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All happened too fast. Two weeks ago I was barely talking to Helga Pataki. I invited her to a restaurant, she came all classy and sophisticated... It was the last time I've seen her like this, because she continued being her old self; vulgar and violent. And then my fight with Lila, our break up... Helga coming over in fear. My emotions were twisted inside me. I felt like I couldn't control my feelings anymore. One second I was angry, happy the second after and then sad a moment later. Is it because of the love ? Nah, it never happened when I fell for Lila. So what ?

Maybe I was dreaming ?

I blinked. Once, twice. No, I wasn't dreaming at all. My television, my wonderful 60'' TV was gone. I looked all around me. Some of my paintings and stuffs were gone, too. What the fuck ? What happened here ? I tried to calm my breath as I leaned against the wall, speechless. It couldn't be... It couldn't be Helga, right ? Okay - she is a robber, but... She wouldn't do this to me. I'm... I'm a friend, right ? I'm her friend. She wouldn't... Not to me !

She has gone too far this time. I have to stop her no matter what. She can't just... Rob people like that. It was a gift from my father for my 17th birthday ! I can't let it pass ! I needed to tell Helga what is wrong and what is right, 'cause it seemed like her parents never told her so!

I locked the door behind me and ran to Helga's place. What kind of a reason would force her to rob me ? Money for the dealer ? But damn, I helped her yesterday ! She went to my house to feel safe, if she liked me a little, she would not have done it, right ? So many questions left unanswered. I couldn't understand what was going on in her mind. She was... I can't even find the right words. I need to talk to her and help her. Yeah, that's what I was going to do.

I breathed in and out harshly as my legs moved as quickly as I could. People looked at me in the street, but I didn't care. I stopped in the corner of a intersection, avoiding from being killed and then continued to run. Soon, the smell of the poor side of the town came to my nostrils. I smelled the odors of trash, drugs, dead animals and other things I didn't want to think about. I recognized the appartment of Helga. I hope she had a good explanation ! I may be in love with her, but I'm not going to let her rob me like that for sure. I'm not a fool.

I stopped in front of her building, trying to get back from the lack of air in my limbs. I retained my breath; I will never get used to this stench.

When I arrived at her door, I saw that it was slightly smashed open. I frowned and I felt something wasn't right. I was worried.

''Helga ? I called as I opened the door.

It was silent. Worried sick, I walked in and turned my head towards the salon and the kitchen. She wasn't there.

''Helga !'' I called again as I opened the door of her chamber.

There was nothing. But then, I heard a cough from the bathroom. I didn't wait and rushed for there. I opened the door.

''Helga !... Helga...'' I muttered and my eyes widened.

In fact, she was there... But not in the same state than yesterday. Her clothes were torn and she has cut with bruises everywhere. She was trying to bandage her arm with her other hand and her mouth. She lifted her blue eye and scowled hard at me.

''Football head ! Wat'cha doin' here, crimeny !'' She growled, but I didn't mind.

''Hel... Helga what... What happened to you ?'' I asked stupidly still staring at her.

''None of your beeswax.'' She said with a cold voice as she finished her bandaging.

Her head was already bandaged as well as her neck. She had a black eye like the first day I met her and a big cut on her cheek.

''Tell me, what happened ? Was it that dealer guy? Did he beat you up ? Why did you leave my apartment!'' I spat angrily. ''You're freaking me out, say something !''

She snorted, and stood up. She looked pretty good for someone who has just been beaten up. She was stronger than I thought.

'''Yeah, it was him, so what ? Gonna kick the crap out of him ? Let's laugh. He came with his gang and they beat me because I had no money to give him. So I gave him your adress. Sorry for whatever has been stolen.'' The blond headed demon explained as she wiped the blood off her lip.

I wasn't worried about my TV anymore, hell no!

''It's okay Helga, I don't mind; you had no choice. But... Are you okay ?'' I wanted her to tell me that she was fine.

''I think'' She said in a sigh.

I rubbed nervously the back of my neck. I felt helpless.

''Want me to get.. I don't know, water or something ? I asked awkwardly, my eyes couldn't stop looking at her wounds.

Okay, now I felt guilty. I should have helped her before.

'' I said I'm fine !'' She scowled as she walked out of the bathroom.

Her pink and white shirt and her cotton trousers were all torn, I could see the cuts that the bastard made on her. My fist clenched and I closed my eyes.

''Why ? Why did you leave my house ? You would have been in security !'' I yelled '' I was worried! At first I though you stole my TV to pay your debt and I was a little upset, but look at you ! I feel sorry to have thought you would have stolen from me... And I'm sorry... But I don't think you can live by yourself with this guy on your heels!''

