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An ice cold blast of reality washed over me. My dreams weren't just dreams, but visions of what was happening. My home was destroyed and my family on the verge of extinction. My world was falling apart and there was no safety net for me to fall on, there was no Percy. I looked at Nico and I knew he had been through hell and back trying to get to me.

I was pulled out of my daze by someone roughly pushing me aside. They tackled Nico and bound his arms. "Let go of me" he screamed like a savage animal. I looked on in shock as the usually calm and composed Nico di Angelo struggled like a wounded animal. "Let him go" I choked, tears streaming down my face." "Do you know this boy?" asked a tall African American man "he's family" I said looking into Nico's tortured black orbs. Nico let out a savage scream and kicked the man holding him. He then proceeded to break his wand thereby breaking the spell. Two more men came at him but with his arms freed he summoned the shadows cloaking us in darkness.

I heard a scream before all hell broke loose. Nico's skeleton warriors were everywhere. Spells were being shot left, right and centre while I stood, dumbstruck, in the middle. "Nico watch out" I screamed as a jet of red light raced towards him. He wasn't fast enough and it hit him square in the chest. Everything moved in slow motion. The skeleton warriors disappeared and the darkness began to lift. I rushed to Nico's side as Dumbledore and the rest of his gang approached us. "Miss Chase-" "don't you dare" I screamed. Adrenaline pulsed through me. My body felt as if it were on fire as I took purposeful steps towards them. "He's just a boy who has been through hell because of your stupid community. My home is destroyed and my family is in danger all because of your corrupt government. And you want to know the best part Dumbledore" I spat now nose to nose with him "I have the responsibility of saving your sorry asses from something worse than Voldermort himself."

"You're delusional" came a voice from the back of the room. "Rufus" said Dumbledore. I vaguely remember Chiron telling me about the new minister of magic Rufus Scrimgeour. "The only thing more dangerouse than Voldermort is that boy over there and you" said Srimgeour. I let out a bitter laugh. "You people really lead an ignorant life. Didn't you ever wonder how you came to be? Because I'm quite sure that someone didn't just wake up with the ability to channel magic with a stick" I said. The fire that burned in me intensified with every word. "All of you are simply puppets in someones sick, twisted game". Thunder boomed outside but I didn't care, I had to get this out. The fire in me raged and it wasn't an uncomfortable feeling.

"You were an experiment, a game played by beings more powerful than you could imagine. But they got cocky, they didn't expect you to survive but you did and you built your own little world. And you let it fall. Down into darkness and now we have to clean up your mess" I said standing very still while they all looked at me in shock. "What are you rambling about?" said Professor McGonagall. "The Greek Gods" whispered Hermione. "Very good Hermione this is the second time you've figured it out" I said. "Second-" she looked at me perplexed. "Yes, the first time you figured it out your memories were wiped, in fact all of your memories were wiped" "This is absolute nonsense" screamed Scrimgeour. "If you don't believe me ask Dumbledore he was the one who brought me here, he was the one who asked my mother for help" I said looking at Scrimgeour. "Who is your mother?" asked Harry.

I looked around the hall, at Nico lying on the floor, at Dumbledore fidgeting nervously, "I am Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena."

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