"Edgeworth." Phoenix asked. "There's no other way we could go?"

"No." He shook his head. "There isn't; only this way."

"Ghaaaargh!" Phoenix roared trying to compose himself to not punch the window.

"And you can't call her?" Edgeworth pointed out raising his eyebrow.

Von Karma started before Phoenix could.

"No, were out of range." She muttered distracted while she tried to find something in her pocket, something that she was already doing before.

"Well…" Edgeworth started thinking, he already ran out of ideas. "We could delay the fly or something?"

"And how are you going to do that?!" Phoenix snorted. "Unless prosecutor had over the air traffic…"

"I was just trying to find a solution." His friend raised his voice to him. "You're the one who want to catch that plane. Not me!"

Phoenix knew he was right, but he was too angry and worried to confess it. Besides, he needed to vent his frustration over someone.

"I didn't ask for your help, Edgeworth!"

His face crumpled. He was not going to recognize that he's worried for him so he decided to tell just a part of the truth.

"Look, Wright!" He yelled turning to him. "Neither would I have helped you, if not for that…" He stopped his mouth in time. "… Franziska!"

Phoenix opened his mouth to reply to Edgeworth, he was glaring at him with the eyes half-opened, when suddenly the yell of joy from Von Karma made them come back to reality.

"Yes!" She yelled as she pumped her fist in the air in gesture of victory. "I got it!"

Both of them keep staring surprised at her. Phoenix saw that she had a device in her hand and thought to himself that that was what she was looking for. He frowned because he had the feeling that he saw that device before but couldn't put his finger on it. Then, the device started to ring as she was pressing some buttons. Then he remembered. The Nickel Samurai case! Phoenix looked surprised. Why did she want that?

"Franziska." He mumbled. "You're not going to call him, right?"

A wild smile appeared in her face as she ordered to the device out loud.

"Scruffy. It is time."

Phoenix soul dropped to the ground. Him! The only detective capable of screw everything up one thousand times or to let himself be tricked by everyone or being unable to spot the evidence even when is in front of him.

How is he going to help? She seemed to have read his mind as she shrugged and said:

"I know he is an idiot. But that idiot can be useful once in a while."

He snorted in skepticism. Although he appreciated, if there's something he learned in all the trials he had it was that he could not hit the right. The siren of a police car made him turn around before he discovered, in horror, who was the driver in that car.

"Yeaaaaaaah, pal!" Dick Gumshoe yelled whistling to everyone. He seemed like a kid in a candy store.

At first, Phoenix didn't get what he was trying to do but Edgeworth turned the car so suddenly the almost get's ejected out of the car.

He understood what was going on: Gumshoe was cleaning the road for them.

"But… Isn't this illegal?" He asked.

"Hmmp!" She grumbled. "You want to catch the plane or not?"

Phoenix looked at the detective; he was driving like a maniac making the car wobble dangerously. Every two seconds he honk, which united with the sirens and the yells he shots every time someone doesn't get out of the way in time was making all the people in the cars to flee, which make easier to get through the road.

"Sorry, pal!" He heard Gumshoe yell because he just made someone fall from his motorcycle. "But we have to catch a plaaaaaaaaaaaaane!"

Phoenix didn't know if he had to laugh or cry. He looked at his watch and he paled. Five minutes?

"We don't have too much time" He yelled. "We can't go faster?"

"No." She answered. "It wouldn't be safe. If that detective goes faster…"

In that very moment the airport appeared in front of them and his heart seemed to have stopped.

"Yeeeeeeees!" Gumshoe yelled in joy. "We did it! Hurray!"

Phoenix smiled in his direction o at least he started before it gets frozen in his lips.

CRASH! Sounds the car as it crashed against a big-highly visible lamppost.

Although the sound was very strong, the car just hit left side, destroying the door in that side and leaving dents and scratches all over the back side.

Edgeworth and Phoenix become worried to where it was the car.

"Keep going!" She ordered as she saw Edgeworth gesture to get out of the car. "He is fine!"

