A/N- I'm baaaacccckkk! And evil as ever, I'm sorry to say. Don't worry though, I won't leave y'all hanging too long with this, it was originally intended as a one-shot, but I thought "what the heck" and decided to make it a multi-chap. I know, I'm torturing Sammy again, my dearest apologies, but I can't help myself; but don't worry, this is not a deathfic, I won't do that to you guys yet. *ducks*

Summary: Years have passed since the Winchester brothers murdered her family and yet, Missy Bender was more determined then ever to get revenge. She was older and wiser now, and she had her sites set on Sam Winchester when he was at his most vulnerable. AU to Season 8. Blind/Hurt/Limp Sam, Pissed-Off/Hurt/Over-Protective Big Brother Dean and Motherly/Protective Sheriff Mills.

Vengeance is Mine

Written by: Erin

"C'mon, Sammy, answer your damn phone," Dean growled in frustration as his brother's voice mail sounded in his ear once again. With a groan, he snapped his phone shut only to re-open it again and press speed dial 1.

"It's Sam. Leave me a message."

"Sam, I swear to God, if you don't pick up…" Dean felt his voice crack and with a shake of his head, moved the phone away from his ear again and snapped it shut. Frustration and concern ate at him as he tossed the phone over to the opposite bed, the bed which usually belonged to Sam.

Except Sam was missing. Again. His brother wasn't answering his phone, it kept going straight to voicemail. Any time this happened, it could mean one thing and one thing only: Sammy was in trouble and Dean wasn't there to help him. Hell, he hadn't been there to help him all year thanks to a year long trip to Purgatory…

But he was out now and after having made the long trek from where he had managed to make his escape, he knew he had to find his little brother. He thought it would be so easy, call his brother up, find out where he was…but not this time. Once the older Winchester had managed to finally make his way to Rufus' cabin and had seen his beloved Chevy Impala parked out front, Dean's big brother instincts kicked into overdrive. It was as if he had never been gone at all.

The car was there, but the cabin was empty, save for all of Sam's belongings…except for his phones. It was as if his brother had just decided to go for a nice long walk, but didn't come back. And it had been over 24 hours.

Something was wrong. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt something was wrong.

With a low growl, Dean reached for his phone once more and pressed speed dial 1 once more. If Sam didn't answer this time, if his phone was still turned off, so help him…His little brother was going to be in for a shit load of anger from Dean, that was for sure-

Just as the older Winchester started making his own mental list of what to do when he finally got a hold of his pain-in-the-ass, always-making-him-worry brother, Dean's breath suddenly caught in his throat as the phone finally starting ringing on the other end of the line. His heart racing rapidly as he waited impatiently, Dean rose to his feet and started pacing from one end of the room to the other.

"C'mon, damnit," He cursed over and over again, lifting his green eyes to the ceiling and groaning. Just as he was beyond certain he was going to be stuck with his brother's voicemail once more, the sound of someone picking up on the other end of the line sounded in his ear. Stopping in mid-pace in the middle of the cabin, Dean waited until he could find his voice before uttering softly,



Nothing except for the all-too obvious sound of someone breathing…and breathing loudly at that.

Dean's brow furrowed as the knot in his stomach grew and he growled into the mouthpiece,

"Who the hell is this?"

More silence greeted him for another few moments before an unfamiliar female voice sounded on the other end,

"You'll find out."

Dean's heart thudded loudly in his chest as he raced to the other side of the room and grabbed his jacket before heading out the door of the cabin,

"Where's my brother?" He demanded, not really expecting an answer but knew it was worth a shot. As long as he had this person on the line, he'd be able to track the call to the GPS in the Impala and thus locate his little brother…

"Wouldn't you like to know, Dean?" The stranger chuckled in his ear, causing a shiver to run down the older Winchester's spine,

"I mean, after all, you adore this little piece of shit, don't you?"

Dean climbed into the driver's seat of the Impala and brought the car to life, pressing the speaker button on the phone as he turned on the GPS,

"If you hurt him, if you so much as touch a hair on his head, so help me God…"

"It's a little too late for that now, isn't it, sweetie?" The person continued, her voice changing into mock sympathy,

"Poor little brother. I mean, where were you all those months? Where were you when your sweet little Sammy has been suffering? Where were you when he cried out for you night after night, knowing you wouldn't come-"

"Shut the hell up!" Dean snapped, pulling the Impala out of the driveway, tired squealing. He glanced down at the GPS and tried to ignore the fact that the destination was hours away and focused on the caller. This bitch would pay; if she had his brother the entire time he was in Purgatory, what did that mean? What kind of condition was Sam in?

"Let me talk to him," Dean demanded, his voice leaving no room for argument, but instead the person on Sam's cell laughed loudly.

"Oh that's too funny," She chuckled,

"Just too funny."

And before Dean could interrupt, the line went dead in his ear and the older brother shouted loudly in the empty car,

"Son of a bitch!"


