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Because I couldn't put it in the summary: Rated M for mature themes and sexual activity and swearing... mostly for the sexual activity. :D

"Starting tomorrow, there will no longer be "Dominants" or "submissives". Instead, we will go back to the way things were not only fifteen years ago and have a husband and a wife, girlfriends and boyfriends, or whatever your preference is."

As Kurt walks into the living room and hears those words, he drops his cup of coffee, the glass shattering on the wood floor, liquid splashing up and covering the bottom of his sweats and warming his bare feet instantly.

"Kurt, go back into the kitchen, sit at the dining room table. I'll be there in a moment," Blaine says calmly, the order clear in his voice.

Kurt hesitates slightly, stuttering out random words that don't make sense, but he goes anyway and sits on a chair at the table, the feeling strange. He hasn't sat on one since he was seventeen — when he met Blaine and they started the process. And that was five years ago.

Now that he's twenty two and Blaine's, he doesn't have the need to sit on a chair, finding comfort in sitting at his Dom's feet. It was never a rule, per se. It is natural for Kurt to do. It makes him feel safe, and more comfortable than sitting as an equal with Blaine.

Kurt places his head in his hands and focuses on not having a panic attack. He needs to stay calm — for Blaine. So he counts.

In, two, three, four, out, two, three, four.

"Good boy," Blaine says quietly as he drags a chair around to sit directly next to Kurt and rests a warm hand on his back. "My good boy."

Kurt looks up at that, the simple praise warming his heart immediately.

"W-what did- what was he saying?" Kurt asks, rubbing at his eye slightly. A nervous habit he's picked up over the years. He knows it makes him look child like, but it brings him comfort in doing something.

"Baby, the new president has decided to outlaw this kind of relationship; he wants everyone to be equal again. He's noticed an alarming increase in abuse rates, and he just doesn't think it's safe anymore." Blaine pauses and looks at him carefully, but Kurt just sits there unmoving, feeling completely numb. So Blaine continues "He also has reason to believe that we Doms have pressured you into this kind of relationship against your will." Blaine takes a deep breath and takes Kurt's hand in his. "It's going back to the way things were before all of this."

In 2015, D/s relationships became more of the norm, and more and more people entered into them. By 2016 most of the world had moved from marriages and into claimed pairs, choosing who would be Dominant and who would be submissive themselves. While it was more common to have this kind of relationship, it didn't mean people were forced into it. The older generation especially kept their marriage and remained equals. It wasn't all that common, but it definitely wasn't unheard of to run into a husband and wife.

"B-but, I need this. I need the simple orders; I need you to be in charge of me… This is all I've ever known. And I want this as much as you do, if not more. He can't do this."

"He can baby, and he did. If someone is caught in this kind of relationship, they could be put to death or worse — put into jail."

Kurt pales at this. Jails and prison wards had become progressively worse over the years. No one knew exactly what happened in there. They only knew that screams of pure agony could be heard from a mile away. Once you were in, no matter how many years that was, you never came out alive.

Kurt shivered at the thought of ever having to go in there.

"He says we have to go back to the way things were in at least a week. It's so that you can get used to being considered my equal and we can start weaning you off taking orders and doing things yourself. I'm so sorry, baby."

Kurt starts to shake, trying so hard to focus on his breathing.

In, two, three, four. Out, two, three, four. In, two, thre-

"What do you need from me baby? Tell what you need me to do." Kurt only shakes his head. He can't think straight, can't wrap his mind around everything that's happened and what's going to happen. His mind is swirling, lost in an in-between state of consciousness and not knowing what way is up or down.

He's vaguely aware of being picked up and carried bridal style to the bedroom. Kurt comes back only for a little bit to realize that Blaine is lovingly spreading his arms above his head and tying them to the bed, going back down to tie his ankles as well. Blaine pulls a few blankets from the chest at the end of their bed and lays them over Kurt's body, tucking him in to keep him warm.

And Kurt can't help but think what a wonderful Dom he has, knowing exactly what he needs.