Suddenly, Helga span towards me and put her hands on my throat. Her eye was cold and emotionless. I widened. She sure attacked me, but she didn't reinforce her grip. So she was not hurting me.

''You do not know anything about me, Arnold. You do not know the kind of life I'm living, and this is something you can't understand. And you know why ? Cause you're not me. You haven't lived my life. All you knew was love and happiness, you don't know what is it to live a life full of shit. No one ever bothered looking for me and take care of me, or worry for me. So why do you do so ? I don't understand what's going on in your mind. You might want me in your bed, but I don't think that leaving your girlfriend and friends behind is a good reason. What are you thinking, Arnold ? You lost it all for me.'' Her voice remained calm and controlled throughout the whole speech. Her unhidden eye stared at me like she wanted to aspire my soul.

I opened my mouth, but I couldn't say anything. She have put no force in her grip, so I gently took her arm away as I got closer to her. And then I hugged her with all my love. I felt she froze against me and her body was tense. She was sure not used to this kind of gentle hug.

''Wha... What are you doing ?'' She asked with a surprised voice.

''I like you more than you can think, Helga. I care for you, even if you think you aren't worth it.''

I smelled her hair once again. Strawberries. It reminded me when my grandfather told me not to eat it for some odd reason. She put her hands on my shoulder and pushed me back. For the first time, her cheeks were sligthly red.

''What do you mean ? You can't !''

''I love you Helga.'' I muttered sincerely, looking into her eye, trying to forge the black around her eye as I felt my cheek burning, too.

Did I really say it out loud ? Oh damn... Oh god. I just told her the feelings I was retaining for the past weeks. The reason why I left Lila and my friends behind... I just said it out loud. I smiled awkwardly.

''So ? What do you think ?'' I asked because she was silent.

She blinked, her big blue eyeball locking in mine. She finally sighed and looked away.


I blushed darker and nodded shyly.

''I had a doubt it was that. But you know, guys usually don't fall for me... I mean, I'm not the kind of girl guys would love 'cause I'm being me you know... Wow...''

She sat on the couch, staring endlessly in front of her. It seemed like she was confused and didn't know how to react. But then she laughed and crossed her hands behind her head.

''So, Football face is in love with me, huh ? That explains a lot. You want me, don't you ? Lets'go... She said as she made a move to remove her shirt.

My eyes popped up out of my socket and I turned away. She clapped her hands and laughed so hard at me.

''Helga, this is not funny!'' I said even if I knew it was useless.

''Haha! Sorry Football head, you're just too funny to tease.'' She smiled, with her hands on her hips.

Her lips were slightly cracked, but it removed any of her charm. I warmed up a little when I noticed her kind, friendly smile. She was really beautiful, and such a sweetheart deep down. I smiled back. I knew she was not as cruel as I thought at first. I even thought she would laught at me. But, she didn't. Well, she sure will tease me a little, but it's the way she is and I can't change it.

We both blushed, and I... Oh my god, have we just shared a thing ? Have we... Oh god... I melted inside and I sighed dreamily.

''Heo Football head, no boner here !'' She said smirking.

I blinked once, twice, before loooking at my pant and then... My whole body burned and I looked back at Helga, panicking and ashamed.

''Tha-that's not what you think!''

''And what am I thinking ?

This girl was really having fun with me.

''I... I don't... I mean, this is not... I was just... Daaaaaamn...''

''It's okay Arnold-do. I'm used of this. I know the effect I make on guys.'' She waved her beautiful blond hairs and put a hand on her curved hip. I took a deep breath to calm myself, she noticed it and her smile grew.

''Sorry...'' I said sadly.

''I told you, it's okay. Go take a shower. It will calm your... Thing.'' Helga said raising an eyebrow. You dude look, you know, like, I mean, kinda turned on.'' She said childishly, sounding like a snob teenager girl.

''Y-yeah...'' I nodded, lowering my head in shame.

I went to shower, and as the water ran over my whole body ,I couldn't help but think about what just happened. And then I blushed again. I told her my feelings. My love for her. And she saw my... My cheeks went more red as I let out a hopeless moan. I'm a desesperate case for sure. What will she think about me now ? I fell onto my knees. Fucking hormones.

When I turned off the water, I could hear Helga in the kitchen singing.

''Move your hands up. Shake your body to the right and feel the rhythm, the rhythm of the night...''

I smiled weakly. A song about partying again. Helga is a real wild party girl. But, I like it. I think ? Nevermind.

