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Dawn Racer


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"He's stronger than one may believe Colonel." I said, sipping the brandy he poured for myself. Thanks to the serum I can never get drunk because my body burns off the liquor faster. Not even my Uncle can deny me having a few drinks; now that I can hold my own once I do start drinking.

"I still believe your Uncle is making a big mistake. Rodgers will only be a failure." He said and sat back at his desk, looking over papers while I sat on the edge, sipping my drink. The Colonel and I developed this sort of relationship where he's more like a father to me and I'm sort of like a daughter to him. I worry about his health and he worries about the trouble I'll be getting into during this war.

"Is this coming from him looking like he will snap in half or is it because you think he'll turn out to be the greatest soldier this United States?" I asked him and he shot me a look that I simply shrugged off. "Give him a chance. You remember what we told you about what happened with Schmidt? We cannot have another like him." I said and placed the empty glass on table, getting up from where I sat to look out the window of his office. The serum is ready. All we need is the right person to be injected.

And that person is Steve…

The Colonel still doesn't think he's the right man but I believe Steve is the perfect candidate. Only this time, the serum is complete, and won't give him any of the side effects like I have to endure along with Schmidt. There are times where I would give at nothing for the pain to stop sometimes along with the…no, I cannot think of that or they will reappear. No is not the time to be thinking such things.

"Rogers is more of entertainment, I really didn't think your Uncle would think about using him." He said and put the papers he was looking at down.

"He has always been the option from the moment my Uncle spoke to him in the recruitment office." I said, not bothering to turn my head. I watched from the window as the men trained under the consent supervision of their superiors. My eyes, however, were trained on the group in the field furthest away where one of the soldiers struggled to keep up. I smiled and thought that it is only a matter of time before he would no longer have to struggle to keep up with the rest of the world. Just as the Colonel was about to speak again his office door opened, my Uncle stepping in with a tired look on his eyes.

My Uncle and the Colonel talked while I was in the room but I silently excused myself to go to where Steve was training. Ever since that incident in the mess, the men here have taken a strange admiration towards me. They respect me and it's oddly gratifying. As I approached the group Steve is with I noticed Peggy really making them work hard today. I chuckled and stood beside her, moving if she moved, enjoying the men on their hands and knees.

"Faster ladies, come on!" Peggy shouted at them. "My grandmother has more life in her, God rest her soul. Move it!" I giggled, watching them work faster, but stopped once I saw Steve struggling. I heard my Uncle and the Colonel approach so I went over by the truck and sat in the back, dangling my feet over the side as the two came around.

"You stick a needle in that kid's arm, it's gonna go right through him." The Colonel said, stopping in front of Steve's group.

"Come on, girls." Peggy taunted and I had to laugh at the scowled faces.

"Look at that. He's making my cry." The Colonel said and I rolled my eyes at his comment.

"I am looking for qualities beyond the physical." My Uncle said and I smirked at my father figure.

"Told you." My accent thick with sarcasm.

"Do you know how long it took to set up this project? All the groveling I had to in front of Senator What's-His-Name's committees?"

"Brandt. Yes, I know. I am well aware of your efforts." My Uncle said as I continued to listen in on their conversation.

"Then throw me a bone. Hodge passed every test we gave him. He's big, he's fast. He obeys orders. He's a soldier." Colonel said and I rolled my eyes once more.

"Mr. Hodge is nothing more than a perverted bastard. I would rather join the Nazi's if we ever gave him the serum." I said and my Uncle sighed while the Colonel just simply looked at me.

"As my niece has said but in an easier term, he is a bully." My Uncle said.

"You don't win wars with niceness, Doctor." The Colonel approached the truck I was in and grabbed a grenade. He pulled the pin and handle, looking at my Uncle with a serious face. "You win wars with guts." He tossed it into the group, yelling grenade. People then began to scatter, to duck down from the blast but there was once person who jumped down, covering his body over it to minimize the blast. Fear jumped into my throat, freezing any scream, as I watched Steve jump on top of the grenade.

