Chapter Three:

Seeing Through the Cracks

Tygra smiled down at her, his red eyes soft and warm. This woman lying before him was his and his alone. Her orange gaze flickered back at him with the same loving warmth and a smile pulled on her lips as well. Cheetara kissed him again.

"How did you get to be mine, Cheetara?" Tygra asked softly as his wife placed butterfly kisses across his collarbone, purring softly at him. Another smile graced her lips as a coy look passed onto her face. Cheetara chuckled a bit at his question. She leaned back in and nuzzled under his chin.

"Because we were meant to be, all along, my love." She whispered softly. Strands of her hair blonde hair covered her face as she returned her attention back to kissing his body. Tygra growled softly from her attentions. He felt his body twitching from wanting more contact with her. He went to bring his hands to rest on the sides of his wife's body when the silence and darkness of their bedroom melted away, and for a split second, he found himself lying on a table in a dark room. The humming of a nearby machine was all he heard before feeling a sharp pain going through his head.

The pain made Tygra cry aloud. He was back in his bedroom with Cheetara staring at him in confusion. Cheetara tilted her head to the side and stared at him in pure confusion. Concern broke out across her face as she did so.

"Tygra?" She asked gently. She gently stroked his cheek lovingly.

Tygra just merely smiled at her through his pain as everything came back into focus.

"I-I'm fine, Cheetara." Tygra said softly. He gently pulled her back to him and kissed her temple before holding her close. He did not want to alarm her, considering that he thought he had seen something from the past. 'What was that? And what just happened?'

Had he seen a small crack in dimensions or something? He breathed deeply before and closed his eyes, keeping his an arm around his wife's waist as he fell asleep. He would have to figure it out on his own, when Cheetara was not around. After all, this wasn't a dream….was it?

Hold on, you have gambled with your own life

And you face the night alone

While the builders of the cages

They sleep with bullets, bars and stone

They do not see your road to freedom

That you build with flesh and bone

Hina: Sorry about the late update and for the shortness of this chapter. I had the chapter done for a long while now and I've been wanting post this for awhile, too, but life got in the way. Anyways, thanks for reading, everyone and I will try being more active on this site - if life don't take me over first. :P