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The slopes of Caradhras were covered in snow. Fresh snowflakes were falling from the sky. The Fellowship could walk with difficulty, but continued the way, not giving up. After hours of walking, Merry and Pippin started throwing snowballs at each other, but Gandalf's angry comment made them stop. The wizard seemed to be more impatient than he was when they departured from Rivendell and also more irritable. But the others did not comment it, considering the sudden change of the rout responsible.

Suddenly Frodo lost his balance and fell, rolling down the slope towards Aragorn.

'Mr. Frodo!' Sam cried out, wanting to run to him, but Gimli put a hand on his shoulder.

'Do not be afraid, laddie, Aragorn will catch him'

Indeed, Aragorn helped Frodo to stand up, looking at him, being as worried as Gandalf about the fact that they were forced to come here, but not wanting to show it. When Frodo was on his feet again, his hand instinctively went to his neck, but, to his and Aragorn's fright, the chain with the Ring was missing. They found it lying in the snow, its gold sparkling. They went to pick it up, but Boromir was faster. He took the chain and looked at it with awe. Aragorn sighed, remembering the council and Boromir's attempt to take it.

'It is a strange fate we should suffer so much fear and doubt over a so small thing' Boromir mumbled softly, as though he was speaking to himself. 'Such a strange fateā€¦'

Aragorn decided to interfere, afraid of what would happen. And he took this decision in the right moment, for Boromir stretched out a gloved hand to touch the Ring.

'Boromir!' he said angry. 'Give the Ring to Frodo!'

Boromir looked at him, pulled from his trance, as though Aragorn's voice had returned him to reality. He noticed that the son of Arathorn was holding the hilt of his sword. Quickly he gave the Ring back to Frodo, who grabbed it with a tormented expression on his face. Boromir ruffled the Hobbit through his hair.

'Do not worry, little one' he said. 'I care not'

He turned his back to them and continued his way. Aragorn, relieved that it was over, released his grip from his sword. He put his hand on Frodo's back to comfort him and they followed the others.

Back in Rivendell, Lord Elrond felt suddenly a headache and held his forehead. Random images started appearing in his mind and he mumbled words his daughters could not understand. Sunglee and Arwen looked at him, knowing their father was having one of his visions.

'Ada?' Arwen's voice was hesitant. 'What is it?'

Lord Elrond looked at the two princesses and they gasped when they saw his scared expression. There were very few reasons that could scare their father, who was always determined, always present when they needed him, always willing to give them courage.

'The Ring has already started to tempt the Fellowship. The danger is for the moment gone, but it is not lost'

The two sisters looked at each other, feeling the same fear with their father. This was no good sign.

'Boromir' whispered Sunglee, for she had still in mind what had happened in the council. 'Nae, the strength of the One Ring is growing'

'No, selde, do not allow this to fill your heart with dread. We must be wary, but we have to trust the Fellowship'

There was a small pause and then Arwen asked the question Sunglee wanted to ask from the first moment she saw her father having a vision.

'Ada? Did you see anything else? Did you see the Fellowship?'

'I had only very random images, but from what I could see, all nine companions were there'

The blessing of Valar is with us, thought the youngest she-elf, sighing with relief. They were all fine and alive, although the news about the temptation of the Ring could not let her rest.

On the Pass of Caradhras, a heavy blizzard had started. The snowflakes were flying around them, preventing them to see. Most of them were sinking in the snow and only Legolas, who was now at the head of the group, could walk easily, his steps being light as always, thanks to his elven abilities.

'What a terrible weather!' Merry grumbled, having lost his good mood.

'I am hungry!' Pippin complained, although he knew the moment was not right. Apparently Sam shared the same opinion, for he looked at his friend with sympathy, but his voice was serious.

'I do not think this is the proper moment to think about your stomach, Pip'

'I know' the young Took answered, bowing his head ashamed.

'Legolas, go a bit further and tell us if you can see anything' Gandalf told the prince, worried not only for enemies, but also for the path, which had become even more dangerous because of the blizzard.

Legolas did as he was told, walked and narrowed his eyes, trying to see through the snow, but without success. Suddenly his sharp ears caught a voice, like whispering in the air. In an attempt to listen better, he even stopped breathing, but the howling of the wind was an obstacle. Even though, he managed to hear some words of the whispering.

'Cuiva nwalca Carnirasse...nai yarvaxea rasselya!'

Fear and a suspicion started growing inside him. He turned towards the wizard, who was looking at him.

'I can not see anything, but there is a fell voice in the air, mumbling something like a spell'

Gandalf understood at once and his scream filled the air, covering the sound of the wind.

'It is Saruman!'

The evil White Wizard. Aragorn felt a chill running down his spine. With an echo that startled all of them, rocks started to fall from the mountain. The Fellowship leaned their backs on the cliff to protect themselves.

'He is trying to bring down the mountain!' Aragorn yelled. 'Gandalf, we must turn back!'

'No!' Gandalf yelled back with stubbornness, stepped out onto the ledge and started chanting, trying to calm the rage of the mountain.

'Losto Caradhras, sedho, hodo, nuitho i 'ruith!'

But there was no success. Instead, Legolas could hear Saruman's voice answering with another spell, causing a second avalanche of ice onto them. With lightning speed, the Elf snatched Gandalf from the edge and pulled him against the cliff again, just in time before ice fell at the point where he stood. The avalanche cascaded over the Fellowship and snow buried them completely. After some moments, they emerged, covered in snow, trembling from the cold and from fear, but intact.

'Are you alright?' Gimli asked worried and everybody nodded.

If Boromir's mood was not good because of their walk on the mountain and the incident with the Ring, now it became even worse. For one more time, he wanted to take the decision about their next step.

'We must get off the mountain!' he said urgently. Make for the Gap of Rohan and take the west road to my city!'

The others shook their heads, desperate because of his persistence to take the Ring of Power to his home. But there was another problem, far more important.

'The Gap of Rohan takes us too close to Isengard' disagreed Aragorn and all of them shuddered in the thought of Saruman's workshop.

Then Gimli came with the same idea he had before, the idea Gandalf did not agree with, but now, with Saruman trying to block their way, it seemed the only solution.

'If we can not pass over the mountain, let us go under it. Let us go through the Mines of Moria'

Most of his companions seemed to support this suggestion, but Gandalf's eyes twitched with fear, for he knew Saruman would not let them pass through the Mines easily. But then he looked at Frodo, who was freezing.

'Let the Ring-bearer decide' he said grimly.

Everybody looked at Frodo. He could understand why Gandalf was so cautious, but what had just occurred could not be ignored. If they would continue like this, then they would never reach Mordor. He looked at Boromir, who was holding Merry and Pippin.

'We can not stay here! This will be the death of the Hobbits!' the son of Denethor commented.

'We will go through the Mines' Frodo ended up.

Gandalf sighed, not daring to express his dissatisfaction.

'So be it'

Elvish words/phrases used:

Ada- Father

Nae- Alas

Selde- Daughter

Also, the spell Saruman used:

Cuiva nwalca Carnirasseā€¦nai yarvaxea rasselya- Wake up, cruel Redhorn! May your horn be bloodstrained!

And the spell Gandalf used:

Losto Caradhras, sedho, hodo, nuitho i 'ruith- Sleep, Caradhras, be still, lie still, hold your wrath

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