"Get away!" Steve called out and he laid on it. I jumped off the truck to help but then I noticed that the grenade should have went off by now. "Get back!" He curled himself into a ball waiting for the blast that never came. After a long minute everyone slowly went out of hiding. Someone said it was a dummy grenade and all was good. Steve slowly got up and looked around before landing his eyes on my Uncle and the Colonel. "Is that a test?" He asked and my Uncle shot the Colonel an I-told-you-so look.

"He's still skinny." The Colonel said and walked away. I ran up to Steve, got on my knees, and hugged the life out of him. When I pulled back I smiled at him.

Then I slapped him for good measure.

"If you EVER do that again I will do much more than slap you Steve." I said and shook him. I helped him to his feet and he touched the cheek I slapped. My face was flaming and tears threatened to fall not because I was angry at him, no.

He scared me.

I walked away from him, ignoring both my Uncle and Steve's calls, and walked to my quiet place on the hill. I sat there, holding my knees, crying uncontrollable at memories of the explosion that killed my parents. I knew that I should be crying over like this but all I saw while Steve was protecting everyone was the smell of smoke, the charred bodies, and the screams….everything became crystal clear during that short time. I didn't want to experience that ever again but once again this is war.

And war never changes.

"Lily?" I didn't move my head where Steve called for me. I could hear him approach but I didn't care. I'm mad at him.

"Go away." I said to him but Steve just sat down next to me. He sighed and faced me with a look like someone kicked his puppy.

"I'm sorry. When I saw the grenade I just acted." He said I I faced him with my cheeks flaming and my eyes filled with anger.

"What do you think might have happened if that was a real grenade?! You would have died, Steve! You would have been blown to bits and who do you think would have to watch?! Me! I would have to!" I shouted at him and stood, pacing back and forth.

"But I didn't blow up Lily. I'm fine." Steve got up too and tried to take one of my hands but I shook him off, continuing my pacing. "Lily, your having a panic attack."

"No, I'm not, I just...can't focus on my thoughts and I can smell smoke and I have this ringing in my ears..." my head was spinning and all I could hear was screams and the smell of smoke as hands grabbed me as my knees buckled.

"Lily, Lily breathe. Take a deep breath and try and relax. Breathe." Steve's voice was muffled and I couldn't control the tears the went down my cheeks. Even Steve whose smaller than me felt so tall at that moment. His arms wrapped around me in a tight embrace as I tried to calm down.

"I'm sorry." I whispered once I could control myself.

"It's all right. I know something like that would bring up bad memories." Steve whispered back. We kept our voices soft as if we were exchanging secrets.

"It's not just that. Because the serum was incomplete, there's side effects that you won't have." I said to him and I felt Steve pull me away from his tear stained chest to look at me.

"What side effects?" He actually looked worried considering I was just yelling at him for jumping on top of a dummy grenade.

"Headaches mostly but there's times where I faint and go into a coma. My Uncle told me that it how my body copes with the change. It shuts down just for a little bit, trying to recover from something that happened long ago." I explained to him and got up, wiping away stray tears. Steve quickly to to his feet as well and stood in front of me. "Thank you, for helping me. Usually when I have panic attacks I'm by myself. It's nice to have someone with me for a change." I told him and Steve blushed, rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

"You're welcome. Someone shouldn't have to got through that by themselves." He said and then there was a weird silence.

"We should be getting back. I know my Uncle will want to talk to you later. Do you want to eat with us in the Mess Hall?" I asked him and he nodded his head.

"Of course. Can I walk you back to your cabin?" Steve ask and instead of saying yes I hooked our pinky fingers together, not our hands but our fingers so in a small way it made us friends with a secret. Steve didn't seem to mind since he didn't pull his hand away as we walked back to camp. When we got close enough to camp I let go, not really afraid of anyone seeing but I'm just worried about Steve. He can't really fight back but I can.

