The whip cracked with violence through the entire office.

"Foolishly, fool, that only makes foolish things" The voice of Franziska Von Karma could be heard from afar.

Buried in the couch, with the head buried in his hands, he didn't want, he couldn't listen to anything or anyone. The only thing that was on his mind was her, but doing so just make him sink into the darkness.

"You cannot just sit here forever!" From the shadows, the voice of Von Karma could be heard. He heard her utter some insults but he didn't pay any attention.

He couldn't face the truth… it was just too cruel to accept it. But if he closes his eyes, the only thing he could see, it was her, her smile, her face, her eyes full of happiness… Why? He wondered why now? The news strikes him pretty much as a shock.

Maya was going overseas, due to an offer she receive, thanks to her new title as Kurain master… during three years they work and lived together without him thinking that his feelings for her would get to be something much more than a simple friendship. He convinced himself that what he felt was the same thing you felt for your little sister. But with this news, his true feelings came to light and the weight of those was crushing him.

The room felt into a deep silence. He feels the glare of Von Karma even if he could not see it.

"Phoenix." She started with a comforting voice. He looked up in surprise. He wondered why she seemed to care. His mind was glad of that distraction from his hell.

"You… love her, don't you?" She whispered.

He looks to his feet with a knot in his throat. What was the point in keeping it a secret? Without her, it no longer matter.

"Does… it matter anymore?" He answered with a trembling voice. "What's the point?" He asked to himself. "I'm just a…" He tried to come up with the proper words. "Fool. During those three years we been together I was unable to realize how much she meant to me. But now that she is going… I deserve this. If I only I have talked to her before… I was blind during those three years. I don't…"

Saying it out loud was too much for him. The pain returned with shocking pain.

He buried his head in his hands as he was fighting, without success to keep his pain.

The sound of the planes taking off could be heard from afar. For her it was something incredible. But after a few hours of waiting she seemed less impressed every time one of them gets lost in to the horizon. Something that her cousin still found amazing and she name it the 'the fly of the steel bird'.

Maya smiled as she remembered the look she had when they entered tha airport. Her cousin decided to go with her no matter the cost.

But in that very moment, it was not her cousin the one that was in front of her.

"Are you sure about this?" She asked her sister as she looked at her with a look between curiosity and worry.

Maya sighed and eyed her sister. Oddly enough, she seemed comfortable with Pearl's clothes. Her arms crossed and her head tilted, making some lock of hair cover her eye.

"We talk about this." Maya muttered looking away. "I made… the right choice."

Mia nodded slowly. "I see" She murmured to herself. A spark of understanding shined in her eyes.

"Listen, Maya… I need to ask you something. This decision… Has anything to do with Phoenix?" She remained quiet, waiting for her answer.

"N-Nick" Maya whispered. She breathed heavily but that didn't stop the weakness to take her over. She collapsed on her chair as she felt something get through her body, something that seemed like a spark.

"I should have seen it before." Mia sighed.

Maya looked up, ready to face her sister.

"I didn't know… the intensity of your feelings" She admitted. Then a half-smile appeared on her face. "It seems that Pearl was the only one that could notice and she is only a child."

Despite all this, Maya smiled. Pearly. She noticed since the beginning. The voice of her sister brought her back to reality.

"You don't have to do this for him" She pleaded. "You still can…"

"No" She cut her off. "He… well, I can't be with him anymore. It's just too hard to be with person you love and know that he doesn't feel the same. It's the best for him."

She opened her mouth to say something but she cut her off before she could say anything.

"No, do not insist. It's… too late." She struggled to say the last part.

When? She wondered. When did she star seeing him as something more than a friend? At first she tried to fight that feeling. There were many obstacles in the middle, her training, tha age… But after the craziness that was the year that he saved her again of being found guilty and rescue her of a kidnapping, she could not deny it anymore, she loved him. However, it was clear that he didn't feel the same way.

"I'm okay." She confirmed as her sister put her hand over her shoulder, before Mia could open her mouth. She arranged herself to be able to stare her at the eyes, in a challenging way.

"You don't have to keep that façade with me." She whispered, as she hugged her little sister.

Maya closed her eyes as she returned the hug to her sister with a knot in her throat.

"Everything gonna be fine." She assured as her hand stroked her hair. And this time Maya didn't have the strength to reply.

For Phoenix, the sound of the clock was torture. Every passing second, less the remaining time she will spend in this country. One second less to lose her… forever.

"Enough!" Franziska yell. "She…"

"… Doesn't want to be with me" He cut her off with anger. He remembered with pain the note that she left. "I'm going overseas. My plane is taking off at 21:00 but I'm not going to pass to the office before I go. Nick, you have to understand… I have to go. You're better without me. It's for the best. Thanks for everything and… goodbye."

That note buried him in the despair.

"FOOOOOOOOOOL!" Franziska howled with such anger that manages to shock him. Why is she so angry? "Listen Phoenix Wright, if she truly is so important to you…"

"Important!?" He yelled "Of course she is important to me!" He stared at her with anger but his reaction didn't seem to scare her at all. "How is she not going to be important to me? ... But there's nothing I can do." He was breathless and he tried to contain his tears "Is too late" He finished with a trembling whisper.

