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Lord Elrond Halfelven of Rivendell was in his personal library, studying an old book about herbs, his eyes narrowed from focus. He liked these moments of loneliness, where he had time for himself. Glorfindel, one of his most loyal guards, had just returned from his scout around the borders of Imladris with the news that no enemies were seen. Elrond was relieved to hear this, for he had still the memory of the fierce Warg attack three weeks ago and King Thranduil's often reports about spiders causing problems in the forest of Northern Mirkwood.

He shook his head to get rid of the memory and focus back in his book, when girly laughter was heard from outside. Elrond smiled widely, enjoying the sound of happiness coming from his two little daughters. Everything was simple now, as they were still so young and innocent, only 12 and 14 in human years. Although he had started to feel worried. His daughters would soon become women and even he, with his gift of foresight, could not see their future yet. Especially Sunglee, his youngest, seemed to be adventurous and restless. A year ago she had developed a very strong interest for archery and now she was almost as good as her teacher. Which was not comforting Elrond's worries, since he was the best archer of Middle-Earth and also quite restless and eager for adventures, even though so young himself.

The two girls were running around the huge garden of Rivendell, laughing and singing. Despite their obvious difference in age, if someone who did not know them would notice them, he would assume they were twins. Both were tall and slender, with raven-black hair that was falling in gentle waves to the middle of their backs. The only difference was in their eyes, for the one had dark brown eyes, like the bark of a tree, and the other one had eyes with a color of light grey, like the wing of a dove.

'Catch me Arwen!' said the younger one, the one with the grey eyes, to her sister, bouncing around. 'I am sure you can not.'

'We will see that!' laughed Arwen and chased her. When she caught her, she started tickling her, knowing that this was something her sister hated.

'Let me go! Let me go! I will tell ada!' yelled Sunglee, but then she could not help but laugh. She loved her sister so much, even though she was teasing her too often, using her advances as an elder sister over her.

'Alright, Sunglee, according to your wish. What do you want to do now?' asked Arwen.

'Why do you not want me to teach you some archery?' suggested Sunglee.

Arwen shook her head. She could not understand her sister's passion with archery. If she would ever be forced to fight-not that this moment would ever come-then she would choose a sword for a weapon.

'No, Sunglee, but thank you. You know I do not like using a bow. Besides, I do not doubt that you are very skilled, but I still can not understand how you became so good with an elfling as a teacher'

Arwen said these last words, because she knew how much Sunglee liked her teacher and a big smile appeared on her beautiful face when Sunglee put her hands on her waist, ready to explode.

'Do not call Legolas an elfling again! It has nothing to do with his skill for archery and you know very well that he is the best archer we have ever met! Besides, I can feel that he is meant for important things! Even ada thinks that!'

'Alright, alright', answered Arwen, who was laughing hard. 'Do not be angry, little sister, you know I love to tease you'

Before Sunglee could answer, the sound of hooves interrupted their conversation. The two girls ran to the front to see who it was. A man with dark brown hair that was falling on his neck dismounted from a horse. When he saw the two Rivendell princesses, he smiled widely towards them. Sunglee and Arwen returned the smile, although Arwen blushed.

'Aragorn!' exclaimed Sunglee with delight. 'Welcome to Rivendell. We did not know you would come'

'Yes, your father invited me and I decided to make it a surprise for you'

Elrond had noticed Aragorn's arrival from the window in his library. As he was walking through the corridors to greet his guest, he thought about Aragorn's fate to become the king of Gondor. Unlike his daughters, Aragorn's future was open to Elrond's visions and he had seen the many battles, suffering and doubt the son of Arathorn would go through before he would be crowned king. Elrond also knew that Arwen was feeling a strong love towards the Ranger and with a fear he had not felt for centuries he wondered how Aragorn's difficult path would influence not only the life of his daughter, but also Middle Earth.

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