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After being dissowned by Charlie due to the pack Bella leaves for collage reciving a full scholership to Yale vowing to never return to forks.



I swore i would never return to Washington let alone Forks, yet here I was. As one of the youngest Cardiologist's in the country I was still striving to prove myself. Graduating three years earlier than my fellow classmates I was able to take on a surgical rotation and this is the reason I find myself back in Forks hospital. I had been elbows deep in eight year old Aaorta for the majority of the afternoon and late into the evening and now I was bone tired but in desperate need of a drink.
I draged my weary body into the closest reasurant and blissfully sank onto the bar seat closest to me.

"What will it be?"

I didn't even bother to look up just ordered my wiskey neat and coming fast. I was into my second glass when rambunctious cheering could be heard from the other room as the door swung open to what I assumed was the reception room I heard a cheer ring out. Not only did I recognise those voices but I couldn't mistake the booming voice congratulating Charlie and Sue on thier nuptuals. It didnt come as a surprise to me that I wasn't invited and to be honest I truley didn't care anymore.
Charlie has made it clear all those years ago how he felt about me so it came as no surprise I hadn't been invited.


I was making dinner for Charlie late one night, he had been called out on a hit and run a few hours ago and I knew he would be hungry. I was humming to myself putting the fixings for desert together when he came storming through the door. I turned around to greet him when he slapped me across the face, the power of it knocking me to the ground.

"You are no daughter of mine, you filthy little slut!" he looked down on me in a rage and I swore he was going to kick me in the face


"I am not your father, get the fuck out of my house" and with that he stormed out of the door calling behind him "You have two hours be gone by then".

That was the last time I saw Charlie. It wasn't the last he heard of me though for six weeks later I hired a lawyer. Unbeknownst to Charlie I had my grandmothers will, the ironic thing was I found it in the same place the leech had hidden the things his family had given me. She had left me her house a substantual amount of cash in a trust fund and the kicker Charlie was meant to be paying me rent if he was to remain in my house.

I didn't know what I has suppost to have done, what would make him treat me like that but as I left forks I had a fair idea Jake and Leahs smug satisfied smiles told me all I needed to know they were the last things I saw as I left Fork boundaries but I vowed that day I would have my vengance on Charlie and the pack if it was the last thing I did. Charlie was kicked out of my house with the clothes on his back the same as he did me, I repaid him back in kind for the small fracture in my cheek bones too paying the biggest badest biker I could find to lure Charlie in. I must admit he got a little carried away, but that too was justified. I'd need a couple more drinks if I was to go down that memory lane cluster fuck.

I slowly opened the door as Charlie was ending his speech,

"And lastly I would like to thank my new daughter Leah, finaly I have one to be proud of" he was saying. I left without the pack or Charlie ever being aware of my presents,left the rest of the wiskey on the bar and headed out. What a joke, a daughter who he could be proud of... Huh! Face planting into my bed I didnt move untill my pager sounded.

I rushed into the hospital and into the surgical facilities, students were filing into the viewing rooms that looked out into the operating theater.

"What do we have?"

"Man in his late seventies heart attack, Ecg's showed alarming loss of right ventrical suspect numerous blockages"

As the triage sister briefed me I was glancing over the patients test results, this would be a tricky case and if the patient was to make it I needed to go in within the next half hour. I prepped, scrubbed and headed in. This is where I shined and it was due to my sucess rate that I was invited to teach as well as had an open invitation to most hospitals inside the USA and quite a few in Europe. I entered the theater and stopped short for there on the table looking the frail old man that he is, was old Quill.

Taking a deep breath I sucked it up and got on with it. Ten hours later I was exausted but optimistic that he would make a full recovery. I was just removing my scrubs when the attending nurse informed me that the patients family were waiting to talk to me. I really wanted to blow them off but profesionalisum kept me walking towards the waiting room. I entered silently and waited I could see the wolves senting the air, at first there was dead silence and than Jake was the first to speak or well yell that is.

"What the hell are you doing here Isabella?" he snapped, growles could be heard in the little room but I wasnt scared or intimidated I just laughed ignored him and got on with my job. I turned and faced Quill not breaking eye contact.

