Chapter 2:

I inhale among dreams and smell the citric perfume that Frankie wears. She was already here. I remove in bed and confirm my thoughts when I sense her body with mine. I slowly open my eyes and see she's completely asleep. I look at the clock, it's 7:30 in the morning and it's raining. I kiss her forehead and lay close to her. She moves over with her back facing me. I cuddle her and put my body close to hers. I hear how she moans but I close my eyes and put my chin in her shoulder. I kiss her neck gently and close my eyes again back to sleep.

I srub my eyes and look at the time, it's 11. I stretch and notice that I'm alone. I sigh and grab the remote control. While I'm watching the news I hear the water fall and realise she is having a shower. I bite my lips and sink in the bed. Grab my phone and see there's no miss calls nor unseen messages. I smile with sadness and wait for her to come off the shower.

A few minutes later she does, absolutely changed and ready to go. She walks towards me smiling and kiss my lips.

-Good morning Doug- She says.

-Good morning- I say back.- Are you going out?- she nods while putting some perfume over her body.

-With the girls- She replys looking me in the mirror. I frown, they went out yesterday. I decid to let it go sice I'm like that with the boys too sometimes. She comes closer and kisses me.- See you later-.

I watch her leave and I feel alone, what am I gonna do now? Tom and Giovanna are at Tom's parents house. Danny is at the airport to pick up Georgia who was coming back from Holland. Then I think of my best friend Harry, I know that Izzy is travelling in Italy. Harry must be as bored as I am right now. I text him while I'm in the toilet and hear my iPhone ringing with his response. I wash my hands and then my face, and dry them with my t-shirt. I walk to the closet and take a pair of jeans with the knees ripped, a t-shirt with some random drawings and then a sleevless shirt. I rub my hair and put on my pink bandana, my favourite. I smile at the mirror and then take my wallet and put it in the back pocket of my skinny jeans. When I go to the living room I notice she cleaned up the beer bottles mess I made yesterday. Sitting on the comfy couch and waiting for Judd to arrive, I concentrate on watching The Simpsons. I hear the horn's sound, turn off the tv and after putting a leather jacket on, I leave. When I lock the front door, I walk towards my friend's car. I jump in and he smiles.

-Pygmy- he says while starting the car. I'm surprised when I realise that's how they used to call me when we lived together. I smile.

-Monkey- I reply, with a laug. He frowns and I turn up the music. He drives for a while since we want to go away from the city, looking for some peace. Stopping in a Burger King, we buy some junk takeaway and when we arrive to the lake, we stop the car.

Once in the house, we take our shoes off and sit down. It's been a while since we've last been here. We used to always come after a gig, it would put our feet on the ground, and helped Danny and Tom create some of those amazing songs they make.

We spent all afternoon laying on the grass smoking, recalling the past and laughing. Harry is my best friend of them three, maybe because he looked after me when McFly started. Besides, he would always listen to me and andvise me when I don't know what to do in any situation.

When we look at the time it's quite late so we decide to get back home.

-Tomorrow in the study, 10 o'clock- he says when I'm getting off the car.

-I'll be there Judd. See ya- I close the car's door and light up a cigarette. When I'm about to open the front door, I see an envelope attached to the doorknob. I take it, anxious, and see it has my name. I open it and firstly, find a note.

"You are a bastard". Then I grab the photo I see inside the envelope and can't believe what it is. There is Frankie, it is a picture from today, she's being hugged by a man. I kick the door and after putting the envelope in my pocket I go to a bar close home.

-Give me another one- I demand to Nicholas

-Dougie, it's enough- he says.- You drank way to much.

-¡I! say when it's too much, give me another one- I say with hate in my eyes. -Please – I whisper then, supplication in my voice.

He sighs, but fills the glass with more beer. It is number 5 already and I have no regrets. Damn bitch, so she's been cheating to me? Or is it just some photo I shouldn't pay any attention to? I keep on drinking until the bar closes. I can't see clear nor walk. I take my phone and press number 2 from quick dialing.

-Doug?- I hear Danny's sleepy voice.

-I nead you help- I try to say but realise I can't modulate well.

-I'll come pick you up- he replies, figuring where and how I am. He hungs up and I rest my back on the bar's wall to wait for him.

A few minutes later I see his car stop in front of me and I feel relieved, but then I see Tom coming down the passenger seat and shake. Danny comes toward me shaking his head, and I know Tom is counting to ten not to hit me. They take me to the back seat and let me lay down there. I see the container they brought for me to throw up, and when Danny speeds up, that's exactly what I do. Tom sighs while he watches me. I know he wants to scolds me, but after watching me with my red eyes and still throwing up, he doesn't say a word. We park at Tom's and there is Giovanna, waiting for us. The guys put their arms around me and walk me to the guests room. I can feel how Giovanna takes my dirty t-shirt and jeans off and how she's cleaning my face. Tom puts one of his t-shirts on me and closes the blinds and curtains of the room. The last thing I see is the three of them watching me from the door before she turns the light off and I fall in a profound sleep.