For the Harry Potter Femmeslash Project on HPFC.

This is… dark. Consider yourself warned.

she says she's broken

you tell her she's beautiful.

she hates herself

you will never stop loving her.

she's so afraid

you tell her that words only hurt if you let them.


you hold her tightly on the nights she can't sleep

you whisper in her ears

words about love

words about forever

this is what matters, you say.

she trembles in your arms.


you kiss the scars on her face and you tell her she's perfect.

she cries, tells you not to lie.

"i'm not," you swear to her

"i cannot imagine anyone more perfect than you"

and you kiss away her tears.


you hate the world for what they've done to her.

you hate them for stripping away her confidence,

stripping away her pride.

because no matter how hard you try to build her back up

she is falling down the other side

you are losing her

and that is the only thing you are afraid of.


she's slipping faster than you can shore her up

she's crumbling faster than you can build

you patch her with kisses and hold her together with your arms

but you know you're fighting a losing battle

and it's killing you


"i am nothing," she says.

you tell her she is your everything

she spits back, "you don't count"

you flinch away as though she's slapped you

she might as well have.


you tell her she's perfect





more, so much more than anyone knows


but all she hears, all she feels is alone





like she matters less, so much less than anyone else


she is slipping




and then one day she falls

and you aren't there to catch her

and you watch her, lying there, still, too still

and your world crumbles

and all you can think is that your words weren't enough


they broke her, and you couldn't put her back together again, no matter how hard you tried.