"Hello I am Doctor Swan and I was one of your grandfathers surgon today, your grandfather will be fine, we had to unblock his right ventrical and installed a pace maker. The pace maker was nessesary due to the damaged caused to his heart and it will act as a difribulator in case of heart failure, it will deliver a series of shocks to the heart to prevent it from stopping or basicaly re-starting it. Your grandfather is currently in Intensive care and will remain in a medically induced coma whilst his heart recovers.

He will need on going physio therapy and a major change of diet, i have written referals for the dietitions and physios and they will be in to discuss his on going treatments within the next couple of days. I have also tranfered post surgical care under Dr Grandy Jr who will be in shortly to see you. Do you have any questions?"
I dont know what I expected but it wasn't for Quill to stare at me like I was the second coming or something. I could feel the eyes of the pack, elders and Charlie but I made no effort to look at any of them. Since no questions were forth coming I turned and left the room. I hadn't taken more than ten steps away from the doorway when Quill came barreling out."

"Doctor Swan! Bella please" and with that I snapped spinning on my heels I stalked to Quill. I imagine by the look on his face that my expression was rather scary

"What rights do you have to call me Bella?" I spat

"I.. I'm sorry I just wanted to thankyou" he lead off with saying

"Your all fucking pathetic two faced bastards, you should be thanking me too cause belive me I wanted nothing but to let his sorry, racist arse die, your all fucking lucky I actually have morals something you fuckers are all lacking in" and with that I left a stunned Quill standing in that hallway. I wished with all my might that that would be the last time I would ever be in the same room as them, but lets face it I could never get that lucky.


All the pack and elders gathered around Charlie and Sue shouting their congratulations. The wedding had been spactacular and Sue and Charlie looked so happy. Harry had died two years after Charlie had thrown Bella out. I hated what I had done to her and the reasons why but looking at my imprint I couldnt regret it.


A howl went up into the air echoing around the valley I was in another one of us had phased. I took off running to Sam's house only to come to a compleate stop, there in my head was Leah freaking out. Our legends never fore told of a Female shifting. I started running again as Sam was having trouble controling her, as the natural Alpha of the pack my commands tended to have more swey than Sam's even though I didn't want the position.

"Leah stop and calm down" I commanded once I had shifted. She turned to me growling and then bam...Just like that I imprinted and by the looks of it a double imprint had occured. Leah hated Bella, had done so since she was a child. She was also jealous of the friendship we once had. Her hatred was almost irrasional at times, and although I hadn't spoken or seen Bella since she slapped Paul, Leah was still jealous of how I had felt about her before the imprint. I think deep down Leah was worried that I would do to her what Sam had done to her, even with the imprint her head was always a snarly mess when it came to Emily and Bella. I had no problem helping Leah poision Charlies mind he had always known me more than he had Bella, so it wasnt all that hard to take advantage, I dropped a few snide comments here and there about her hitting on the leech doctor and thats the reason they left not to mention her making advances toward my father. leah wanted her gone and it was my duty to make my imprint happy. Sue helped a little too, my guess was she just wanted her little girl to be happy and would do what it took to do so, consequensece be damned!

I didn't know what went down Between Bella and Charlie but what happened next was really surprising. One wet raining night Charlie had arrived with Sue behind him, clothing piled in the back of the cruiser. Seem's like Charlie had been stealing from Bella for years and had payed the price. About three weeks later Sue got a phone call from the Forks police, Charlie had been beaten and left on the side of the road. He never mentioned what went down that night but had been twitchy ever since. He also had a slight limp and a scar across his left cheek it didn't ditract from his looks he looked rather dapper as he was making his speech.


It was well into the early hours when Old Quill and my dad were heading home when Old Quill fell to the floor, we rushed him to the hospital and had been waiting ever since. When a tired looking Emergancy doctor stepped into the room we all jumped to attention.

"How is my grandfather?" Quill asked

"He has had a major heart attack and is in a critical condition, fortunately one of the best cardioligist in the country was in the area to perform another surgery and is for the next week on call in our hospital. I would like to say your grandfather will be ok but like I said he is in a critical condition. You may see him breifly but he is unconsious and being prepped for surgery so I suggest immediate family only".