I just hope my Uncle is successful with the serum this time.


"You worry about him." My Uncle said as we prepared the lab the morning of Steve's 'operation'. As I organized the things my Uncle needed I found myself just staring off into space. There's this feeling in my stomach that made me want to throw up and this other feeling in my chest where it makes my eyes prick with unshed tears.

"I can't help but worry Uncle. What if something goes wrong? What if Steve turns out like me?" I asked him and turned to face him. "What if he dies?" My Uncle chuckled and held me by the arms with a soft smile on his face.

"Now my dear, you listen to me. Steven is a strong man with an even stronger heart. I know you care for him, like a friend like a family member, but you must believe that he will survive. Do you understand?" I nodded my head. "When you injected yourself what were you thinking when your body began to undergo the change?"

"I was thinking...that I had to survive for you. For mother and father who gave me the chance to go to school and for my friends who the Nazi's treat like trash." I told him and wiped away a stray tear. "I had to be strong for everyone and to prove them wrong."

"And what do you think is going through Steven's mind right now? Give him something to believe in and let him know that there are more than war to fight for. He's not alone anymore." My Uncle said and I smiled, giving him a hug before returning to work.

What would I ever do without my Uncle?

An hour and a half later I noticed that everyone had stopped what they're doing to face the stairs leading up towards the entrance. There, on the stop steps stood Steve and Peggy. I smiled at Steve and waited at the bottom for him. He smiled at me as we walked towards my Uncle holding a clipboard in his hands.

"Good morning." My Uncle said just as a camera went off, surprising both me and Steve. "Please, not now." My Uncle said to the man as Steve's attention was towards the pod he will be placed in. "Are you ready?" Steve nodded his head silently. "Good. Take off your shirt, your tie and your hat." I giggled at Steve's face when he looked at Peggy and I but we simply looked away for his sake.

"Did you have something like this in Germany?" Steve asked as he got in.

"I didn't have the luxury at the time." I smiled at him and walked around towards where his head would be.

"Comfortable?" My Uncle asked as Steve laid back on the 'table'.

"It's a little big." Steve joked and my Uncle and I smiled. "You save me any of that Schnapps?"

"Not as much as I should have. Sorry. Next time." My uncle said and I shot him a look.

"Uncle! You were drinking last night?!" I hissed at hm softly and my Uncle rolled his eyes.

"Remember Steven, never let a woman know you've been drinking. It's worse than the morning after you've had one to many." My Uncle chuckled as I glared at him. "Mr. Stark? How are your levels?"

"Levels at 100 percent." Mr. Stark said and I waved as he walked over to us.


"We may dim half the lights in Brooklyn, but we are ready as we'll ever be." Howard said and he didn't seem to thrilled, making Steve a little nervous. I sensed this and gripped his hand, giving it a squeeze with a soft smile.

"Agent Carter, don't you think you would be more comfortable in the booth?" My Uncle asked her.

"Oh, yes, of course, sorry." Peggy said and gave me a smile as she walked up the steps.

"Aren't you going up there as well?" Steve asked me and I shook my head.

"No, they'll need me down here. I'm the second closest person to my Uncle who knows how this works. Besides, I can help out better than they can if something were to happen but there won't be." I told him and yet he didn't seem to believe me on the 'nothing is going to happen part'.

"Ladies and gentlemen, today we take not a step towards annihilation, but the first step on the path to peace." My Uncle started his speech but I didn't let go of Steve's hand. I'm not letting go until I really must. "We begin with a series of microinjections into the subject's major muscle groups. The serum infusion will cause immediate cellular change. And then, to stimulate growth, the subject with be saturated with Vita-Rays." I watched as the put the serum into the slots, giving Steve a shot of antibiotics for good measure.

"That wasn't so bad." Steve said and I had to chuckle.

"That was penicillin." My Uncle said and Steve turned to face him, his hand gripping mine.

"Steve, I need to tell you something." I said, not talking loudly over my Uncle.