I dressed myself again with my red plaid shirt and brown pants before joining Helga. She was making food... Well, if heating up a can of beans counts as making food. Her legs were leaning on the table and I looked around. The house seemed to have been destroyed by an elephant.

''Helga, what happened here ?'' I asked curiosly.

''Oh, that's just Rick. No big deal.''

''Rick ?'

''The dealer guy.'' She explained with a simple voice as she eat her beans. ''Want some ?''

'' N-no thanks. I already ate.'' I said.

I would feel too guilty to steal her own food.

''You know, I will refund you for the TV''

I sat on the chair, trying to ignore one of her pink strings lying on the table. But still, a hot shade of red came to my face.

''No need. I know you can't, it's not your fault. To be honest, I would have made the same thing.'' I hope she understands. I really didn't want her to pay me back for the steal. She did it to keep herself alive. I would rather keep her alive than having my television back. But what am I going to say to Gerald when he discovers that my television (he adored to watch football on my ex-60'') is now gone. I bit my lip. The problems just started.

''So, Football head...'' Helga began to speak, obviously trying to start a conversation, uneasy of the sudden silence.

''Hm ?''

''Wanna sleep over ?''

I remained frozen, trying to figure out what she just said. She... wanted me to... To stay... In.. Her apartment.. for the NIGHT ?! Oh Jesus !

''Yeah sure !'' I said with a goofy smile. ''I... Well, that way I'll be sure you're safe.''

She grimaced and looked away with an pouty on her face.

''Yeah yeah, wathever. I'm going watch TV, do what you want.''

And on these words she left the kitchen. I sighed and tried to relax the beating of my heart. This is going to be a good night. Oh god... A 'beep' from my cellphone brought me back to the reality as I opened it to give a peek.

''Hey Arnold, Harold is making his last BBQ on Saturday, you coming over?''

I grinned. So, Harold finally decided to make this, uh...

''Sure. Who will be there ?'' I texted back.

After few minutes, Sid replied me.

''Me, you, Stinky, Harold of course lol, Gerald, Sheena, Eugene and maybe Nadine.''

''Pheobe and Lila aren't going to come?''

''They have work, pal.''

''I'll be there. Can I bring a friend ?''

I pulled back my phone in my pocket and joined Helga in the salon. She was watching some drama series with a bag of chips in the end.

''I didn't know you liked this kind of thing.'' I noticed when I sat to her side.

She didn't look at me. I did not know if it was because she was concentrated on the show, or if my revelation back then shocked her more than I thought.

''I' don't. I'm more of a, you know, gangsta movie, or horror movie type.''

''And what about romantic movies ?''

She closed her eye and smirked.

''I don't really believe in lo-...''

She suddenly stopped and gave me a little peek, the mouth still opened as I curiously stared at her, trying to figure out what she was going to say.

''Never mind.'' She slightly blushed, looking away again.

''Helga ?''

''What again ?'' She spoke, a little upset. Or embarassed ?

''I'll talk about you with my boss. I want you to have a job.''

''Arnold, I don't...''

'' I don't care about what you could think !'' I spat shaking my head. ''I care for you, and I couldn't bear to see you all beaten up again ! I'm insisting.''

''Tsk, crimeny.'' She muttered in a angry breath.

I couldn't help but smile at this. At least, she sort-of agreed. I rubbed my hand to my pants when my cellphone buzzed.

''Sure, bring anyone you want.''

I smiled back at the text and talked to Helga once again.

''Helga, can I ask you something ?''

''Hmmm'' She moaned lazily, still eating her chips, eye on the TV.

''Would you want to come with me for a BBQ at my friend's place ?'' I asked shameless and fearless.

She narrowed and stared at me.

''Are you kidding me?''

''What ?''

''Your friends don't like me. You almost lost them because of me, and now you want me to become friends with this gang of weirdos ?''

''Well... Why not ?''

''Yeah sure. Like if Helga Pataki would want to be friends with a weirdo, a pervert, a whale, a hipster, a gay-looking guy, a chinese and a Michael Jackson dude.''

I sighed deeply.

''Come on, Helga. Make an effort. I'm trying to get you out of the hell you're living in. Having real, true friends would be good for you. I'm not saying Jawbreaker and Burn are not, but...''

''Their names are Peeta Harving and William Bones. They're my friends, it is enough.

''But, Helga...''

'' I SAID IT'S ENOUGH! CRIMENY! Fine! I will come. But you will regret it, Football Head.''

I felt my heart jolt in joy. Helga would have never accepted it usually.

''Thanks, Helga. It means a lot to me that you'll be friends with them. I'm sure you will like them.''

She rolled her eyes as she continued watching her show.