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Gone Fishing 9/9

"They're at the camp!"

She took the gun away from Michael's head and ran out the door. If something happened to the Bigfoot there would be hell to pay.

Ann was already outside when she bumped into Heather. "What's wrong Ann?" She could sense the anger in Ann actions.

"It's Steven, he betrayed us. He told Fawkes and Hobbes where the camp is. I'm going there now." She glared back at the cabin, Steven had come out the door. "If it's not too late."

Heather sneered at Steven, "You better stay here and watch your brother. We will have a talk when I get back. Stark will not be too happy about this."

Heather and Ann ran for the camp. Ann called in on her cell phone to warn them.


A shadow in the woods appeared out from behind a tree. The shadow pulled out a cell phone and dialed. A male voice answered the call.

"Stark here, what's the news?"

"It appears there is a problem with our shipment. Fawkes and Hobbes are at the camp."

"How did they find out?" Stark's voice became irritated.

"My son, he told them. Seems I have a problem with him accepting who he is," Richard stepped out of the shadows.

"You and Heather take care of that, I need his loyalty. Where are Heather and Ann?"

"On their way to the camp, I'm going to follow them."

"Don't let them see you, keep your cover a secret. I worked hard getting you into the position you're in."

"Yes, sir," Richard hung up his phone and continued to heads towards the camp.


Darien was watching the camp as Hobbes cut the ropes. The Bigfoot started to move around more as it came loose from the ropes.

"Aw, crap. Hobbes, someone is coming. Actually make that lots of them and they're headed this way; with thermals."

"This isn't good, my friend. The cat's been let out of the bag and so has our furry friend here. Fawkes, you better run. I bet there's love in those eyes, if I could see `em."

Darien and Hobbes ran out of the tent as fast as they could with Bigfoot hot on their trail. The tent was torn apart and came crashing down. Darien and Hobbes

started running towards the woods. Their escape route was cut off by some Chrysali holding guns. They changed directions and headed another way.

The Chrysalis men opened fire on the two. The bullets kicked up dirt as they impacted on the ground. Darien and Hobbes could hear the bullets whizzing past by them as they ran. Darien felt searing pain go through his leg and he fell to the ground with a grunt. Hobbes stopped and looked at his fallen partner. Darien was clutching his leg; he looked up at Hobbes and yelled to him, "Run, Hobbes, run!"

Ann and Heather came into the camp and saw all the commotion. They heard a low growl nearby.

"Bigfoot, it's loose. Fawkes and Hobbes, where are they?" Ann asked with anger.

Heather looked around and then she saw them; Hobbes was trying to pick up his wounded partner. "Look Ann, over there."


Chrysalis men surrounded Hobbes as he held Darien in his arms. "Remind me not to go on another vacation that the Fat Man sets up." Darien said through gritted teeth.


Heather looked at Ann with a smile on her face, "We've got them now, and I should go back to the cabin and talk to Steven. Darien thinks I'm not Chrysalis, I'll keep it that way."

"Okay, Mom, I'll handle this." Ann walked towards Hobbes and Darien, who was now resting on the ground.

"Hello, Darien, Bobby, ah, did someone get a boo-boo." She bent down to get a good look at Darien's leg.

Darien moved away from her, "Don't touch me, it hurts enough as it is."

Ann signaled for men to pick him up and take him to the truck. Hobbes was tied up and gagged and put in a van. Ann smiled, "Bigfoot may have gotten away, but you will do nicely."

Darien squirmed as he tried to break free, but to no avail. He felt a hand caress his face and he tried to move his head away from Ann's hands, but she grabbed him and held his head firm.

"You're my prize now, Darien. Try to enjoy it, love." She bent down and kissed him.

"I don't like the sound of that." Darien was thrown into the back of the truck, the pain in his leg getting worse.

Ann approached him with a needle in hand. "Relax, Darien, this is for the pain and for the ride."

Darien tried to get up, but strong hands forced him and back down. He hit his bad leg on the floor of the truck. He howled in agony and clutched at his leg. His vision went white as the pain shot all the way up to his brain. He fought back the looming unconsciousness that was trying to overtake him.