"Now baby, I need you to come back to me for a just a couple more seconds. Are you with me?" Kurt nods his head, wide eyes staring up at his Dom where he is straddling his hips. "I'm going to give you everything. I need to make a few phone calls so I'm going to attach a buzzer to your hand. If you need anything, anything at all, you press that buzzer and I'll come right away. Do you understand, sweetheart?"

"Yes Sir. If I need anything, press the button," Kurt whispers, still staring up at Blaine with all the trust in the world.

"Good boy. My good, good boy. Alright, I'm going to blindfold you now, and then I'll gag you." Kurt nods in understanding and is soon met with darkness, slowly but surely slipping under into blissful subspace, only aware of his Dom's fingers slipping the ball between Kurt's teeth and buckling it behind his head, and then tape wrapping around an object in his hand. "I know you're probably under right now, but can you make sure the buzzer works, sweetheart?"

It takes a few minutes for Kurt to process what Blaine has said, but then presses the button.

"Good boy." He feels light lips on his forehead and his cheek before the weight of the extra body is gone. "I'll be in the kitchen baby. No matter what, push that button, even if it's just that you need more blankets or something."

But Kurt is under too far to understand fully, except that his Dom has taken care of him and his needs and will now be somewhere other than the bedroom. And that is perfectly fine with Kurt.

If Blaine wasn't sitting on the couch during the announcement on the news, he is sure he would have collapsed right then as the president delivered his speech. He didn't know what to do when Kurt came in, looking even paler than he was originally.

As Kurt did as he was told and sat in the dining room, Blaine has to lean back against the couch and run his hand over his face to fully concentrate on the rest of the new president's words.

"If anyone is to flee to Canada or any other country without proper clause, other than to be in this relationship will not be given a choice, but rather thrown straight into jail."

The president went on and on, and soon Blaine blocked him out completely.

Of course, he didn't hear anything about submissive rehabilitation, which he is sure most people would need to transfer from being one thing in a relationship to the complete opposite. If Kurt was having this reaction, he wasn't sure how others were doing… especially since they had only just gotten into their claim four years ago.

He couldn't help but think about those people who had been subs for the whole fifteen years, depending completely on their Doms to take care of them, only to have that taken away and have to deal with things on their own.

He knows of at least two couples where the subs have given full reign to their Doms — Mike and Tina and Santana and Brittany. How would they pick out their own clothes each day? Figure out what to eat for each meal? What would happen to them?

With a sigh, he turns off the television and side steps the broken glass and cooling coffee still on the ground. He resolves to clean it up later, his first concern being Kurt at the moment. Everything else would just have to wait.

Blaine quickly explains the situation to Kurt, opting not to tell him about what the president had said about fleeing to Canada. He knows Kurt will want to first thing, but Blaine can't risk it. He knows that it will actually kill Kurt to be away from his father.

Blaine isn't surprised when Kurt seems to be slipping into a minor panic attack. Ever since Kurt graduated, he had trouble with occasional attacks. It happened at least once a week, and Blaine knew exactly what to do in each case.

Blaine knows that Kurt revels in the feeling of being tied down by his Dom, the safety and security it provides. That's how they originally decided their roles once they decided they would want to be together forever.

("I secretly love giving someone all the control," Kurt had said just five years ago when they first started talking about everything. "I seem like a controlling person, but it gets stressful after awhile. Every once in awhile, I just dream about being tied up and not having to do anything but be dependent on someone.")

So it was decided. Blaine would be the Dom — which he was more than happy with the role- and Kurt would be the sub, giving almost everything over to Blaine. Of course, Kurt still had free reign over what he wore each day, per his request, and Blaine knew he wouldn't be able to convince Kurt otherwise, which he was perfectly fine with. Blaine wanted Kurt to have his freedom as well. Kurt could choose whatever he wanted to eat, but Blaine would have the final say, and would push Kurt to eat more, knowing about his eating problems that had developed over the four years of high school. Kurt was also required to eat three regular meals each day, with a healthy snack between lunch and dinner. Everything else though, he handed it all to Blaine to take care of. And Blaine did.

And now Blaine can't.

Blaine gently carries Kurt to the bedroom and gives him everything that Blaine knew Kurt needed and let him drift off into subspace. They had done this every once in awhile, so Blaine was more than confident that Kurt would press the buzzer when he needed something and Blaine would be able to hear it.

