Title: Gone Fishing

Authors: Lori and iwomans_sister

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Rating: PG-13, mild violence, (real mild)

Genre: Humor/Action/Adventure

Spoilers: They're in there, lots of them. If you can find them, Darien and Hobbes will send you a virtual Rainbow Trout.

Authors' Note: Get you're fishing and camping gear and join our boys on a wild fishing trip in Northern California. You may also want to bring Graham crackers, chocolate bars and some marshmallows to make s'mores. This fic takes place during the summer and before `Father Figure'. This is a sequel to `Legends'. Thanks to those who helped us with this, you know who you are.

Summary: The Official sends Darien and Hobbes on what they think is a fishing trip, but The Official has something else in mind for them to catch.

Gone Fishing 1/9

Darien walked into the Harding Building and headed to the Keep. Hobbes met him in the hall, "Good Morning partner. The Fat Man wants to see us right now in his office."

"I need to see Claire first, he knows that."

"Yeah, well, he'll hang you by your hair if you don't see him first."

"What did we do now?" The look on Darien's face was that of a five year old. The kind of look that says `I'm innocent' but deep down inside you know there's guilt.

The two partners walked into the office and as usual, Eberts was standing behind the Official with what appeared to be case files in his hands.

"Good Morning gentlemen, sit down please. I have a case that needs your attention right away. Eberts, the files please."

"Uh, yes sir. Here, Agents Hobbes and Fawkes, inside you'll find your new assignments."

Darien had squinted one of his eyes as he peeked inside the folder. Hobbes just went for it and opened it up completely. There was a shocked expression on his face, "Mt. Shasta? Is this a joke? You're pulling our legs on this aren't you?"

"No Hobbes, we're not. You two have worked hard and the Official feels that you deserve a vacation."

Darien and Hobbes nearly fainted when they heard the news. Darien looked around the room wondering where the real Official had gone. Since he had joined the Agency about a year ago, he hadn't had a vacation yet.

"Sir, did you just say `vacation'?"

"No, I didn't, Eberts did. I'm telling you now. I want you boys to go fly fishing on the best streams Northern California has to offer. Here are your plane tickets and your equipment is in the lab."

"You're serious, aren't you? II think this is incredible. The Agency is paying for this trip? There has to be a catch?" Darien knew a con when he heard one.

"No, Mr. Fawkes, no catches, just some trout that are waiting for you two. Now go to the Keep and get your gear and be on your way."

"Wow, hey, about Claire, doesn't she have to come too. You know, the gland."

"No, this is not a mission, just a vacation for a couple of days. No reason for you to quicksilver, but Hobbes will be bringing extra counteragent, just in case."


Hobbes and Darien entered the Keep and saw fishing rods and the other various equipment they would need. They went through it like two kids on Christmas morning.

"Wow, look at these waders, I'm gonna try mine on." Hobbes picked up his pants and headed for the restroom. Darien shook his head and laughed. He was actually as excited as Hobbes, but just not about the silly pants. He rummaged through his new things and wondered where the `Fish got the funds for this stuff.

Claire walked in and saw all the commotion, "Hey, Darien, I heard about your trip. I think it's great that the Official is letting you go on vacation. Mentally, you need the break..." She paused for a second and then said, "What on earth are those?"

"Oh, these, they're called waders. They help keep your clothes dry when you're standing in the river. Hobbes is trying his on now. These are the boots and the wader saver socks. If you want your feet dry, this is what you need. This is the vest where you keep all your other small stuff like, pliers or hemostats, knives, scissors and of course the flies."

"The flies?"

"You need something to catch the fish with. They're not going to just jump up into your hands. These are great for the trout and these are for the bass."

"Oh, Darien, they look so cute. Those colors are brilliant!"

"Yeah, the fish love `em."

Hobbes came running into the room, excited. "Fawkes, check this out. Oh. Hi Claire."

"Hello, Bobby. Those pants look great on you. Congratulations on your trip.

"Um, thanks. What else is in there?" Hobbes blushed as he realized he was wearing the baggiest pants in town, not to mention suspenders to keep them up.

"Everything that a fly fisherman needs. Hobbes, you're having fun with this, aren't you?"

"Hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, my friend."