"When you're in there, think of something worth fighting for. That's how I survived. I kept thinking, if I were to die I would be letting down my mother and father and my friends who the Nazi's hurt. I'll be putting my Uncle in danger if I were to show that this serum doesn't work. Think of something worth fighting for, something strong and powerful." I told him.

"Serum infusion beginning in five..." I gave Steve a peck on the cheek as my Uncle counting down. "...three, two, one." The serum began going into Steve's body as he gripped my hand tightly. "Now, Mr. Stark." I let go of Steve's hand and stepped back, watching at the pod encased him. My Uncle went up to the glass and tapped on it, asking if Steve's okay.

He is.

I watched as everyone put on glasses, powering up the pod, Howard calling out percentages. Once I heard Steves' cries both my Uncle and I rushed to the pod. I began to panic but Steve told us to keep going. I watched as the light from the pod got brighter and brighter, Howard calling out one hundred percent, the machines going crazy until everything came to a complete stop.

Then it went quiet.

"Mr. Stark!?" My Uncle called out and Howard flipped the switch to open the pod. When it did, I was amazed to see what was in the pod. There, breathing heavy, was a very muscular and sweaty Steve Rodgers. My Uncle went to him as I grabbed a shirt for him with a huge smile on my face.

It worked.

"I did it." Steve said as my Uncle and Howard got him out.

"Yeah, yeah." Howard said in amazement.

"I think we did it." My Uncle said with a rather large smile. When I stood in front of Steve our eyes met and large smiled came across our faces as I handed him the shirt.

"How do you feel?" I asked him as he put it on.

"Taller." I chuckled and rest my hand aganist his face.

"You are actually, to my dislike. It was rather fun being taller than you." I said and he placed his own hand where mine rested.

"Too bad. I'm going to be wearing the pants now Miss Summers." He said with a smirk.

"Oh really? Do you still need dancing lessons?"

"I think I can take a few more classes. So long as you teach them." I couldn't believe what I'm hearing. This...new Steve is bolder and yet the old Steve is still in there. It's like the inner Steve has come out at last. I was about to same something when an explosion happened, Steve covering me with his body as glass flew everywhere.

"Stop him!" My uncle cried out but was silence by gun fire...


I don't remember if I screamed or if someone else screamed but next thing I knew Steve and I were by my Uncle's side, blood coming out from his mouth as he pointed to Steve's chest in a secret saying before speaking quietly that only Steve and I could hear. "Protect her." He said and he was gone. I cried out as I gather him in my arms, not caring if more shots were fired.

My family...

They're all gone now...

I'm the last of my family...

I'm truly alone...

"Tut mir so leid. Verzeihen Sie mir, Onkel, ich sollte gehandelt haben. Ich liebe dich. Ich liebe dich so sehr, vergib mir. Dies wurde nie passieren sollte, waren Sie eigentlich nicht lass mich in Ruhe. Es tut mir leid. Es tut mir leid." I said in my native tounge as people skattered all around in chaos. I felt someone take me under my arms and I cried out as the took me from my Uncle body. I cursed them in German, I shouted in German as Howard held me aganist him. He hushed me but I continued to cry out.

None of them knew my pain, none of them knew.

"He's gone. He's gone." I chanted as Howard and Peggy tried to calm me down. Nothing they could say would bring back the only family I have left in this world. I felt something prick my skin and I knew they were putting me asleep for my own good.

Not even medicine could keep me from a dreamless sleep.


And we put the good doctor to rest. I almost cried while typing this so I hope you all feel the same way. Please review and tell me what you think! In the next few chapters we will develop more into Steve and Lily's relationship as he goes on tour. Also, Lily, might encounter a bad day that worries Steve when he finds her.

Translation from German - I'm so sorry. Forgive me Uncle I should have acted. I love you. I love you so much, forgive me. This was never supposed to happen, you weren't supposed to leave me alone. I'm sorry. I am so sorry.