He carefully walks out the door, looking back once more to make sure Kurt at least looked comfortable and by his seemingly relaxed position, he was deep in subspace. Blaine smiles slightly at the beautiful sight and wonders how long he could possibly keep this image for when he couldn't see it live.

He digs his cell phone out of his pocket and sees three missed phone calls from Burt Hummel.

After George Anderson kicked him out for wanting to claim Kurt, Burt became his father figure. Whenever he needed something that he knew Kurt wouldn't be able to help with, he turned to Burt, and he was more than happy to help.

With shaky fingers, Blaine presses the speed dial for Burt and waits as it rings twice before it clicks and a gruff, but quick "Hello" sounds on the other line.

"H-hey Burt."

"Hey kid, did you see the news?"

Blaine sighs and nods. "Yeah, I did. Kurt freaked out a bit."

"What do you mean "a bit"? Burt asks, and Blaine can only imagine him sitting down at the table and leaning his forehead against his hand.

"He's in the bedroom right now… relaxing." Some things you just don't tell parents — their son being tied up with everything they owned and now floating in subspace was one of those things.

"Alright… I figured he would have a little bit of trouble with this. He's only ever known how to obey. But what about you? How are you holding up?"

Blaine only leans against the counter and bites his lip. "I-I don't know. This is all we've ever known, Burt… How- how do we just go back to how things were when we were just babies? We don't know how to just be boyfriends."

When they first started talking about their relationship, they wanted to follow the norm. Yes, they could have just been boyfriend and then husbands, but they both decided that they didn't want to be the only ones outside of their friends and family to not be in a D/s relationship.

The beginning was tense, not knowing exactly what the other wanted. Kurt had reluctantly agreed to have Blaine be the Dominant because that was what his own father wanted (not that it mattered anymore that his father practically disowned him) and Kurt would do anything if it meant that he would be with Blaine.

But after awhile, they fell into their roles and were comfortable with it all, not wanting their relationship any other way.

"I know bud. But Carole and I have been in marriages. We were here long before this new relationship came to be. If you need any help, maybe you could fly out to Ohio for a couple of weeks… we could help you guys get reacquainted. Get situated in this new lifestyle."

"We'll probably take you up on that. I don't even know what's going to happen when I have to take his collar away. God, this whole thing is so messed up."

"I know bud, I know." He can hear Carole saying something to Burt and a heavy sigh. "If either of you need any help at all, give us a call anytime, alright bud?"

"O-ok. Thank you Burt."

"Not a problem kid. Now, take care of yourself, ok? I know you're going to spend a lot of time helping Kurt, but set aside some time to help yourself. He's not the only one who's going to go through a hard time."

Blaine nods and steadies himself on the counter. "I will. We'll talk to you soon. Bye."

"Bye son."

Blaine's next call, the one he is most concerned about, is Mike. They're in a total power exchange relationship where Tina gave everything over to Mike, nothing is her decision.

"Hey man, I'm sorry but now is not the best time," Mike says hurriedly, and Blaine can hear small sniffles and a choked out sob in the background. "I-I'll call you back later."

"Alright Mike. Listen; if you need anything at all, just give me a call."

"Thanks man. I'll talk to you later."

Blaine hangs up and slams the phone on the counter and lets his head rest in his folded arms.

This is going to be a long week.

Blaine goes back into the bedroom and sits on the chair in the corner, not wanting to disturb Kurt. He needs this, so Blaine lets him have this time.

Blaine grabs his laptop from the table, opens a new tab and types "How to be in a regular marriage".

He copies and pastes everything that can possibly be useful into a word document and cringes every time he reads "They both make decisions, compromising when they don't agree. When they can't agree, they move on and attack the problem again."

Whenever they had an argument, Blaine would have overall say in the matter. He would of course listen to Kurt's side, but Blaine would make the final decision.

What would Kurt do when they had their first argument? Would he let Blaine make the final decision about everything, not being able to have a say?

What would Blaine do? Would he result in being demanding and telling Kurt what to do again? Would it result in Kurt having a panic attack if Blaine caught himself and forced Kurt to make the decision?