"Yeah, speaking of that, aren't you a least bit confused about all this? I mean look at this stuff and the plane tickets, what gives?"

"I'm supposed to be the paranoid one here, remember? I just think that the Fat Man is finally appreciating our hard work and is letting us off the hook for awhile."

"Well, something smells fishy here, my friend."

"Fawkes, relax and enjoy this. Let's get out of here before he changes his mind."

"Not so fast, Bobby, I still have to check Darien and give you extra counteragent."

Darien hopped on the dentist chair and received his shot. He started to practice his fly fishing technique while Claire got the extra syringes ready.

The Official walked in and saw Darien practicing, "Hey, you're pretty good there kid. Where did you learn to fly fish?"

"On the lake when I lived with my Uncle and Aunt. Kevin and I used to fish all the time. Sometimes we would do some fly fishing too."

"Well you certainly remembered how to do it. Oh, and one other thing, I expect some trout."

"Sure thing boss," Darien gave the pole one last swing as the Official turned his back. The fly caught the Official right on the seat of his pants. The Official let out a scream as the hook embedded itself.

"I think you caught yourself a big one there partner," Hobbes said without too much success in suppressing his laughter.

"Doctor, get this thing out of me!"

Darien turned his head and started to laugh, "Oh, I'm sorry there, chief."

Claire was able to get the lure out without causing too much pain. The Official left and the three of them burst out in laughter.

"You really do have good aim, Darien. Was that on purpose?"

"I wish it were."

"Come on, partner, we need to get home and pack our stuff so we can get to the airport."

"Darien, do be careful and Bobby keep an eye on him."

"Sure thing Keepy." Hobbes gave her a wink.


The plane trip was not as bad as they had thought it would be. Hobbes and Darien got their rental car and headed up towards Mt. Shasta Cabins and Wilderness Resort. Since the cabins do not come stocked with food, they had to stop to pick up some groceries. Hunger set in not too long after they checked in and got settled in their cabin.

They rented the two story skylight cabin. It would sleep a small family. It even held a kitchen galley on the first level, a day bed and a small living room. Luckily, the second floor had two Queen size beds. One for Darien, one for Hobbes in separate rooms and each had a small living room. There were two separate set of stairs to get to their rooms on the upper level. Darien's room had a great view of the woods behind them. Hobbes had a view of the woods with some mountain peeks in the background.

"This is great Hobbes, I won't have to listen to you snore all night."

"Yeah, yeah, well I don't have to have your knees in my back."

"Hey, what's that smell?" Darien went over to the second story window and looked out side. One of their cabin neighbors had decided to start a little campfire, so they decided to join the group.

"Fawkes, we don't even know them."

"Hobbes, it's what campers do, you meet new people. It's the law of the camp ground. You are a city slicker aren't you?"

Darien and Hobbes went up to the group with a couple of six packs and immediately invited to join the impromptu bar-b-q. It was late when Darien and Hobbes decided it was time to turn in. They wanted to get an early start on the fishing and the McCloud River was first.

They got in bed and both let out a collective sigh of contentment. They yelled out to each other.

"Good Night, Fawkes"

"Good Night, Hobbes."


Darien stepped into the cool McCloud River, placed the pole behind him and sent out his first cast. It had been a long time and it felt good to be back into the sport. He felt relaxed for the first time in a while. His thoughts wondered to Kevin as he brought in the fly, he would have loved it here. He and Hobbes were the only ones at the river so far, and he was glad about it.

Hobbes soon joined him and Darien showed him how to cast out the fly. After a few tries he got the hang of it, "Hey, not bad Hobbes, you catch on quick."

"Thanks Fawkes, I have a good teacher. So, what is our limit?"

"Hobbes, we worked for the Department of Fish and Game for nearly a year, you don't remember?"

"Well, it's not like we actually did anything for them you know. We chased after the real bad guys, not some mook going over the limit in fishing."

"Okay, you have a point, 10 in possession a day per person is our limit."

"10 per person wow! Do you think we'll catch that many?"

"No, not if you keep talking we won't."

It took another twenty minutes before Hobbes caught his first fish. Darien helped him bring it in by using the net. Hobbes was very excited and it showed in his voice, "Oh, baby, come to pappa. What kind is it?"

"How should I know?"

"You're the expert here, Fawkes."