They watched with relief as they see Gumshoe get out of the car without any visible harm and he was gesturing them to continue.

"Don't stop!" He yelled as he put both of his hand to the sides of his mouth. "I'm fine!"

Edgeworth pressed the gas and Phoenix jumped out, but without getting on his feet, he tensed as he saw how they were reaching the entrance of the airport. He gulped. The moment of the truth has come. Edgeworth brake, leaving the car in front of the entrance. Before Edgeworth or even Franziska could do anything, Phoenix already jumped out of the car and started running inside as if his life depend on it. When he was inside he looked everywhere in desperation y he put his eyes on the foreground of the airport, spotting immediately the runway where it was the plane that Maya was supposed to take.

He continued, trying to evade the crowd. Maya he thought. I'm not going to lose you. I can't lose you. He started to discern from afar.

Maya felt really bad. She could not believe it was the moment to leave. The flight attendant looked at her with her hand stretched out to take her ticket. Maya looked at her sister and she had arms crossed. Goodbye, Nick. She thought. I love you. Before she could give her ticket to the attendant…

"MAYA!" She froze, with her hand tense over her ticket. Her heart was beating with so much strength that it seemed that it could come out of her chest. She could recognize that voice anywhere. Trembling, she slowly turned to the source of that voice, scared of what she was about to find out.

He was there. Handsome as ever, with his elegant blue suit in which his badge shined. His seemed to be breathing heavily, like if he just came out of a race. But she could only look at his eyes; they had their usual smile, those she respected since they met. That small part of her brain that still worked fine tells her that the entire airport was watching them, and she fight to recover her senses, without success. Both her knee were trembling as she contemplated the man she loves walking towards her.

However, for Phoenix all his determination y reasoning seemed to go away as they looked each other in the eyes. His mind goes blank as he contemplated her, breathless. She was wearing her favorite kimono, a cloth purple and white across her chest leaving her legs uncovered. She's so beautiful. He told to himself. And I haven't realized until now. Or did he? After all, didn't he run to the train station to catch her? Or try to cross a burning bridge… for her?

"Maya…" He tried to say but his tongue gets stunned, refusing to talk. She gave him a weird look, making his stunning and stress to raise. He seemed to be unable to think straight… then, a voice sounded in his head. Tell her, Phoenix! If you don't do it now she is going to leave! Speak about your feelings! The voice sounded like it was very distant. He gulped y breath. There's no going back.

"Maya… don't leave" He started saying slowly. "Please, don't leave." She seemed to try to talk, but neither could she. "I know you have responsibilities, but you can't leave." Everything he felt for her was yearning for liberty and he could not stop that his most deep feelings escaped. "You can't leave… I need you by my side, I can't live without you. I wanted to let you know that you're the most important person in my life and the reason I get up in the mornings. During these three years that we spend together I never got the courage to tell you how important you are for me." He continues passionately. "You're the person I want to spend the rest of my life. You're… wonderful, the best thing that happened in my life. I… I love you Maya Fey."

"… Nick." She muttered in a low whisper. She dreamed so many times with this very moment that she didn't know what to do. They stare at each other for a while before she threw her around him with a sob.

"Nick! Nick!" She repeated as she buried her head in his chest. "I love you too." He hugged her with strength, blinking to keep the tears.

"Excuse me." The voice of the flight attendant broke the magical moment that they were living. "Your ticket…?"

"I'm not going to take that plane." She sighed with a smile. "I'm staying here." She raised her head to look at him at the eyes. Phoenix carefully moved aside a lock of hair from her face and with delicacy took her face between his hands to move her closer. They kissed with passion, with a kiss that told all their feelings, everything the words cannot express. They stared at each other for a long time when they broke apart, trying to recover the breath.

"Wow…" She manages to say as she touched her lips with her left hand, a common gesture of hers.

"Thank you, for staying." He whispered as he hugged her.

"I couldn't let you behind." She admitted warmly.

"Maya… this is not going to be easy, you now?" He tried to say.

"I don't care." She shook her head violently "Nor the age nor-"

"… You're village?" He finished. "You're clan… they need you… they need the master."

