In a school called Alfea six girls went there. Their names were Bloom,Stella,Musa,Flora,Layla,and Tecna. They were hanging out with their boyfriends;Sky,Brandon,Riven,Helia,and Timmy.

"SKY PUT ME DOWN"Bloom,yelled giggling while Sky spinned her around "MAGIC WORD"Sky yelled spinning her faster "ILL BLAST YOU TO THE OMEGA DIMENSION IF YOU DON'T "Bloom stated creating a fire ball in her hand "There it is" Sky quickly said setting her down " I swear Sky you sometimes act like an idiot"Brandon said while hugging his girlfriend "Shut up" "make me" "Stella" "don't bring her into this" can you please blast the day lights out of your boyfriend " "Maybe"Stella answered "WAIT WHAT YOU WOULD ACTUALLY DO THAT TO ME" Brandon shouted "Brandon I suggests you shut up before I bribe your girlfriend into doing this"Sky said in a serious tone " you wouldn't" "try me" "Sky your crossing the line" "Really now" "you are so-" " WOULD YOU GUYS SHUT UP PLEASE" Stella shouted "I agree with Stella 100%" Tecna stated "finnnnnneeee"they both wined but stopped when the guys all glared at them even Flora and Helia."Hey guys someone left a box outside our dorm room"Layla said entering the room with a box " Well open it " Riven said getting mad all ready "whoa chill ax babe"Musa told him " fine" he mumbled under his breath " Hey Tecna what happens if you drop them" Timmy asked nervous "I don't know why " "Cuz I accedentldropped the whole box"Timmy answered sweating

"TIMMY" the whole gang shouted before they fainted and got turned into...

So hoped you liked it srry that its sooo short but I can tell you the next one will be longer and that ill update real soon

-WC 4eva😘😘😘😘😘😘