Von Karma whip Phoenix, but with real anger. A few scarlet drops glistened from her whip before it touched the floor.

Phoenix blinked in confusion. His mind didn't seem to realize what just happened. Confused, he looked at Von Karma, she looked at him with such anger that his hands were trembling.

"Franziska." He mumbled "What?"

"Listen" She started with her disciplinary voice. Her eyes were shining, but Phoenix was unable to tell what emotion they had, anger? , Fear? , Hate? , Determination? , Or all of them?

"Since we met I always believe you were a fool with mere luck, but then I couldn't realize why I was unable to crush you in a case with my perfect logic." She hesitated. "I believe… that it was because you were different that the other lawyers. It didn't matter how hard I punch you, you always end up getting up, and I never saw you giving up, not even when I was about to win… You never give up; Phoenix Wright. But now" She stopped.

"How could you?!" She yelled again. "How can you give up now?! How can this be the one time in which you just decide to lose? How can you just stay here doing nothing while she leaves? Listen, fool, if she really s important to you, then, fight for her! Don't give up, or else you lose her."

Don't give up, or else you lose her. Her Voice resounded in his head. Slowly, his mind started to work: Is that what he wanted? Lose her forever? If you don't fight… He clenched his fist. The voice of Von Karma resounded over and over in his head… Fight for her.

The truth punched him in the face so hard. How could he be so blind? Maya was about to leave. And he was not going to do anything?! Electricity gets through his body and he get up.

I'm not going to let it happen! I can't!

Von Karma watched with interest the impact that her words had on him.

"Well, Phoenix Wright?" She asked. "Are you going to stay or you're going to the airport?"

"Come on" He nodded with determination before he ran to the street. However a shadow of doubt appeared before his eyes when he watched his clock. He only had 30 minutes before she leaves.

"Don't worry" She smiled, showing off her usual smile of triumph. "Never is too late."

"I don't know if a taxi can get us in time." He murmured quietly as he gets down the stairs.

"Oh come on." She sighed. "I am a Von Karma, remember?"

"Ok and so…" she tried to resonate with him. The sunlight blinded him for a moment, which mean that they were outside, making him shield his eyes. When he opened he just gets stunned.

Miles Edgeworth was sitting y the seat of his dazzling BMW, with one hand holding the leather flywheel.

"Well, Wright," He smiled and shook his head. "Don't just stand there like an idiot."

Phoenix opened his mouth to reply, but he closed it immediately when he realized that he ran out of words. He turned to his best friend, really confused.

"I don't like to lose the time." He pointed out. "So get on. Today I'm going to be your driver."

Phoenix became confused to Von Karma which was looking at him with her hands on her waist.

"Don't tell me that you forget it?" She questioned him with a smile of superiority. "Von karma's are perfect."

The engine of the car roared with a deafening bang as it was flying over the road, zigzagging to evade crashing with the other cars.

This could have terrified Phoenix in any other circumstance, but at that very moment he didn't seem to care about the excessive speed nor the way his best friend was driving.

Franziska was sitting to his side, arms crossed, with her face saying 'Everything-is-going-to-be-perfect'.

"Why are you doing this?" Phoenix yell to make her heard him over the sound of the engine. "Why are you helping?"

"I'm going to be honest, I'm not doing this for you" She answered without looking to him. "Do you really believe that I would help you, Phoenix Wright?"

"But you're doing it." He pointed out, confused. She snorted like that was a joke.

"Look, I believe you deserve being tortured and suffer." She raised her voice. "But… WATCH OUUUUUUUUT!" She yelled her eyes widened as she saw that they were about to crash against a truck.

Edgeworth let out a swear and with a fast movement of his hands, he made a sudden switch making the car to skid out of the road before making the spin on itself and going back to the road.

Phoenix was conscious that he forgot to breathe and that his hands were tense against the seats. As soon as he manage to breathe again he turned to see both prosecutors but none of them seem to be about to pass out like him. He turned around to see Von Karma frowning. What was she about to say?

"You seem to be about to puke, Phoenix Wright" She happily pointed out. "You just turned green."

"Yeah, well…" he cut her off."You still haven't answered my question."

"Do I have to explain everything to you?!" She rolled her eyes as if the answer was obvious. "I do it… because I don't believe she deserves to suffer because of you."

He blinked, shock his head. He had to hear something wrong, he tell himself. Von Karma only cares about herself… It really turns out that she has feelings? He remembered something Maya said about Franziska. "You know, Nick. I think she and I could be friends."Most important. What did she meant by that last phrase? What if Maya…

"Oh, no…" He heard Edgeworth, which has just paled. Phoenix looked to the corner of his eye that they were too close of a few cars before the sudden break made him crash against the front seat.

"Ghaaaaaah! Ten minutes left!" Phoenix yelled, horrified by the sight in front of him.

Lots of cars that extended trough the winding road and continue further were they could see. With a roar of rage he punched the back seat.

"Would you remain quiet, Wright?!" Edgeworth groaned, turning too violently to Phoenix with a tone of worry in his voice, but when Phoenix could not tell if he was worried for the cars or his seats.

"We don't have time!" Phoenix yelled burying his head on his hands."Were going to spend hours here, just trying to cross!" He clenched his fist with such strength that his nails clawed his hands. Maya was going to leave… because of him.