Quill went in and saw him whilst the rest of us waited. He came back out ten minutes later, tears in his eyes "Guy's it is bad real bad. I dont think he is going to make it" he sobbed out falling into Jareds side. Hours passed nurses scurried by the waiting room doors, none of them had any news for us. After what seemed like days the waiting room doors opened. The room filled with one of the most aromatic fragrances I had ever smelt. I knew who it was instantly and immediatley felt Leah who was curled into my side tense. How dare she intrude on this crisis, she isn't family. Jumping up still clutching Leah I shouted

"What are you doing here Isabella?"

The nerve of her she laughed, growles rumbeled throughout the room. Ignoring the pack, elders and Charlie she turned to Quill it was only then did I look up and at her.

"Hello I am Doctor Swan and I was your grandfathers surgon today" Bella went on to explain what the opperation and precautions she had taken to prolong Old Quill's life. She never looked away from Quill and held herself with her head high after she had walked out and Quill had followed her a steady humm broke out amoungst the pack.

"That was Bella?" My dad asked sounding upset. We had never told him about our part in Bella's leaving nor did charlie tell him about what he had been doing and what happened that night. He loved bella and was shattered that she left without a goodbye nor a forwarding address. For all these years he had thought her dead or worse a bloodsucker. "Why wouldn't she stop to talk to us?"

"Cause she is a stuck up little bitch is why" snapped Leah

"Why would you want her to talk to you after what that dirty little slut tried to do? Just like her mother" Charlie mumbled under his breath.

"Bella? What are you talking about, that woman has only ever treated me and my family with respect! And has obviously become one of the top cardiologist in the country. Explain yourselves now!"

"Leah and Jake told me about overhearing her propositon you, offering you sexual services" he shouted red in the face, froth in the corner of his mouth.

My dad looked at Leah and I "You said what about Bella? Why Jake? Why would you tell such horrible lies about her?" He had tears in his eyes and could barley stand to look at us.

"Is this true?" Charlie asked weakly. I didn't get a chance to answer as at that moment I was blindside from the right. Quill had charged both Leah and I and was ferral in his attack.

"She was your best friend why would you turn her friends and family against her?" He screamed in between punches, the rest of the pack was growling. Sam placed Emily beside Billy and Sue and took a protective stance. Emily had tears rolling down her cheeks, soft blue eyes filled with hurt and shame. Bella and her had become very close over the short amount of time they had gotten to know each other, she had been very hurt when Bella dissapeared in the middle of the night with not even a goodbye.

"I told you they were hiding something" a snide voice said from the corner. I couldn't understand why Paul was so angry, so we had lied to Charlie no big deal right? Paul was a hairs width of phasing he was shaking so bad he looked like a demented humming bird.

"So what? what's it to you? You can't stand Isabella!"

"She is my fucking imprint you son of a bitch" he roared. Sam and Jared started to push Paul out of the Hospital it was a struggle as he was fighting to get at Leah and I shouting obsenities as he was forced out of the doors and in the direction of the forrest. Gasps filled the air and you could have heard a pin drop.

"Did you know?" gone was my kind hearted father in his place was Chief Black, I had only seen this side of him a few times mainly dealing out a punishment to a tribe member never directed at myself, and I must admit the man and the wolf were a little intimidated. If i didn't know better he was boarderline on phasing he was shaking so hard with rage "Did you know" he didn't scream but his tone of voice was warning in it's self not the mess with him.

"No" I didn't but I had suspected it by the way he looked at her when she wasn't looking. I knew by the brief times he let slip during patrol that he thought of her a hell of a lot more than anyone ever suspected.

"I knew" sneered Leah "How could you miss it by the way he drooled at her skanky little arse, even if he was insulting her"

"Bella is not a skank, you foul mouthed little bitch! What did Bella ever do to you to make you hate her so bad?" Chief Black demanded still shaking with rage.

"Jake loved her untill the imprint, he chose her , he would have left me just like Sam" she sobbed

"Oh cut the crap" snapped the Chief "You have hated her for longer than that! Since you were little kids and Charlie bought her onto the reservation you have been bulling that girl, pushing her into the mud and such. now out with it girl" he bellowed

"Harry and Renee had and affair, she could be his daughter" a quiet voice from the corner spoke. She stood awkwardly, face red with tears in her eyes.

