chapter 1~ eddie and loren back home

After the concert in NY Eddie and Loren are at Eddies Penthouse

Eddie:well that was fun don't you think so to lo

Loren: ya (sad)

Eddie: babe whats wrong are you fellling ok (eddie run to loren and holds her around the waste)

Loren: ya i just want to hold you and never let go

Eddie: well i can handle that (eddie picks loren up her legs go around eddies waste and eddie and her franticly start making out)

Loren pulls away to breath

Loren: eddie (gasp) i have never seen this side of you before. Why?

Eddie: well it a long story when i was away for that time i was only able to think about you

Loren: really(loren jumps down)

eddie: yes loren i love you way too much that i want you to move in with me

Loren was speachless

Eddie: well?

Loren: YES

Eddie: thats great i love you

Loren: i love you too

Eddie and loren start making out on the cough

lorens phone rings

Eddie: ahh why must your phone ring

Loren: hello

Mel: lo hay were are you im at your house with your mom

loren: ohh man im sorry

Mel: ya you better be are you at eddies

Loren: yes um me and eddie will be over there in 20 minutes

Mel: ok bye lo

Loren: bye mel

Eddie: do we have to

Loren: yes we do and all we were doing and were only doing was kissing

Eddie: fine hay why are we going any way

Loren: were ganna have dinner with my mom max and mel we are also ganna tell them all were moving in with eachother