Soli Deo gloria

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Amy was in the large wardrobe room of the TARDIS. All around here, on two different levels, were racks and closets and wardrobes and drawers full of clothes from thousands of different countries and planets and galaxies. Well, she admitted to herself as she shrugged and put on a shiny tank, might as play dress up. They were off to a fairy-tale-ish place today. Well, almost. The people were always dressed up there anyway. She'd fit in.

"Coming, Amy?" She looked down to see Rory in the doorway. She smirked when she saw that he had taken her fashion hint and was wearing his Roman Centurion outfit for the occasion.

"Nice outfit," she said curtly.

"What—what about it?" Rory said, looking over his shoulder at the red cape and gold armor on him.

Amy shook her head and put on a pair of black, fashionable sunglasses. "Oh, nothing at all." She cocked her head and said in a high voice, "You look FABULOUS, Mr. Pond."

"I won't stand out too much then, aye?" Rory said as Amy picked up a purse and came hurrying down the stairs to the door.

"Rory," Amy said, cocking her head, "we're going to Hollywood. You'll look like you just walked off of a movie set."

"What are you supposed to be?" Rory said, taking in her outfit. Along with her shiny silvery tank, she wore a bright red jacket, tight jean capris over a pair of leggings with high heels. Around her pale arm was a purse and her lips covered with dark red lipstick.

"The average person of Hollywood, obviously, Rory. Or off the set of some chick flick. Any one will work." Amy offered her arm and said, "Shall we head out, then?"

"Yeah, the Doctor's waiting. Getting a bit impatient, actually," Rory said as he took her arm, and the two of them made their way through the halls, which had gold walls with gold plates over them in decoration. The carpets had swirly views of the galaxy under their feet, and there was golden doors dotting the walls every two feet or so, with nary a sign on them. It was terribly annoying, getting lost in the TARDIS. Of course, the entire TARDIS didn't look like this. The halls were all different looking throughout. One had a red carpet with those poles and ropes used to restrain crowds at premieres between each door.

"Well, what's he doing?" Amy asked.

"I think he's tinkering with the TARDIS again," Rory said as they came around a corner.

"'Again?' She's got to stop acting up. I might start getting worried," Amy said sarcastically as they came to the door at the top of the stairs to the main control room. They entered and peeking over the edge, Rory called, "Doctor?"

His body, they saw, was under the time vortex. He looked up and gave them an attempt at a wave as he yelled, "Oh, there you two are." He came out from under it, sliding a skateboard out from under him, as the Ponds came down the stairs. "Took you long enough. What's with the dressing up? Twenty-second century Hollywood isn't that different. Except, of course, for the massive, shiny bright teeth practically everyone there has now. Good idea with the sunglasses there, Amy."

"Thank you, Doctor," Amy said, smirking.

Rory let his arms stretch out to his sides and he asked, "How do I look, Doctor?"

"Typical," the Doctor said, wrinkling his nose slightly and shaking his head, making Amy suppress a grin.

Rory looked at her and she gulped and said, "Sorry."

"It's all right; it might work in blending in with you humans," the Doctor said, waving his hands around. He smacked his hands against each other and rubbing them together, his childish face lit up, and he said, "Well, should we head on out there?"

"This isn't going to result in us having to save the world?" Rory said, raising an eyebrow and shifting a bit forward.

"Again?" added Amy.

"And are we just going to have a nice vacation in Hollywood? You know, see movie sets and all that?" Rory said.

The Doctor smiled mischievously and said, "I could say that," and Amy scoffed, shaking her head as she said, "Rule number one."

"Exactly," the Doctor said, turning and pointing to the front door. Touching his pocket to feel his sonic screwdriver, he nodded and darted for the knob.

Rory and Amy looked at each other, both silently accepting it while hoping that they won't have to take to arguing with some aliens who vaporized a few humans in trying to take over the planet. Rory shrugged and said, "Well, what did we expect?"

"I'm getting used to it," Amy said. She straightened and said, soundly like she had just realized something, "Is that normal?"

"Of course not, Mrs. Pond," Rory said matter-of-factly.

Amy smiled at him and the Doctor called back from the entrance, where he was holding the door slightly open, "Hey, no snogging! I'm putting that as a rule! No sudden make— MAKING OUT sessions right before we head out!"

Amy and Rory turned to see his horrified, annoyed, emphatic and ordering face, and hurried up to him.

"What are YOU waiting for?" Amy said, raising an eyebrow as she and Rory swept past him into Hollywood.

The Doctor smiled softly and said, "That's more like that." He stepped out of the TARDIS, closing the door behind him, and quickly took his spot between Rory and Amy, putting his arms around their shoulders, looking very happy as he spread out his fingers and said, "Lady and centurion, I present America's Hollywood."

Before them was an intersection. In one corner was a large, wide, white building. The other corners were parking lots, expensive clothing stores, with sidewalks lined with street performers . There was people, painted and primed, walking their perfectly pampered pets on their leashes. Even their rabbits, who had curly hair around them, like poodles.

"Whoa," Amy said.

