Dark Visions

Name: Isabel Fairchild

Age: 18

Ability/Power: control and create shadows and fire

Family: Mr. Fairchild and Kaitlyn Fairchild

Place of origin: Ohio

Looks: white hair with black and red highlights, 5'8", hourglass figure, red eyes, and black swirling tattoos on her arms that travel up to her neck.

Personality: quiet, stealthy, strong willed, protective, skilled and kind.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Dark Visions Series; I only own Isabel.

Chapter 1: Joyce

I sighed as I listened to Mr. Flynn's soft calm voice flow through the air. My sister Kaitlyn was sitting next to me drawing.

It was a regular boring day in Ohio and I was bored out of my mind.

Kaitlyn and I were considered the witches in our school and around town so we didn't have any friends to talk to only each other.

Our father was a very strange man and did random jobs around town so we would have money. He didn't want us working even though we were both 18.

Even though it was our senior year we aren't laving Ohio. Both I and Kaitlyn need to stay and watch Dad; I don't know how he would live without us.

My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. In the doorway was Chris Barnable, one of the office's aids. In his hand were two pink calling slips.

Chris handed them to Mr. Flynn and the words that came out of his mouth were slightly surprising.

"Isabel and Kaitlyn Fairchild please report to the office ASAP" he said

I raised an eyebrow and looked at Kaitlyn she seemed to be relieved.

I looked down at the paper she had been previously been drawing on to see a girls face surrounded by what looked to be a spider web. I immediately knew she had had one of her 'visions'. I would ask her about it later.

I grabbed my bag and waited for Kaitlyn to pack up her stuff. One of the kids in the front said something but I just ignored them.

Once we left the classroom there was an awkward silence seeing as Chris kept on staring at Kaitlyn.

After awhile I got tired of the silence I decided to put my headphones in and started to listen to my iPod. My favorite song was playing 'Breathe me' by Sia.

Help, I have done it, again
I, have been here many times before
hurt myself again today
and, the worst part is there's no one else to blame

Be my friend
hold me, wrap me up
unfold me, I am small and needy
warm me up and breathe me

Ouch, I have lost myself again
lost, myself and I am nowhere to be found
yeah. I think that I might break
lost myself again and, I feel unsafe

Be my friend,
hold me, wrap me up
unfold me, I am small and needy
warm me up and breathe me

Be my friend,
hold me, wrap me up
unfold me, I am small and needy
warm me up and breathe me

As soon as the song ended we arrived at the main office and Chris wasted absolutely no time in walking away. I chuckled before opening the door and walking in with Kaitlyn right behind me.

I put away my iPod while Kaitlyn talked to the lady at the desk. The door to the main office and Ms. McCasslan, our principle, stood in the doorway.

"Hello girls come in there is someone here to see you" I raised my eyebrow in question and looked at Kaitlyn; she shrugged before walking into the office.

I sighed before walking into the office as well. When I walked a woman with blonde hair stood up from her chair and smiled.

"Congratulations, I'm Joyce Piper. Do you two remember me?" she said

I don't recall ever seeing this woman before but Kaitlyn did.

"The vision screening" Kaitlyn replied in remembrance

Joyce smiled and nodded. 'Sit down and Ill explain why I'm here"

After we sat down Joyce started to explain why she was there and let me say what she had to say was shocking.

Apparently this woman knows about our so called 'gifts' and wants to help us control them. I never really thought about controlling it all I did was keep my black fingerless gloves and the fire ever really came.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention Kaitlyn and I are special. We both have these powers that aren't normal. Kaitlyn can see the future sort of through her drawings. She described them as she gets an itch in her hand then it just starts to draw a picture of what's to come. She doesn't know when it's going to happen but she knows it will.

Now me on the other hand I have two abilities which make my life even more complicated. I can control shadows and make them do whatever I want. I can solidify them and shape them into anything I want so they can hurt you only if I want to though but I can't control them so it usually I'll hurt you without meaning to.

My other ability is that I'm a pyro basically I can control and create fire whenever I want but I can't control that either.

Anyway back to Joyce she said we would be going to California for a year and live in a house with 4 other teens. I wasn't comfortable with living with people I didn't know but I bet after awhile Ill get use to it.

"Well what do you think?" Joyce asked with a hopeful expression. She looked at me and I nodded she smiled while Kaitlyn looked at me in utter disbelief. She shook her head

"I'm sorry but we can't," I snapped my head in her direction "we have to watch over our father" she finished while shaking her head. Joyce's aquamarine eyes dulled and she gained a frown.

"Are you sure you don't want to reconsider?" she asked

Before Kaitlyn could reply there was a loud noise from outside everyone jumped up and Ms. McCasslan was the first person to the door.

As we got outside we saw a horrific site. A car had been ran into and seemed to have span around before stopping. But that wasn't what got everyone so sad and scared. It was the passenger her face had been slammed against the cracked windshield and her hair was stuck there to.

It looked like a girl with a spider web across her face just like Kaitlyn's drawing. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh. I dared to look at Kaitlyn to see her gripping Joyce's arm and whispering something to her.

By the way she was nodding I could tell Kaitlyn had agreed to u going to California. This would be the beginning of our lives.

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