Author's Note: This is based loosely upon an idea a friend and I formed whilst watching the scene between Eunice and the Monsignor when she's packing away Sister Jude's belongings to be donated to charity, and she tells the Monsignor she'd help him get to Rome, via any means possible/necessary.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and the FX network.

She could hear voices, familiar voices, not too far from her. Sister Mary Eunice was slowly regaining her consciousness, she could tell it was Arthur Arden, the other voice she had not heard in such a long time, not with the same character it had once possessed. Sister Jude. The young blonde's eyes rolled beneath her lids as she tried to master control over her body, willing herself to open her eyes and gaze around, wherever she was.

Finally, she mustered enough strength and some confidence to crack her eyes open only slightly to spy on where she was residing. The Infirmary. She followed the voices, seeing Arthur speaking with Jude by the door. Jude was back in her habit, what was happening? Softly, Mary Eunice drew her tongue across her lower lip to moisten it, as she felt her eyes rolling in their sockets, not quite ready to open wider yet. She heard the conversation between Jude and Arden cease, and within seconds the doctor was at her bedside.

"Sister, Sister can you hear me?" he questioned lightly, not wanting to raise his voice. Before he glanced over his shoulder to Jude, who was standing at the foot of the bed, an arm slung over herself, her free hand resting against her chin as she looked on worriedly to her younger charge. Glancing back to Eunice, Arden grasped at her wrist, checking her pulse against his wristwatch before he pulled on his stethoscope to check her heart rate. It was thready. Once again, he spoke to her directly, "Sister, can you hear me?"

"Ye-yes, Doctor..." her sweet voice responded. She sounded weak, but she continued, "Wh-what happened?"

"Oh, thank Heavens!" Sister Jude sighed gladly. She had been praying for Sister Mary Eunice's recovery, and hearing her reply to Dr. Arden's question, her prayers had been answered.

"Can you open your eyes, Sister?" Arthur questioned gently, "Sister, can you open your eyes?"

Swallowing, her throat was dry. Once again she slipped her tongue out to moisten her lower lip before she allowed her eyes to flutter open tenderly. Cracking mere fractions each time until she finally managed to open her eyes, frowning against the light. Her eyes were sensitive to its brightness. Eunice had to close them again quickly, "I'm sorry, Doctor." she stated gently, before trying again, this time opening them fully, blinking several times as she looked first to Sister Jude and then to Arden, wearing his white lab coat. The light was reflecting from his lapel, bouncing directly back into the blonde's face, and it was then she leaned up shakily and heaved, vomiting on the floor beside her bed, causing Arthur to stumble backwards.

Sister Jude placed her hand over her chest in shock as the younger blonde emptied what was left in her stomach. Glancing to Arden, she shook her head, "She needs to stay here, Doctor. She needs rest and medication. I trust the Monsignor requested that was given when she was admitted here, to the Infirmary...?"

"Of course, Sister. The Monsignor was all too plain with his requests for our dear Sister Mary Eunice. He told me she required urgent attention, so we brought her here." Arthur announced before he turned back to his patient, swallowing a little as he stepped closer to her again, "Sister...Sister, you're very weak, can one of the other Sisters at least bring you some soup?" he suggested, "You should eat." he told her.

"What happened to me, Doctor Arden?" Eunice questioned gently, her eyes open only halfway as she gazed up at him.

With Mary Eunice's question, he felt Jude crane her neck, she too had no idea as to what had happened with Eunice to require her stay at the Infirmary, "You had a dizzy spell, Sister." Arden began, "The Monsignor tried to catch you, but you fell too suddenly, hit your head."

"I-is that all, Doctor?" Eunice questioned lightly, she was feeling different now, not like before. Something had most definitely changed within her.

Arden was feeling some slight pressure, he wanted to tell Eunice and Jude alike what had happened, but her couldn't do it with Jude practically breathing down his neck, "Y-you should rest, Sister. I'll ask Sister Teresa to clean this mess up and bring you something to eat." he gave a nod before once again checking Eunice's pulse and touching her shoulder, "I'll be back to check on you later."

As Dr. Arden left, Jude waited a few moments before grabbing at a towel and placing it onto the floor to clear Eunice's unfortunate mess before she moved to her bedside, still weary of the younger nun sleeping there, "Mary is you, isn't it?" she questioned lightly, only to be certain the Devil had left the young woman's body, moved on to another host they were not to have to bother with, "Sister, I know you can hear me, please answer me."

Awakening slowly, Eunice glanced up at her once-beloved mentor, "Oh, Sister Jude..." she trailed off, "I'm sorry. Please, for-forgive me. Can you?" the sweet nun asked of her. And, Jude was assured, the Devil had given up on this host, He had cracked her soul open and left it for dead almost. But, Sister Mary Eunice had been saved. Glancing tenderly to Jude, Mary Eunice shakily grabbed at her hand, "Please Sister, tell me what happened."

"The Monsignor..." Jude began, somewhat shaky with her details, but she forged herself to go on, "He rid you of that foul thing that was inside of you. You're free now, my child."

"And, Dr. Arden...?"

"He's been here every single day." Jude nodded, "Nursing you back. He has assured me his feelings for you are strictly pure but I see through his game."

"Doctor Arden has always taken care of me." Eunice announced softly, nodding a little before she felt that similar queasiness returning, and she paled.

Jude snatched the basin from the side-table and thrust it into Mary Eunice's lap, in case she required it again. Sister Jude stood and sighed a little, "Arden will be back shortly, he'll bring you something to eat, I'm sure. I have to call the Monsignor, tell him you've woken. He's been worried about you."

Eunice just nodded as she watched Jude leaving the Infirmary. Glancing around, she saw the other nuns busying around at the opposite end of the hall, seeing to patients there as she lay in the same bed, glancing up at the crucifix upon the barren wall, before she heard Arthur returning, with a tray. Sister Mary Eunice glanced upon the tray, spying flashes of the steaming bowl of soup, the two slices of bread from the bakery and the shot.

"Now, I'm going to medicate you, Sister. It'll give your body time to recuperate before you are able to move around again." Arthur explained, placing down the tray on the side-table, reaching for the shot and holding it up as he glanced to Eunice, "I just need your arm, Sister." readying the cotton wool.

"No, Doctor, don't...I-I don't want to be medicated." she shook her head in slight protest, looking up at him her brows raised and furrowed, pleading with him.

"At least allow me to draw a blood sample, that way I can be able to isolate any bacteria you may have contracted during your stay." he raised his brows, now pleading with her. He only wanted to help her.

Apprehensively, Sister Mary Eunice offered her arm to the good doctor. He sterilised the area before pricking the skin and drawing up a vial of blood from her arm. He set down the needle before placing another cotton ball onto the site he had jabbed, placing some slight pressure there, "Thank you, Sister." he smiled to her, gently pushing back her blonde hair from her face, "Now, you must eat. Doctor's orders." he said, placing the tray of soup and bread onto her lap, after shuttling the basin to the side, "I'll will inform you of any updates." he smiled before rounding her bed and striding away.

Her voice came out croaky as she called to him, "You won't need to test that, Doctor Arden...I already know what you'll find."