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Chapter One:

The Wallflower

Playful music filled the entire room. Thunderians were all dancing, laughing, and having a good time. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits as was he. Tygra just sat there with a small smile playing on his lips as the young Lord of the Thundercats, Lion-O, made a light joke to Panthro on his other side.

It has been nearly four years since Thundera was reborn and of course, through all of their struggles, the Thundercats managed to seal away Mumm-Ra with the Book of Omens.

As soon as New Thundera came about, the remaining members of their race slowly returned to the planet and in surprising numbers too. It only took five short years to restore all of Thundera to what it once was, or close to it. Lion-O, despite being mentally younger than his physical age, took up the task of being Thundera's ruler with Tygra, himself as his advisor. Panthro became the head of the Thunderian Army while Cheetara started a small group of royal guards called, The Clerics. As for Wilykat and Wilykit, they were sent to undergo training seeing as they were still children by Thunderian terms, but Cheetara was overseeing Wilykit's training while Panthro would be overseeing Wilykat's.

Panthro, dressed in some dark blue-grey armor, let out a hearty laugh at whatever joke Lion-O had said to him. Tygra, having not really been paying attention to the joke, chuckled in return. He looked away, letting his two old friends chat. Tygra nearly jumped at seeing a hand reaching for him. When he looked up, he saw Cheetara smiling warmly at him. Her orange eyes sparkled from the lights of the chandelier hanging above the ballroom.

"Quit being a wallflower and dance with me, Tygra." Cheetara's voice was soft and melodic. At least to him it was melodic. Tygra just laughed a bit and shook his head at his wife. He was never a good dancer.

"Who says I'm being a wallflower, Cheetara?" Tygra said teasingly. Cheetara flashed her husband a flirtatious smile and took his great hand into hers. She pulled him out of his chair and to his feet.

"I did." She whispered quietly. She led him out to the middle of the dance floor where all eyes flew to them. Cheetara always knew how to stand out. Not even Pumyra could attract this much attention and that girl knew how to flirt. Nevertheless, Cheetara was in a class of her own. Cheetara gently took Tygra's hand into hers while placing the other one around her waist.

Again, she flashed him a smile. She knew he couldn't dance very well and that he didn't like drawing attention to himself, but Cheetara knew how to make him forget they were being watched.

"Just ignore them, Tygra." Cheetara whispered softly as she rested her remaining hand on her husband's shoulder. Tygra chuckled a bit and he allowed himself to be led in a gentle ballroom waltz by Cheetara. Her eyes twinkled with laughter as she smiled brightly at him.

She knew it was working. Tygra was coming out of his shell and was finally relaxing. Tygra, strong and composed, was never keen on social gatherings such as these dances but considering that this was technically the five year anniversary of New Thundera's birth, Tygra chose to attend this special event.

He gently twirled Cheetara, letting her go briefly before pulling her back into him and laughing a bit. It was during times like this that Tygra would be enjoying himself, which he is at this very moment. He loved spending time with his wife. Cheetara always seemed to know just how to pull Tygra out of his shell and give him confidence.

No sooner than he pulled her back into his body when Cheetara's lips collided with his in a soft, loving kiss. That kiss nearly made Tygra's toes curl on end but he remained his composure and returned her kiss with an equal amount of passion. Cheetara quickly pulled out and smiled back at him again.

That beautiful smile. So confident and loving was it. It made his heart beat hard in his chest.

Gods, she was beautiful.

Tygra merely returned her smile with a shy one of his own and continued to hold her close. He loved having her this close to him. He loved everything about her.

"Guess what, love?" Cheetara breathed into his ear while resting her head gently onto his shoulder. Tygra's face broke out into mild curiosity while keeping his gaze forward.

"What is it?" Tygra asked, looking at her out of the corner of his eye. He kept his arms around her as he gently led them into a soft slow dance.

Cheetara's body shook slightly from her quiet chuckle and she lifted her head slightly, just enough to stare up into his crimson gaze. Her lips curled back into a smile and her entire face seemed to melt into pure joy as she did so. "I'm pregnant."

Those words seemed to make the tiger's body shudder a bit. His heart leapt again. Pregnant? He was going to be a father! Tygra smiled back at her, his eyes softening.

"Cheetara." He began. His wife just shook her head and gently pressed her lips to his again. She smiled more.

"Let's not speak, we should just enjoy tonight and rejoice later." She whispered to her husband and rested her head back onto his shoulder. Tygra nodded, somehow masking his emotions. He could hardly hide his happiness as he rested his chin on top her mass of spotted blonde hair.

When the music was beginning to wind down, Cheetara lifted her head again. She flashed another smile at her husband and pulled away from him, but kept a good grip on his hand as she led him out of the ballroom. The cool summer air felt cold and refreshing as they stepped out into the cool night air.

Cheetara walked over to the balcony and gently rested her arms on it as she looked up to the star filled sky above.

"It seems like Thundera's two moons are shining brightly tonight." She said in a soft sigh as he walked up behind her. Tygra let out a soft laugh, placing his arms around the cheetah's waist as he hugged her from behind.

"Of course they are, Cheetara. It only takes twenty-four days for them to disappear from the sky." Tygra said softly, going off into his over the top explanations. But then again, that's what she always loved about him. She loved his intelligence and his shyness.

Cheetara chuckled a bit at the shy blush running across her husband's face and she twisted around in his arms. Embracing him, she kissed his lips and smiled "You and you're over the top explanations." She teased.

Tygra smiled shyly while returning her kiss. Seeing something flashing across the sky, he looked up.

Cheetara glanced at her husband with softer smile. "You should make wish, Tygra."

He shook his head. His smile grew more as he looked at her. Tygra pulled her back into him. He placed a hand on the side of her face, stroking her cheek gently with his thumb.

"I already have everything I ever wished for." He whispered, leaning into kiss her.

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