"That's bullshit" Emily never swore so it was a little shocking to hear her do so now. "She is the splitting image of him right to the colour of her eyes, with Renee's pale feature's. She must get her brains from her mother though for your obviously more of an idiot than we ever gave you credit for" she spat at Charlie before storming out the door.

"Get out, all of you get out" snapped Quill, "not you of course Chief" bowing slightly in my dads direction.

"Thankyou son, you two will face council or whats left of it" looking darkly in Sue's direction "And belive me this isn't the last we have spoken of this matter it will all come out every last dirty detail, and Renee of course will be asked to give her accounts of the past should she so wish too".

Leah and I left to go home then, Sue followed Charlie limping quietly behind her. Sue had a hand in Bella's leaving I didn't know what she had told him over the years but i did know it would be found out. Phasing later I didn't think the pack could be so united in thier hatred of Leah and I, by their thoughts Charlie and Sue too.


I always wondered if things were as they seemed in the Swan household. Bella was always cooking and cleaning, with never a thankyou from her father. I couldn't belive the disscusting lies my own flesh and blood had told about such a sweet and kind girl. I knew there was more to the story as I sat and waited. I had many questions for Bella and could only pray that I would get a chance to talk to her. By the way she had ignored us all but Quill I suspected it may be a while before she consented to being in the same room as one of us. Hours passed and we were rejoined in our silent vigil by Paul and Sam.

I thought about Pauls behavior over the years, he had always been volitile and now upon reflection his wolf was always lerking under the surface. Unlike the others Paul would seek confrontation, wouldn't hesitate to fight with his brothers. Watching him out of the corner of my eye I could see he was agitated and yet somehow calmer.
He must have been waiting for the questions to come as his dark eys turned to face my direction.

"When Paul and why didn't you say anything?" I asked him. He took a deep breath and squared his shoulders, he looked like he had the weight of the world baring down on him.

"When she slapped me"

I was surprised and confused, he then began his story. As he went on to tell me how he had fought the imprint how he had called her names every oppertunity he had.

"And then she was just gone..." He looked so sad and defeated "I couldn't find her it was like she didn't exist and Jake and Charlie never mentioned her" Sam put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

We all fell into silence lost in our own thoughts. Many hour passed and the door quietly opened.

"Quill" a quiet voice called "You can see your grandfather now". He followed her out and into a door at the end of the corridore, I didn't expect her to come back out pushing a tray filled with various instraments. Without saying a word she rolled up my sleave and started taking my blood pressure, next she took some blood before listening to my heart and lungs.

"When did you last see a physition for your diabities Chief Black?" she askes me in a detatched voice. looking at Paul over her shoulder I could see the pain in his eyes, being this close to his imprint after all these years and not have her even look at him was killing him almost as bad as the pain I assume he felt with her gone.

"Bella please call me Billy, we have been friends for a long time after all" I spoke hessitantly. She looked at me for a long time no emotions in her eyes. I could see her weighing the pro's and con's, it was pleasing to know that some where under that reserve was the young girl I once knew. I reaslised though I didn't know this woman before me if I truly ever did.

"I appriciate that Billy, but I am only here for another few days at best. I don't think it would be wise or prudent of me to make friends in a place I have no intentions of coming back too." Her eyes told me a different story all together she was afraid to trust, possibly thought I had known about the lies that Jake and Leah had told.

"I didn't know Bella, we didn't know" I said gesturing to the others in the room

"Know what?"

"About the lies Jake and Leah told Charlie" She looked confused

"Bella what happened the night you left?" Paul asked knealing at her feet

"Why are you pretending that you care Paul? I am after all the pale face, leech lover" she wispered angrily chin raised in defiance

"I am sorry I said that to you" he emplored sincerity coloring his voice, I dont think either of them realised he had both her hands clasped tightly in his palms. They looked so tiny and fragile in his grip, his thubs gently caressing the backs of her hands "I didn't mean it, any of it"

"Then why say it?

"Can we talk about this some other time" interupted Sam "Bella please go on tell us about that night"