She hesitated before she answered.

"Well… it's not like they need me there all the time. Of course it would take years." She pointed at her talisman that dangled from her neck. "And gave it to Pearly. After all, she has more power than me. But I'm not sure, we should wait more time." She showed worry.

"You're going to give up your position… for me?" He asked.

"For you… I would give up anything…" She put a hand on his cheek. "Anything to be with you…"

"Maya…" He was breathless. He put his arms around her waist and pulls her closer in a kiss as she put her arms around his neck, giving herself to the kiss.

When they broke apart, Maya looked over Phoenix's shoulder and exclaimed. "Thank you!", still hugging him.

Phoenix turned to see Franziska Von karma which replies with a smile and Miles Edgeworth, he made a gesture with his hand that said "You're welcome."

Suddenly something (someone) small tackles them in such a speed that almost made them fall.

"Yes! I knew it!" Pearl yells as she jumps around them. "Mr. Nick is Mystic Maya special someone! They were made for each other!"

The aforesaid started to laugh seeing how the little girl (With happiest expression she ever had.) was clapping and yelling over and over:

"Mystic Maya and Mr. Nick! Mystic Maya and Mr. Nick!"

With glimmer on her eyes she jumped forward in the prosecutor's direction and she gave them a smile.

"You both helped Mr. Nick and Mystic Maya?" She asked.

"Well…"Edgeworth tried to say after looking trough Von Karma but Pearl jumped forward to give him a clumsy hug as she yells.

"Thanks, Mr.! Thank you so much for helping them!"

"Humph!" Edgworth muttered in surprise, he didn't know what to do. And kind of amazed, he decided to clap her back.

Then Pearl turned to Von Karma, as she was looking with amusement the face of Edgeworth and said:

"You helped too?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well…" She tried to say, but Pearl didn't wait and gave her a hug.

"Thanks! Now I can forgive for being so mean to Mystic Maya the last year!"

Von Karma let out a laugh and strokes her head.

When Pearl broke apart of them, she winked and commented:

"Both of you would make a nice couple too, jijiji."

"Ghaaaargh" Both prosecutors yelled stepping back as they put an expression of pain.

"Mystic Maya Mr. Nick" She yelled again. "I'm so happy!"

She was interrupted as they all see the person that just arrived.

"Oh, Scruffy! I'm glad to see you again" She called him out.

"eh…" He started scratching his head. "Me too…"

"Detective, you don't look so well." Maya commented.

"Oh, well he just crashed the car." Phoenix replied in a casual tone. "No, no, no! He's fine" He rushed to talk as he saw her expression of horror. "But, we can´t say the same thing for the car. "

"But he can drive one?" She asked.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow." They heard him complain. "If I have to pay the car from my salary I'm not going to be able to buy noodles from the store anymore-"

"I'm sorry, detective." Maya apologized, still hugging Phoenix.

"Ow, It's okay, pal, the only thing that matters it's that the both of you are together, jujuju."

"Okay!" Edgeworth raised his voice after clearing his throat. "Who wants to dinner? I'd pay" He stated.

"Sir, can we go to 'Tres Bien'!" He asked, really excited.

"Nooooooo!" The four of them yelled at the same time.

"Detective." Edgeworth shoked his head. "The food they serve is outrageous and were not going just for Maggey Byrde."

"Wooops." Gumshoe muttered, getting depressed again.

"No problem, Scruffy." Pearl smiled. "You can go to visit her other day."

Phoenix turned to see Maya and he get stunned as he saw a tear in her cheek.

"Maya… what…?" He asked in confusion.

"I'm okay, Nick" She smiled. "It's just that I'm so happy…" She whispered as she puts a hand in his face. Her fingers stopped as she felt a cut in his cheek.

"It's nothing" He assured her before she asked. "It's from before we went here."

Maya smiled, and she put her arms around his neck as she murmured.

"Someday, you will have to tell me…"

"Maya…" He started as he hugged her. "I love you." And they kissed.