Blaine quickly closes the lid, takes a deep breath and closing his eyes, wills the headache that has formed to go away.

He can't think about all of this now — not if it's going to cause him so much pain to not properly take care of Kurt.

He looks up to the very relaxed Kurt, still spread out on the bed. Blaine so badly wants to go over and lie on top of him and hold him close, but he doesn't want to disturb Kurt's state of being at the moment. So he's content to sit there and watch as Kurt breathes in and out.

Blaine doesn't know how long it's been or even if he dozed off or not, but he opens his eyes quickly when he hears a buzzer go off.

Sure enough, Kurt has his thumb pressed on the button and Blaine is quick to go to him and take the blindfold off.

"Hello Beautiful," Blaine says quietly, tossing the blindfold aside and stroking his cheek softly, taking in Kurt's sleepy and dazed gaze, as he works the ball gag off. "How are you feeling?"

"M' tired," Kurt mumbles, moving his jaw to loosen it up. Blaine takes a bottle of water they always keep near the bed, uncaps it and lifts his subs head so Kurt can take a sip. "Thank you, Sir."

"You are more than welcome, sweetheart," Blaine says quietly as he works at untying Kurt's wrist and ankle restraints, pressing tender kisses to each wrist and ankle before moving to the side again to grab the water and place it to Kurt's lips again, making sure Kurt is fully hydrated.

The first time they tried the ball gag, they were inexperienced of course and afterwards Kurt collapsed from dehydration. This leading to the rule that Kurt must drink a full bottle of water before doing any other activity.

"You doing ok? Physically, I mean." Blaine knows very well what was going on with Kurt's emotions.

"I'm fine, Sir. How long was I under?"

Blaine looks to the clock and shrugs. "Only a couple hours. Definitely not the longest you've been under." Blaine remembers all too well the time when Burt had a second heart attack and Kurt couldn't get to him that night. He spent four hours under, two of them in full bondage, the other two spent at Blaine's feet at Blaine's persistence.

("I don't want anything bad to happen to you, sweetheart. The gag makes it hard for you to breath. I'll put handcuffs on you though, but not the gag.")

When Kurt finishes the bottle, he sits up fully as Blaine places the object on the nightstand and settles next to Kurt, wrapping an arm around his subs waist and places a kiss to his exposed neck.

"I love you my beautiful boy, so incredibly much."

"I love you too, Sir," Kurt responds with a sigh, closing his eyes once more.

They lie like that for awhile until Kurt's breathing deepens and Blaine knows he's completely asleep even though it's only four in the afternoon.

Blaine lets him, carefully getting off of the bed and adjusting Kurt so he's lying down again and returns to the living room to see what else he could gather from the television.

"Blaine?" Kurt calls about an hour later. Blaine turns off the television and walks quickly to the bedroom.

"Hey, sweetheart. Have a nice nap?" Blaine asks softly as he sits on the edge of the bed and rests his hand on the other side of Kurt's body so he's over his boy.

"Yeah I did. I'm sorry I just fell asleep like that."

Blaine only kisses his forehead and then his lips. "Don't apologize. I know how you are when you come back after being under for so long. Are you hungry?"

Kurt nods sheepishly, holding his stomach as it lets out a small noise in agreement.

"Let's go make something then!"

Blaine holds his hand out to Kurt, who takes it gratefully and leads them to the kitchen. Blaine knows that he's avoiding the issue at hand, but he doesn't want to have to deal with it. Not yet.

He'll just wait until tomorrow when Kurt's in the right mindset.

They move around the kitchen, moving around each other with ease, and Blaine loves the idea of putting off talking to Kurt about this whole ideal until tomorrow. Because Kurt looks so incredibly content and at ease, and he does not want to take that away.

So they sit for dinner, Blaine not commenting on the fact that Kurt is at his feet like he always is and they eat in comfortable silence. Every once in awhile Kurt will place his cheek against Blaine's thigh and Blaine will run soothing fingers through his hair, scratching his scalp slightly and Kurt makes a content noise before sitting back up to continue.

Later they will put in a movie, Kurt will sit against Blaine's legs on the ground and Blaine will thread his fingers through his sub's hair, wondering if there was any way to fight against the president so they could keep it this way.