Chapter 18 What the?

When Eddie woke up in the morning Loren was in the bathroom. Eddie just layed there for her to come back. he got borad so he picked up his phone up and was playing fun run. 15 minutes later Loren came out of the bathroom.

Eddie: There you are i was gonna go in there. Is Everything alright?

Loren: ya i was just on the phone.

Eddie: Oh if you don't mind can i ask who?

Loren: of course you deserve the right to know i would never hind anything from you. And to awnser your question i was talking to Kelly about my new music.

Eddie: oh ya you said i could hear some of it yesterday

Loren: yes i did. but we need to makes some breakfest for annabell and our parents first. then me and you can goo for a romantic walk on the beach, go swiming a little, come back here and snugle and watch a movie or two.

Eddie: what about Annabell, Pap's and ma

Loren: they are going home after breakfast. They need to take Annabell back to her house get all of her stuff along with the stuff her real parents left her. Then take her shoping for stuff for her bedroom. they are living in my moms house and giving Annabell my old room

Eddie: well that is so sweet.

Loren: Loren well ya i don't need it anymore i have you

Eddie: oh yes you do

Loren: and i always will because your the best fiance in the world

Eddie: i do too!

Eddie pulled Loren into bed and began kissing her neck

Loren: no Eddie i don't want annabel to come in here.

Eddie: ahh srew me.

Loren: ah your so childish

Eddie: so being childish what do i win

Loren: not getting to do anything in bed for the rest of the week

Eddie: nope i'm grown up now!

Loren: well come on and lets go make some breakfast

Eddie: k babe

Loren got up and so did Eddie. They both walked out of there bedroom. Loren started making pancakes, and eggs. Eddie made bacon and toast.

When breakfast was done Loren went to get Annabell up. Eddie knocked on Nora and Maxs door.

Loren: Hey Annabell you hungery?

Annabell: ya but i can't get up my lags hurt from swiming but i'll be fine

Loren: here lets do this

Loren picked Annabell up and walked intp the kitchen with her. She sat Annabell in a chair. Then Eddie came in and kissed Annabell on the head.

Eddie: hey Annabell hows my favorite sister!

Annabell just giggled

Loren: well Eddie are ma and Paps coming

Eddie: ya they are

Loren: ok Annabell how about we get you some food

Loren got Annabell some breakfast. Eddie got a strange text and went outside to sit on the deck. Max and Nora came out shortly after.

Max: ah what's that smell

Loren: Just me and Eddie's cooking.

Max: wait Eddie can Cook?

Loren: ya when he feels like it.

Max: ah. So Annabell how are you liking it here with us.

Annabell: it's great iit's just i'll never see my mommy or daddy again.

Nora: oh sweety it's ok we understand.

Max: Hey Lo where's Eddie

Loren: i don't know. I'll be back soon i'm gonna go look for him.

Max: ok

Loren left to look for Eddie. When she got out to the deck she saw Eddie siting there with his head in his hand crying. Loren walked over to him and huged him while rubing his back.

Loren: don't cry babe it's ok. What worng?

Eddie just sat there not awnsering Loren.

Loren: Eddie your scaring you please look at me?

Eddie Looked up at Loren. His eyes were puffy from crying

Eddie: Lo.. i didn't do it i swear

Loren: What?

Eddie handed her his phone which was a text that read..

So Eddie how have you been. I've been missing you. how about you come back and we can play. you know i miss it. Oh and Eddie don't tell you slez bag girlfriend that was slept together. Oh and one last thing i'm pergnant. It's yours.

~ leah

Loren: Eddie...

Eddie: It's Not True. Lo i would never do that to you!

Loren: Eddie i know but why would someone do this there is no one else that we need to deal with Cam's in prision for a assualt and break-out. Chloe's dead.

Eddie: her name is Leah she and her brother jeremy took me in and helped me when i was gone.

Loren: oh so she was around you for all that time. So how am i supposted to know something really didn't happen

Eddie: Lo i didn't i never slept with her or nothing but she did kiss me.

Loren Let go of Eddie

Loren: Eddie you kissed her!

Eddie: She kissed me!

Loren: I-I I feel so Used!

Eddie tried to hug her but she pushed him away

Eddie: i didn't use you Lo!

Eddie started to cry. Loren WAs Getting Furius

Loren: no you kept this form me! When Were You Gonna Tell Me! HUH!

Eddie: I was I just Didn't know when.

Eddie: I can't belevie you. I-I I need to go!

Loren got up and Ran inside. Nora and Max Saw her. Then they saw Eddie run after her crying his eyes out. He stoped and fell to his knees

Max: Eddie what's happening?!

Eddie: S-She's L-Leaving me!

Max: What!

Eddie: Leah That girl that was keeping at her house when i was gone she sent me a text saying she slept with me and she's pregnant!

Max: Eddie calm down it's going to be ok

Eddie: I-I I Love Her! And would do anything for her!

Nora: We Know

Loren was in their bedroom crying on the bed. Then Annabell came in.

Annabell: Are you ok Loren?

Loren: Annabell W-What are you D-Doing in here?

Annabell: well you ran in her and Eddie came running in after you crying his eyes out and fell to his knees like he was goning to kill himself like my auntie did. Then Max starting cumferting him. He siad he loves you and would do anything for you. He looked like he really couldn't live at that moment.

Loren: Really?

Annabell: Yes. now what i would do is go talk to him. you only have one chance.

Loren: well Annabell for a 5 year old you give the best advice.

Annabell: well i had to be there for my mom when my auntie killed her self because my dad was in war

Loren: oh sweety i'm so sorry.

Annabell: oh no it's ok. now go to him befor you mess this up

Loren: thanks Annabell

With that Loren got up and walked into the living room to see max and nora both lying on the floor crying there eyes out. Loren ran over to them.

Loren: MAX! MOM! Whats worng!

Max: E-Eddie!

Loren: What!?

Nora: H-He...


Nora: Lo H-He

Max: Loren! Why!

Loren: I didn't do anything!

Max: He said that " If he didn't have you he can't take life!"


Nora: Lo he got up from his knees took a knife and walked out on to he beach and ran and your dad started running after him and he said if we run after him he'll stab him self.

Loren: i'm going after him!

Loren ran out of the house and ran on the beach screaming Eddie's name. Loren saw a man sitting on the edge of the water with a knife. she knew it was Eddie. He stod up and walked a little farther out into the water untill it was up to his knees. Loren walked over to him and huged his back. She kissed his neck.

Loren: Eddie are you ok?

Eddie: Lo i'm sorry it's just that i can't live with oiut you and i though you were leaving me

Loren: no never

Eddie: i love you

Loren: i love you too.

Loren and Eddie stood there for a few seconds then they noticed something out in the distance comeing closer.

Loren: what's that?

Eddie: i don't know

Loren: Oh GOD Eddie Thats A KILLER WHALE!

Oh what the? ya ya a killer whale sad right? well here it is hope you liked it!