"Now, see what happens when you don't let us help you? The doctor here just wants to take a look at your leg. Well, he's actually a vet, he was supposed to look after our Bigfoot, but you fixed that didn't you?"

Strong hands again held Darien down. Someone held his arms stretched over his head and was holding him by his wrists. He also felt someone holding him down by applying pressure on his thighs. He guessed that someone was sitting on him. Ann gave him the shot.

The doctor cut his pant leg so he could get a better view of Darien's wound. Ann watched and helped the doctor. They cleaned the wound and Darien expressed distaste for the whole procedure. Ann looked around, "Can't we gag him with something?"

She got a roll of gauze and some medical tape. She rammed the gauze into Darien's mouth and taped his mouth shut. "There, now you'll be quiet."

Darien tried to fight against being held down, but the hands just applied more pressure. His arms were pulled on harder and for a moment, Darien forgot about the pain from his leg.

The doctor examined the wound, "Looks like the bullet entered here in the calf. I don't see an exit wound so it still must be inside. I'll have to remove it. Roll him over so I can get a better view."

Darien's head shot up and his eyes widened, he tried to scream, but the sound was muffled. They rolled him over and so he was on his belly. He felt a sharp pain in his leg, he tried to scream again. He felt the tickle of quicksilver between his shoulders. This was not good, how would the doctor see what he was doing? His legs were spread apart, someone was sitting on his good leg and hands held down the injured one by his ankle. His bad leg was lifted up and supported by someone.

Darien's world started to spin as another injection went inside the wound. He tried to convulse, but too many hands were holding him down. His body tensed as every muscle stiffened. Then mercifully, he passed out.

"Stubborn guy isn't he?" Ann was laughing as she watched the doctor work at getting the bullet out. The whole procedure didn't take long and they wrapped up Darien's leg. The doctor gave Darien a shot of antibiotic. "I'll stay here in the truck with him during transport,

to keep an eye on him."

"Is he stabilized now?"

"Oh yeah, we're ready to go whenever you are. We'll strap him down, so he doesn't bounce around back here."

Ann left the truck and spoke with the driver. The doctor signaled when they finished strapping Darien down. The truck started up and headed out of the camp with a different cargo on board. The van carrying Hobbes followed. Ann headed back to the cabin after ordering everything to be moved out.

Richard had watched the whole scene unfold before him. He radioed Stark and reported what he saw. Stark was pleased and he ordered Richard back to the cabin.


The truck and the van pulled out onto the main road. At this time of night, the roads were nearly deserted. The truck was trying to pick up speed as the driver shifted gears. The back of the truck started to shift violently and the driver had a hard time trying to keep control of the truck.

The driver of the van radioed ahead and asked what was happening. The truck driver had no idea. The back of the truck suddenly went sideways as if being pushed by something. The van driver stopped the van and got out. He saw indents in the side of the truck that resembled

hands. The truck tipped over on its side and the sides of the truck peeled apart. There was a howl and something ran past the van.

Men came out of the woods with guns drawn and they started shooting at the Chrysalis men. Chrysalis was outnumbered and they took off into the woods on the other side of the road. The Agency men went back into the woods, not wanting to be seen by Darien or Hobbes.

Hobbes got loose from his ropes and opened the van doors. He saw the truck on its side with the side torn apart. "Aw, crap, Fawkes. Oh noplease be in there!" Hobbes jumped on the truck and looked inside and jumped in. There was a guy knocked out and equipment all over the place. He heard a moan and saw Darien still strapped in, snug as could be. "Fawkes, man, are you alright?"

"Huh? What happened? Why am I on the wall?" Darien was still dazed from the sedative.

Hobbes laughed, "You're not on the wall. I am. Here let me get you out of this." He undid the straps and helped Darien stand up. "Don't try and walk on your bad leg, just use me as support."

Darien just shook his head and put his arm around Hobbes. The back door had flung open somehow and Hobbes figured it was whoever had fired the weapons. They made the long trip back to the cabin. Darien had to stop a few times and rest.

