Chapter 2

well i was going to one of my favorite place to eat ramen and nearly cried when i saw half of my fans in my favorite place, i didn't even bother walking in. It is a complete shame and i really hate that they follow me i got back in the car and said "take me home please" and he drove off like speed racer to the house, i kept thinking about Ichigo Aoi and another girl that wanted to be just like me when she grows up and made me so happy that i had so many fans. i had ran away from being an idol for the longest, but well this sucks!

As we reached the house ran was waiting inside with ichigo and aoi they were freshmen in the school, i sat across from them with my arm fold across my chest and my legs crossed while i waited for my food the butler said "it will be done shortly milady" a smiled crossed my face saying "thank you" and my stomach growled as i blushed, the butler came back with a huge bowl of ramen noodles and my eyes were all sparkles saying "Yay let's eat :3" and i started eating, but in a proper manner (because my butler was watching) when i was finished i sat there for a minute as they asked me questions on why i didn't tell them i was an idol.

that's when it really sucked because i didn't know how to explain myself, but then i said "i have to perpare myself for the welcome students so i have to go now and dance this food off i'll show you around afterwards and please don't follow me" then i got up and left my destination was short, but i closed the door behind me and looked it and some music started playing and i danced Mizuki was just hanging outside the window recording my moves when i started dancing to the music a smiled crossed my face as i tried to stop, but the music had caught up to me when my food digested the music stopped and i took a break. Sitting on the marble floor of the room i got some water and chugged it down but very slow like Ran came in and saw that i was a little tired mizuki was just starring at the poor girl all angry like and i opened the window to see her outside pulling her in smiling and she literally screamed on her way in she felt something uneasy about it and said "why do i feel something squshy?" and she squeezed making me blush a bit and graoned because it hurt so much and i sat up saying "what the hell man that's my boob that hurts" she got up and gasped "oh my gosh i'm so sorry i'm so sorry" she said, almost in tears.

I put a hand on her head saying "hey don't worry about it happens all the time" she stood then and just walked out of the room as did the others to let me rest a little more and got up closing the door listening to the new song i had made and started singing it, they came back to the door to ease drop again and see how good the song was then i just out of the blue stop and drop to the ground, the butler ran to the door and broke the door to see if i was alright asking "Are you okay? will you be able to go on the show in your condition?" i looked at him answering "I'll try to make it short and sweet so that i'll be able to stabilize the condition" they looked at me with a worried face he put his arm through my left holding my side saying "you shouldn't push yourself two hard to do this i'll give you your medication so you will feel better tomorrow but right now you need rest" i nodded and stood up letting him help me to my room, knowing that i was going to feel worse in the morning i still wanted to pratice so i could reform the show so that night the girls had insisted on staying in the housee to keep me from praticing.