"Well, a little more plastic than you knew, but, what's life without change?" the Doctor said. He pointed out a woman with straight, dyed blonde hair getting nearly attacked by paparazzi as she entered the white, flat, wide building. Her limo drove away as she waved at the flashing cameras and didn't offer a word to be used against her in magazines and interviews as she disappeared into the building.

"Well, that's Hollywood for you," Amy said, shrugging.

"Let's see, whatEVER shall we do first?" the Doctor said, looking back and forth from Amy to Rory, a pleased look on his face.

Rory shrugged. "I dunno." He and the Doctor turned to the redhead. "Amy?"

Amy looked to her boys and said, "Since we're in Hollywood, the land of the movies and stars, might as well take in the lay of the land."

"Meaning?" Rory said.

"I want to go to a movie set. I want to go to a studio!" Amy said, raising her right hand in a fist pump. "C'mon, meet the future stars. And then, when we're really old, we can point out guys with small parts in movies and say, 'They're going to make it big!'"

"Autographs could be really, REALLY cool," Rory said, nodding, starting to get into it.

"What do you mean, Rory? Autographs are ALWAYS cool," the Doctor said. His arms slipped off of his Ponds and adjusted his dark red bow tie proudly. He smirked as he said, "Like bow ties."

"Oh, don't you even try that, Raggedy Man," Amy said, shaking her head as she grabbed Rory's arm and started off to the movie studio, which was the building the woman with the paparazzi had entered.

"Oh, now I will, just to annoy you, Pond," the Doctor said as he darted across the street on a red hand, stopping all traffic. Rory had picked up his feet and walked up to the door, which had a lock on it.

"Um, Doctor?" Rory said, looking behind him and shifting to allow the Time Lord to come in.

"Just wait a minute, Rory," the Doctor said, fumbling to get out his screwdriver. He looked from Pond to Pond and said, "I'm still mad at her."

"Oh, I thought you got used to it already," Amy said.

The Doctor didn't say anything for a moment, but as quick as a wink, brought his screwdriver and said, "And what would you do without me?"

"Oh, you," Amy said, shaking her head, a smile on her face as the Doctor pressed a button on his screwdriver, making it buzz as he passed it over the little metal box that was the lock. He nodded and said, pocketing the screwdriver, "Open it up, Rory."

Rory did so, and the three of them walked into what looked like a great little village. There was carts carrying supplies for sets and golf carts carrying writers with their clipboards, directors with their assistants and managers with their megaphones, calling for actors to head to certain studio sets.

To their left was a building with dressing rooms and trailers, where assistants and set people with headphones were rushing in and out of. Something smelled like a food truck bringing along lunch. It was all terribly loud and fast.

Amy nodded, impressed, and, turning to the Doctor, said, "Where to first, Doctor?"

"Naturally, let's get a look of the grounds, see if we can find some show being cameraed," the Doctor said as the three, side by side, started walking.

"Shot, Doctor. They shoot telly shows," Rory pointed out.

"That's mean of them," the Doctor said, frowning and shaking his head.

Amy tilted her head to give him a look.

The three passed through into an intersection made of different, narrow cement streets in the building's courtyard, overhearing a man with a megaphone calling, "All actors for 'Simulation' are to head to studio B. Come on, people!"

"It's a bit chaotic, for a studio," Rory said, bending so that someone carrying a bunch of beams wouldn't hit him in the head.

"Did you expect it not to be?" Amy asked.

"I was expecting . . . I don't know, a lot more boredom, a bit more quietness for shooting the scenes," Rory said.

"Oh, don't worry, Rory. There's tons of actors and actresses sitting around for their shoots. A bunch of kids too, though not for so long. They can only have kids for a few hours each day. Child labor laws, of course," the Doctor said conversationally as the three started past a trailer, from which they heard a great deal of shouting.

". . . and THAT'S what I think of you, you idiot!" a woman yelled, and the three time travelers stopped to see a blonde-haired woman, the same one they had seen entering the building, stomping out of the trailer, a purse on her arm, a look of fury on her perfectly makeuped face.

"Wonder what happened there," Amy said as the woman shouted more insults at a man, who was peeking out of the door, yelling at her to get out of the studio.

"Major blowup, a pretty woman yelling. She probably just got fired," Rory said, looking to Amy.

Amy shrugged and said, bobbing her head side to side, "Would explain the temper."

The blonde-haired woman shouted another insult and said, turning and rushing past the three, "I'm calling my lawyer. You are NOT firing Camille Burnett!"

"Well, let's hope no other studio hears of her explosive temper," the Doctor said observantly.

"She won't get hired again," Amy said, shaking her head.

"Yeah—" Rory said, and he sounded like he was going to continue when he heard, "Hey, you!"

Slightly cringing, the Centurion, Amy, and the Doctor turned to the man in the trailer doorway. He was a tall young man, with light brown hair and an authoritative air about him. He raised an eyebrow and said, "Who the hell are you?"

The Doctor smiled pleasantly and said, "Oh, hello, thank goodness we found you!" With one hand, he produced his psychic paper and holding it up, said, "We're Rory, Amy and the Doctor, and we're here to act."

Thanks for reading!