It was daylight by the time they got back. Darien was tired and weak, but he wanted to go home. He eyed the cabin next door and his thoughts went to Michael and Steven. Hobbes helped him up the steps and into the cabin. Darien hobbled to the couch and lay down and was fast asleep.

Hobbes went upstairs and packed their things. He brought their bags down and heard a knock at the door. He opened it and saw Steven. "Oh, hey kid come in." Hobbes eyed him with suspicion.

Steven whispered to Hobbes, "Is he okay?"

"Yeah, he'll be fine. We're leaving as soon as he wakes up. How did you know we escaped?"

"I overheard Ann ranting and raving earlier this morning. When the men went back to the truck, they found you and Darien were gone. She was pissed, it was great." Hobbes smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "What are you going to do?"

"Ann knows that I told you where to find the Bigfoot. She's pretty upset with me. I'll be eighteen soon. I don't want to run away, because I don't want to leave Michael behind. Is there anything the Agency can do for us?"

"When Fawkes and I get back to San Diego, we'll check it out." Hobbes was hugged by Steven and they exchanged addresses and other information for future contact.


Darien took a long nap and when he finally woke up, his leg was throbbing. "Oh, man, this hurts, did we bring any pain killers with us?"

"No, you'll just have to settle what hospitals use mostTylenol." Hobbes handed Darien a couple of pills along with some water.

Darien held up the Tylenol with disgust, "Like this is the only stuff hospitals use. I'm talking about Demerol or Percodan. Now, that's pain medication, knock me out on my butt kind of stuff."

"Well, we can't get that without a prescription, so you will have to make do with what we have." Hobbes went outside and loaded up the rental with their luggage.

Darien hobbled down the steps and looked out towards the woods. He leaned up against the wall of his cabin and heard movement next to him. He turned and it was Ann. He glared at her, "You have some nerve showing your face. Actually, this is good; you can give Stark a message for me. I kicked your ass again. You don't have the Bigfoot anymore."

Ann leaned on Darien, giving him very little room. She put her hands on either side of his head and played with the curl of his hair by his ear.

"Hey, don't mess with the hair."

"Oh, I can mess with anything I want to. You haven't beaten us yet, Darien. We have people in places that even you don't know about." She pulled him down for a kiss.

Darien responded by opening his mouth, he darted his tongue out into her mouth. She returned the favor. He brought his hands around her head and ran his fingers through her hair. She moaned in his mouth and pushed her hips up against his groin. He broke the kiss and looked at her.

"Darien, that was incredible." Ann was breathing heavy and she wanted more of Darien.

Darien gave her another kiss and gently pushed her away. He grabbed his makeshift crutch and started to walk away.

"Hey, wait, I thought we were"

Ann was cut off by Darien, "No Ann, that was to show you what you will never have. Until we meet again."

"Ready to go?" Hobbes asked.

"I never have been more ready to leave someplace in my entire life!" Darien placed more bags in the car that they had been using on their vacation. "Can I drive?"

"No way, partner, I've seen the way you drive... Trust me; it is nothing to brag about." Hobbes jumped in the driver's seat and put the keys in. However, before he could pull out Steven stopped him.

"Hobbes, Darien, I just want to thank you both."

"Hey, no problem kid, and remember... If you ever need anything, you know where to find us."

Michael stood next to his older brother. "I have a feeling I might just take you up on that offer soon."

"We'll be looking forward to it." Darien replied. "Thanks for all your help too!" With that Hobbes pulled out, heading back to the airport and their plane ride home.


Darien and Hobbes left the Official's office through one door while a man came in through the other.

"Well, sir, here's my report from the mission and I have all the data that was taken on this disk."

The Official took the disk and smiled, "Well done agent, a job well done. I will personally see to it that this disk gets to the right people."

The agent walked out of the office and out of the building. He got in his car and picked up his phone. "Hello siryes, I have the disk here in my hand," the agent held up a similar disk at eye level. "No sir, they don't suspect a thing. I believe that you will find our information very interesting. I'm delivering it right now." Richard Jacobs pulled away from the Harding Building and headed for Chrysalis headquarters.

The End