"Okay, wait, I think it's a Rainbow Trout, good size, it's a keeper."

"I take it we have lunch then?"

"For you anyway, it's your first catch, I have to rub the guts on your face and you have to eat it raw."

"You're kidding me right?" Hobbes looked at Darien while backing away from the fish.

Darien held up the wiggling fish and said, "Does it look like I'm joking?"

"Fawkes, don't come near me with that fish."

Darien lunged at Hobbes and he let out a scream. Darien started to laugh, "Of course I'm joking, but you did manage to scare away the fish."

Five minutes later, Darien caught his first fish. His was a Redband Trout. By lunch time they had caught five fish. "Well, I think we have enough for lunch. What do you say we cook these fellows up and enjoy ourselves in the great out doors?" Darien was hungry and his stomach let him know it.

"Wow, Fawkes, was that your stomach or a mating call?"

"Maybe both. My stomach wants to mate with the fish."

They built a campfire and got it started with the help of a lighter. Darien cut the fillets, marinated them with a little lemon juice and put them on the little grill they brought.

"I'm impressed my friend, I'm impressed."

Darien smiled back at him, "Just keep an eye on these, I need to use the little boys room."

"Did you bring the water bottle? Don't want to pollute the ground water."

"You're funny, annoying, but funny."

Darien trudged off into the woods. He looked around first just to make sure he was alone. He knew that there were bears around, but he more concerned about people. Satisfied that he was alone he unzipped his pants. The waders were bulky, but they did keep him dry and he was grateful for that.

He started to walk back when he heard some twigs break. "Hobbes, is that you?" There was no answer. He heard more twigs breaking behind him. "Hobbes, if that's you, it's not funny." Still, there was no answer.

Darien was getting a little nervous now and he tried to calm himself down, "Geez, Darien, you're becoming too much like Hobbes, you're in the woods, you're not the only one here." He turned around and he saw some bushes moving. There was something moving around were he had just been standing. He walked slowly towards the sounds.

Darien stopped as he heard a low growl from some kind of animal. `Well, that didn't sound like a bear.' He quicksilvered and moved the bushes out of his way to get a clear view of what it was, he laughed at himself as he saw what was making the commotion. He allowed the quicksilver to flake off as he stared at the huge buck before him.

"I quicksilvered for you, wow, now I know I'm paranoid? You're a nice fellow there, huge rack on your head and sniffing where I was. Yes, it's a human scent. Didn't mean to mark your territory. I'll be leaving now. I'm talking to a deer." Darien turned quietly, trying not to disturb his new friend.

He made it back to Hobbes, who had a concerned look on his face. "What happened there pal, did you have a problem with the plumbing?"

"Hobbes, you have a nice choice of words. NO, problem with the plumbing here, I just ran into a buck."

"A buck, wow, did it attack you?"

"No, he was more curious about the tree than anything else."

"The tree?"

"Never mind."


Darien and Hobbes enjoyed their lunch and then went back to fishing. They wanted to catch some more fish for dinner and by early evening, they returned with another six.

They cleaned up from the day in the woods and invited their cabin neighbors over for dinner. The family brought with them their own catch of the day and some salads as well. The father was Richard Jacobs, his wife's name, Heather, and their four children; Ann 19, Steven 17, Anthony 11 and little Michael who was 8.

They were a nice family of six from Oregon and enjoyed coming down for some fishing and they were interested in the two Government Agents next door to them. They nearly talked all night. The smallest one, Michael, wanted to hear about spies and assassins. Hobbes elected to tell him about the time he served in Desert Storm.

"Okay, Michael, it's time we leave these nice gentlemen alone and go back to our cabin." Michael didn't want to leave and tried to convince his mother.

"Hey, Michael, we're going to be here for another couple of days. So, listen to your mom and tomorrow, I'll tell you a story about `Bigfoot'." Darien patted him on his head and walked him out the door.

"Wow Mom, did hear that. He knows about `Bigfoot'."

Darien waved to the family and said smiling, "More than you know, kid, more than you know."

"Hey, you're not really going to tell that kid that `Bigfoot' wanted you to have baby Bigfoot are you?"

"No, Hobbes, I'm going to make something up."

Day one of their trip was over and the fun was just getting started.