who? For who?" I asked.

"Someone whowants you dead and two others out of this world. The three of you are important parts in this play.They know nothing about your role yet, but you will." She gave me a soft smile. "Our orders came from our Lady. She sent us to keep you safe. Her brother and his men will try to find you and they will try to kill you."

"Why me? I am nothing."

"But you are so much more. We cannot explain much now but when the time comes, you and the others will know. Until then, you must be careful little one, they will do all they can to stop you. You must not let them." The woman said as we pulled in front of my family's apartment. "Go and pack. You will never be returning. We will watch the door. Hurry." I got out of the car and ran inside. From there I ran straight to my room, taking out my suitcases and packing my clothes, my things, and anything I would need. I went into my parents room to grab my mother's favorite hair pin and my father's pocket watch that's been passed down for years. Everything I knew was changing so fast I felt light-headed.

"Mama...papa...what is happening? Did you know this would happen?" I whispered as I packed. The house would usually answer me, giving me the answer I wanted by the people who used to live in it. I brushed away stray tears and gathered everything up. I needed to keep going. I had to make those people responsible for my family's death to, know, my, pain.

"Are you ready?" I didn't realize I had opened the front door and the officer was asking me the question. I took one last look inside, watching the ghosts of my past memories play out, before closing the door on those happy memories.

"There will be better days. Usually when there is no sun, and gray clouds cover the sky is when we truly miss the heat and warmth it gives us. They will come back, those happy memories and good times we're so fond of, they'll come back. They always do, just like the warmth from the sun once the clouds clear." The officers' words made me smile before I handed him my bags. Once they were in the trunk I sat in the back seat next to the woman whose name I do not even known but I feel safe with her and the officer.

"What's your name? I have a feeling you know mine and yet I do not know yours." I said, turning to her.

"You can call me Rachel. My brother is Ben, the one driving us. I would tell you our real names but...you'll find them hard to pronounce." She said with a smile. I stuck out my hand and she took it.

"I'm Lily, Lily Summers."


"Hello, Uncle Abraham. Sorry this is such a short notice..." I said as I entered his house. It's strange being here. I haven't been here since I was thirteen at Christmas dinner. After that I've just stopped coming here all together. It cost too much to keep traveling so we just stopped going but I've always written him letters. When the war started the letters just stopped altogether.

"Do not say another word. I've heard about...their deaths on your way here." My Uncle said. I gave him a sad smile as I embraced him, dropping my bags on the floor. After Rachel and Ben had dropped me off they said they would keep the people after me for as long as they can but I have to get out of Germany, I need to get out of here as soon as I can by any means necessary. No matter what I have to do I must get out of here with my Uncle. Their Lady's brother is working hard to get at me.

"They blew up their work Uncle. They killed the survivors in the street; they mowed them down like dogs and hung their damn flag over them. A few others who went to my school were taken out of class because they were Jewish! Jewish Uncle! I knew a girl who I was friends with and her family lost their business. Those Nazi's are nothing but bullies!" I cried into his shoulder. Uncle Abraham held me close as I cried.

"I know Lily but there is nothing we can do now." He said to me and pulled away. "Why don't I show you to your room so you can lie down and take a nap? Dinner is at six so if you're not up by then I will wake you." My Uncle gave me a smile as I wiped my tears away. I nodded and grabbed my bags. He then lead me to a small room with a bad, dresser, vanity mirror on top, and a window that overlooked the back yard of his small house. Once I got everything packed I lied down on bed, closing my eyes and hugging my pillow close to my chest. I let tears fall from my eyes but I didn't let a sound out.

~ (Dream) ~

There was a valley, a green valley as far as the eye can see with purple mountains in the distance. I was standing somewhere in the middle, dressed in a white dress with bare feet. This place feels so peaceful...and yet I'm afraid. This place is perfect and wrong. It's fake, an illusion. Nothing more than a strange dream, one that isn't my own, but someone else's

"Your friends do not do you justice. You have a remarkable mind." A woman's voice echoed across the valley. I turned around and my eyes widened. A woman, at least two heads taller than me, dressed in a weird type dress. The collar on it curved up and spiked at the top as the silver and blue color of the dress seemed to make the dress look like it was shimmering. Her eyes were gone, replaced with what seemed to be the solar system with her hair tied to the top of her head in a pony tail that fell into braids. She looked...beautiful and yet...nothing from earth. "That is because I am not." She chuckled.

"What do you mean? Who are you?" I asked her and yet the words coming out of my mouth felt strange. I grasped my neck. "What is this?!" I demanded.

"Forgive me but I don't speak German. Learning English was hard enough and besides, you'll be speaking it soon enough." She said. "My name is Lorelei and I am Queen of my followers. Please, sit and I will tell you the rest of my story." She waved her hand and a table made of roots grew from the ground along with two large chairs. She sat...and so did I only slowly.

"This seems so strange..." I said as I sat.

"It will at first but you will understand once I tell my story." She took a deep breath then looked at me with her solar eyes. "Where I am from it was peaceful, calm and quiet. It was until my father died. My twin brother and I, we both were next in line to rule our world and yet only one of us can rule. I saw to bring my world out of the darkness, to change the era we were in but my brother wants nothing to war and power. Our people choose their leader, their king or queen so our people are divided. But the tide is turning; they no longer wish to be in the dark but to seek the light I was gifted with. My brother is stubborn, cruel, and ruthless. He will do everything he can to take the throne, to kill me, and destroy your world."

"Why Earth?" I asked her.

