Hi my names Mikane and I'm going to tell you about the day I started keeping my low profile as a idol.

The first time I was living at my friend Ichigo's house helping them out whenever I could with cooking and do other things and cleaning, it was a natural thing and I would always, but at the counter giving orders and taking money they usually could tell who I am, but I shush them and they keep quiet about it until must people pile into the store asking for me to sing a song I still get mad and hide before I throw someone at the window, so I just ducked under the table and hugged my knees and mumbled a song they listened to it carefully and said "This is what happens before the morning comes" and they cheered saying "Encore! Encore!" Ichigo came and said to them "If you want some food and sweets she'll take your order, but if you don't get out" they all left, but a few people, I took their orders then gave it to them so that they couldn't blow my cover, I was tired so I went up to the room me and Ichigo shared and sung, the people downstairs didn't know who was singing, but all they knew was that they loved it, Aoi came in and greeted Ichigo, her mother, and her brother asking for me to come down they wanted to know if I was still going to be an idol with them, my excitment overcame me so I ran outside and jumped up and down Mitsuki had seen me and ran up to me grabbing my hands saying "Oh my gosh it's really you I'm a huge fan with you teach me please I'll do anything" i put my finger over my mouth and shushed her winking saying "I'll be teaching in Ichigo's class you can sit in there with them if you want it really is no big deal I'll be their teacher for their freshmen year" Aoi and Ichigo came outside to see Mizuki holding my hands with a smile on her face and sparkles in her eyes.

What was I suppose to do now tell them the truth or feed them a lie like always, but I would not lie to them Mizuki let go and looked at the two of them and smiled they looked up the idols for info and they saw my name and picture and then saw Mizuki calling the school screaming "I found her! I found her!" and a car automatically came to the front of the house I once lived and a butler open the backdoor "I wondered where you have gone master we were waiting for your return" I looked at them saying "I'm sorry to lie to you like this its really my fault but you know it was fun I guess I'll see you after audition to introduce myself properly see you around Aoi, Ichigo" and got in the car I went back to my house.

I feel like I had betrayed them, but when I looked behind me, their eyes sparkle alomst brighter then Mizuki's, but as my car disappeared I sighed asking the driver to stop somewhere so I could eat I was hungry and craving some ramen.