Syria: Sigh-ray-a

•Src: Sir-k

Luymae: Loo-may

•Tito: Tea-toe

Jahare: Ja-har

•Etumai: E-to-ma-he

Oin: Oh-in

•Ninata: Nin-ta

Ain: Aain

•Soar: Soar

-Important Facts or Answers-

*Sykia is Albino but the Navi don't have a term for that so they call her the ghost.

*Src is a grump.

*Oin and Ain are twin's.

*Oin is a Spy.

*Ain is Sykia's messenger.

*An Okani (deputy) to Tashik (sheriff)

*An Okani is my own idea and only apart of Mura society.

*The story (chapter 2) begins in the movie while Jake is gathering the clans.

*Luymae was once a great warrior in a plains tribe but when Sykia saves her life she swears complete loyalty only to Sykia and takes up what she has always loved, healing.

*The Mura are a mix outcasts, disabled Navi or just Navi saved by Sykia.

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