"Earth is a special planet. It sits in the middle of all the others and is the youngest of all them all. It's tradition of Earth of have something happen to it. No offence of course." She said and smiled softly.

"So does this have to do with me?" I asked her.

"A friend of mine, a Seer; someone who can see the future came to me and told of three champions who would help me take the throne from my brother, helping me ensure my people's freedom. Then I saw you and two others. You three were the ones I saw and you three must help me." She said and he eyes seemed to soften.

"How can we? I don't even know who the other two are, why are they not here?" I demanded, still confused over her words.

"The others are not here because they are not born yet. You are the first." She said. "You will be the only one to know of me until the time is right when the three of you all come together."

"Why me?" I asked her. "Why not tell one of the others? I am nothing special." I said to her.

"Oh but you are. You are so much more but have yet to realize it. You must not lose sight of what is in front of you." She said and I shook my head.

"But I've lost everything! I lost my parents, my home, my life I knew for some damn war we don't need!" I shouted and stood up.

"Yes and so have the others. Odette has an unwanted gift that her parents will ignore so when she ends up in the hospital they take her someplace that is wrong for her. Aurora will lose her parents in a car crash and will lose the man she ever loved because he didn't wait for her. There are some things you all share but one is more powerful than that hurtful loss." She said and stood as well.

"What is it?"

"The stubbornness to keep going, to fight back and prove to them that you can beat them back when you are up against the wall!" She said. I felt a small tightness in my chest and placed my hand over where my heart was. "You can feel it, can't you?"

"Why does my chest feel funny?" I asked her.

"It time to go. We don't have much time, my brother will try at nothing to stop you three. I will try and keep your life and the others as normal as possible but I can't promise that. You are the first. Do not forget that." She said and everything suddenly started to get darker and falling apart..

"What's happening?"

"Your dream is ending Lily. I have one last piece of advice for you." Her voice seemed to so far away. "Do not let your heart be a casualty! You are still human, do not close yourself away. Promise me that you will live!"

"I promise!" I answered her then everything went black...

~ (End of Dream) ~

~(A few weeks later)~

The days felt strange, living with my Uncle now. The house was quiet when uncle was working in his lab and even when he wasn't; very little noise was ever made. After Rachel and Ben left I felt alone but not really. My Uncle and I caught up on the things we missed, arranged a funeral for my parents, and I've been helping my Uncle with a project he's been working on. It's not much but it will be once he completes it.

As of this moment I'm on my way back from picking up some packages that my Uncle ordered since what he's been working on could change the tide in the war he's been hiding away, trying not to draw too much attention to himself by sending me to get his packages for him and with other things. When people in town asked why they haven't seen my Uncle I tell them that he's been sick for a while and needs bed rest. They seen to buy it but it won't last for long.

The sound of my heels was the only noise as I walked down the hallway, towards my Uncle's lab with his packages in my arms. As I neared closer I could hear shouting and arguing. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

I froze.

There, standing in front of my Uncle was one of Hitler's generals, Johann Schmidt, head of the group called HYDRA. Word has spread about Schmidt's group that all he talks about with Hitler is Norse Gods of Old and a Greater Power that no mortal man could control. Schmidt, thinks himself about man. He thinks himself a god...so he says.

"Ah, I see your niece has returned." Schmidt, a man in his thirties with oily hair and cold eyes looked at me with a smile that made me want to shiver. "Our great leader wants what you are trying to create. You will make us stronger Dr. Erskine."

"I will create soldiers for you, only to have them die without cause! I want to create this to save those who cannot fight, who cannot stand, who cannot survive! This is to help people, not to kill them!" My Uncle argued back.

"But we can make it so much more Dr. Erskine! Do you not see what we could create? With your formula and my resources we can create an army that will crush the Allies. Your country demands that of you." Schmidt said with a blind passion that scared me. There was something in his eyes that reminded me of a mad man.

"No. My answer is no." My Uncle said and looked Schmidt in the eyes. Schmidt sighed and took out his gun, pointing it at me.

"I didn't want to resort to this Doctor. If you do not help, I will be forced to kill your beloved niece." He said and pulled the hammer back. My eyes darted towards my Uncle. His face lined with fear as the barrel of the gun pressed a little too close to my face. That this range, he could take my head off clean.

"Uncle..." I said and I could help but tear up. I didn't want to die, not now. I had to keep living...I made a promise...

"Enough." Schmidt turned towards Uncle. "I will help you but there are some conditions." He said.

"What do you need Doctor?"

"My niece will not be placed in any danger. We will continue with the formula here, in my lab, and everyone follows my instruction." My Uncle said.

"Of course Doctor, only, we will be adjusting your formula quite a bit. My men will bring you whatever you need and your niece can stay and help you. My men and I will be back within the week doctor." Schmidt said then lowered his gun, giving me a sick smile with a nod. "Miss Lily." He said then left. Once he was gone I dropped Uncle's package and ran over to him, throwing my arms around his neck in a tight hug.

"What are we going to do Uncle?" I asked him. Uncle pulled back and looked me in the eyes.

"We go along and when the time is right we will escape. I promise you that I will get us out of here and get us somewhere safe." He said and told me to unpack his packages. Deep in my gut I knew that it would be harder than it looks. The feeling of doubt crept up on me, sending horrid images to my over active brain. I shook my head. Now is not the time for those thoughts. I need to stay strong...

But how do you stay strong in a war like this going on and all it takes is one mistake to ruin all those happy memories...


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