The darkness and pain was nothing new when he opened his eyes a crack, wishing once again that this was all a horrible nightmare. He would wake up in a nice, comfortable motel bed, his brother sound asleep in the bed next to his closest to the door. The two would make wise cracks at each other as they prepared for their next hunt and he would just shake this off as just a vivid dream that only felt too real.

Except that wasn't the case.

He had been in here too long, he didn't know how much time had passed, but it was most certainly long enough. He stopped counting the days and weeks a long time ago…But he knew that this wasn't a dream; it wasn't a sick joke. He was still trapped, he still couldn't see and it was still cold. He didn't know how long he had been forced to wear the same clothes, he couldn't remember, but he did know that the thin t-shirt he was wearing did nothing to shield him from the cold he felt day in and day out.

Most of all though, he wished more then anything that his brother was there; he missed him more then he ever thought possible. But he was dead. He had to be dead. He wouldn't still be in this position if he was still alive, would he? He wouldn't leave him, he knew that much if nothing else. So that left only one option.

Dean was dead.

Everything he had done before he found himself here, all the research he had attempted after Dean had ganked Dick Roman, all lead to him believing the same thing. Dean wasn't alive. The most logical option had been that he had been zapped to Purgatory, but that option had left his mind the minute he had looked around the lab and seen nothing but black goo.

"It looks like you are well and truly on your own."

Those words Crowley had spoken to him had to have a double meaning and the more he had thought of it, the more he started to believe it. But yet at the same time, the nagging feeling wouldn't leave his brain: What if he was alive?

But then he could also have exploded along with Dick and that left him feeling sicker then he had ever felt in his life. Lucifer and the hallucination were nothing to how he felt right then.

With a painful huff, Sam placed his hands on the hard floor and tried to push himself up as far as he would go until his head his something solid. Groaning, Sam lowered himself back down to the ground and leaned back, blindly reaching a shaky hand out and grasping metal bars of the cage he was locked in. Once again wishing that his sight was at least restored, Sam let his head rest against the bars and opened his mouth,

"Jody… you still there…?"

Feeling a cold hand grasp onto his and squeeze from the other side of the bars, Sam breathed a small sigh of relief as he heard his friend's voice,

"I'm still here, Sam."

Sheriff Jody Mills kept her hand on Sam's as she leaned against the bars of her own cage, knowing Sam needed to have the physical contact from her to at least know he wasn't alone. She squeezed the younger man's hand as she spoke softly,

"Feeling any better, honey?"

Sam shook his head miserably as he sank deeper to the floor,

"No." He took a deep breath and continued,

"Is she coming…?"

Jody looked around and was grateful the two had some privacy this morning, unlike some when their captor would be outside the cages when they awoke. When that happened, Jody knew they were in for a hell of a day,

"No, honey, she's not." Jody squeezed Sam's hand once more before releasing it and moved to grab her plate of food-or rather slop-and tried to push it through the bars,

"Sam, you have to eat; she hasn't fed you in days-"

"No, you need it, Sheriff," Sam kept his eyes closed, knowing it was useless anyway to try and blink his sight back. He felt the plate of food press against his hand and he waved it away weakly,

"I can't take it-"

"Yes, you can, and you will," Jody firmly interrupted, shoving the plate all the way through into Sam's cage,

"Don't make me use my mom voice now, Sam; she's making you suffer more then me because of what happened to her cannibalistic family, I just happened to be there with you, so that's why I'm stronger right now. Eat, Sam, I won't tell you twice."

Sam sighed softly, his stomach growling uncontrollably at just the very thought of food. He knew Jody was right, but…


He heard Jody's voice toughen and felt her hand grasp his shoulder, shaking him gently,

"You're gonna get even more ill if you don't eat, you know that."

Sam shook his head at the feel of his friend's hand and his thoughts immediately shifted to Dean; memories swarmed over him at Jody's orders, these were the types of things his big brother always did, when he took care of him when he was younger and even as he got older. No matter what, Dean was always there for him, never taking no for an answer especially when it came to his health.

"Dean…" He mumbled incoherently as he felt his eyes prickle with unshed tears.

Jody's heart clenched as her friend said the name of his older brother again, just like he did nightly when he slept. Sam had a tendency lately to talk in his sleep since they'd been here and each time, Dean's name was always on the younger Winchester's lips. She wished more then anything she could wave a magic wand and transport herself and Sam out of here and bring Dean back wherever he was. She didn't know if his brother was dead or alive; she knew the odds were stacked against them and nothing looked good. If Dean was alive, Sam wouldn't be here, that was all there was to it.

"I know, sweetie," She dropped the food subject for the time being, but kept her hand on his shoulder, squeezing it, all the while wishing once again the metal bars weren't between them so she could comfort him properly. The older woman felt her own eyes sting with tears as she saw Sam's finally start to fall that morning,

"I know."