Chapter three

Reunion at the engagement party

Adyna smoothed the dress and walked out. Marius saw her first, but Grantaire was talking to him. She smiled as Marius spun Grantaire around and his babbling ceased instantly. He smiled and nodded at her as he studied to from top to bottom.

"See," he said to the saleslady. "redheads do look good in pink. So, how much do I owe you for it."

"This one's on me." Marius said as he reached into his pocket despite Grantaire's protests. "Now, I won't hear a word of it. You bought a dress for Eponine, I bought one for Chantelle, now Enjolras needs to buy one for Cosette and that'll make us all even. Now, lets go."

Chantelle was nervous and fidgety the whole carriage ride. Cosette engaged in conversation with Marius and Grantaire. She could tell by the cut of their clothes that they were of the upper class. She couldn't understand how someone like them knew Grantaire. Or even Enjolras, from what she knew of him, he was a leader of their latest revolutionary battle.

Cosette, while a pretty thing, seemed to be nervous around her. She secretly wondered if she knew somehow about her past.

Thirty minutes later, they pulled up in front of the grandest house she'd ever seen. Grantaire whistled. "Well, Enjolras is certainly in the money."

"He's not taking any of her money." Marius pointed out. "She has her own fortune."

"Of course, he's too honorable for that." Grantaire peered in the window. "Oh my word, Enjolras is proposing to her on the grand staircase!"

She hurried over to the window and observed the couple. Enjolras was on bended knee and sliding a ring on Eponine's finger. The couple were obviously very much in love and didn't care if people observed them kissing boldly in public.

Grantaire shook his head, took her by the hand, and tugged her inside the grand house. She wasn't surprised when they were stopped by the footman.

"Your invitation?"

"I'm a friend of Enjolras."

"No one is permitted without an invitation. You must leave."

"Fine." Grantaire shrugged and turned to walk away before turning on his heel and running down the corridor to grand hall! Several footmen ran after him. She ran for a few steps but then she was slammed to the ground by a footman and she lay there stunned as she was hauled up from the ground. She didn't see Marius and Cosette anywhere nearby as she was dragged towards the hall.

The footmen stopped dead in their tracks when they observed Eponine, Enjolras and Grantaire all locked in a fond and friendly embrace.

Enjolras shook his head, causing a lock of his hair to stray over his face. "He shot you in the back!"

"He's a lousy shot." Grantaire joked. "So, it's a good thing he was on their side, Heaven forbid he was on our side!"

Enjolras rolled his eyes and gave Grantaire a gentle shove. "I'm glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor."

"And I see things haven't changed between the two of you." Grantaire said. "I watched the proposal through the window." He elbowed him. "Smooth Enjolras."

"Well, you can be the best man." Enjolras said. "I was going to ask Marius, but I'm sure he'll understand."

"Break the rules and have both of them stand up as the best man." Eponine said as she tossed her hands. "How could you choose between them both?"

Grantaire laughed. "Enjolras, you've corrupted her. She's thinking outside of the box now."


"Excuse me," the footman said dryly. "is this….gentleman and his lady friend staying?"

Enjolras frowned. "Lady friend?"

"Oh that's Chantelle." He explained. "And she's not what you think."

"Of course." Her father interjected. "Can you not see that they are old friends and any guest of my son-in-law's, is a guest in my house."

Grantaire held his hand out towards her as she was released. "Come on Chantelle. It's all right."

Eponine surveyed her as she walked towards Grantaire; she appeared to be surveying her as she scribbled down the message on her notepad. Are you all right? She then held up her message to Grantaire and he glanced at it.

"Yes. I'm fine. They didn't hurt you did they?" She shook her head. "Good. This is Enjolras and Eponine. Guys, this is Chantelle; she's mute so you will have to read her notes. She's also learning how to read and write as well, so pardon the misspellings."

Eponine smiled kindly at her. "All right. Grantaire, why don't you bring her to the wedding?"

Adyna nodded and smiled at Grantaire. He studied her a moment, searching her eyes for her answer before grinning. "Well, I guess that's a yes!"

"Good!" Eponine said latching onto Enjolras's arm. "Now, we're supposed to open the dance. Grantaire and Chantelle, I wish for you two to join us."

"No!" Adyna was shaking her head in agreement with Grantaire. "We don't dance."

Enjolras frowned. "Tonight you will. It can be your wedding gift to Eponine if you like."

"They've all ready given me one, Enjolras. More than you know." She gave him another quick tug. "Now, I shall have remember to employ a dance instructor for you so the day we get married you can at least waltz decently."

"Dancing is a waste of time!" Enjolras said with a dark scowl.

Grantaire leaned close and whispered in her ear. "They're always arguing. You're in for a treat. It's most amusing."

She shrugged as Eponine stretched up and studied her soon to be husband, matching him back with a scowl. "Dancing is a form of art, not to mention it gives you a chance to hold me."

"No!" He said testily. "Eponine, I will not take dancing lessons!"

Eponine snapped at him. "Enjolras, we can dance anytime, but you can only dance at your wedding once!"

"Eponine," he hissed. "we're in public."

"That's never stopped you before!" She shot back as she moved towards Grantaire. "Come on, you'll open it up with me and don't argue with me!"

"Eponine!" Enjolras protested.

She ignored him and dragged Grantaire onto the dance floor. Enjolras began cursing mildly in French under his breath. Grantaire looked as if he were about to be hung. Enjolras growled and mumbled as he stomped to reclaim his fiancée back.

Adyna shook her head. Those two were going to have an interesting life together. Enjolras pulled Eponine into his arms and smiled at her. They danced for a bit while Enjolras murmured something in Eponine's ear causing her to laugh. When she didn't stop laughing Eponine stretched up and boldly kissed her future husband. Several people chuckled while others turned up their noses at them.

Grantaire rolled his eyes. "I tell you, I never thought I'd see that ever happen. I tell you, within hours of meeting, they solemnly swore that they'd hate each other."

Adyna watched the two of them dancing before scrawling on her notepad. Do you dance?

Grantaire nodded. "Yes. Why?" she set her notepad down and tugged on his arm. He groaned. "You too? What is it with women and dancing?" she shrugged before smiling at him. He exhaled as she held out her hands. "Alright, but don't get used to this."

Grantaire's hand went around her waist and he pulled her close. Her skin tingled as he placed his warm hand in hers. Her heart fluttered as a strange warmth flowed over her body. But it was more than that; it was if someone had breathed life into her. She was slowly starting to feel alive after an eternity of being dead and she wondered if Grantaire had something to do with it.