Tuesdays of Change

Eugene Fitzherbert left the orphanage on a Tuesday. To be more accurate, he ran away at the age of 15 with a sack of clothes and half a handful of coins he'd stolen from the Head Matron. His eyes had always been bigger than his stomach, and he struck out on his own with his head full of ideas, dreams of being someone.

What he found was a world crueler than what he'd known. No one paid attention to a kid in dirty, worn out peasants clothes. The money he'd stolen lasted half a day and had only bought him one meal and a bad for one night.

Thieving wasn't grand but it kept him alive, and soon he discovered he was good enough that it could do more for him than that. He knew he'd be in trouble for it someday, but until that day came, he'd enjoy what he could.

Eugene Fitzherbert changed his name on a Tuesday. He left his past behind him, and it wasn't as tragic as he used to think, not compared to what he'd seen out on the streets. But Eugene Fitzherbert was a nobody, and he was tired of being a nobody. Flynnigan Rider was his childhood hero, so he adopted Flynn Rider as his own name and no one seemed to make the connection. He let his stomach follow his eyes to bigger thefts, enjoying the thrill of the escape enough that he could almost believe that this was exactly the life he'd always wanted.

Flynn Rider met Rapunzel on a Wednesday. Within a matter of days, he'd told her his real story, changed his name back to Eugene, fell in love and died. It was the least empty he'd ever felt.