Chapter 1

Kristina Daae

"What are you doing here?" A woman with brown hair and slight streaks of hair who has her hair braided up and brown hair and black eyes asks me. She is skinny and is wearing dark clothes. I whimper, shrinking back.

"I am Madame Giry. What is your name?" she softly speaks.

"K-kristina. Kristina Daae." I stumble over my words, my voice creaking.

"Are you not cold? Come, Kristina." she murmurs.

"My Daddy," I pause, my eyes lighting up, "he said to wait here. He said he would come right back, miss." She looks at my ragged clothes, dirty face, and stringy hair, "When did he tell you this, Kristina?"

"He told me-" I pause, remembering, "five days ago." Madame Giry's mouth opens, then closes, thinking.

"Kristina, I work here. Do you know this place?" I nod, eagerly, looking at the place Daddy said I would work at, "Yes, my Daddy always told me..." I quiet down-this was Daddy and my dream-not something simple to share. She waits for a minute, then, "I will find your Daddy for you, my dear. Just come inside with me. I will give you some food and water." I purse my small red mouth, "Perhaps-" then, "No... I mustn't. Daddy is coming-he must be coming soon." As I see Madame Giry's sad looks and shaking head, I wail, "H-he promised! He promised, he would come right back-and that the Angel would watch-"

I open my eyes. I cautiously tiptoe from my bed-wait, bed? I turn around and stare at the strange little room I'm in. I shout the only name I remember, "Madame Giry!" The woman comes, "Kristina, you've waken. You fainted, so, I brought you into my home." When she sees my forlorn look, she reassures me, "Don't worry, I'm looking for your Daddy." Her words calm me, a bit. I nod, "Thank you, Madame Giry." Her look saddens, "Kristina," she pauses, "your Daddy might've... never mind. Why don't you wash up and change? Join me-and my daughter, Meg, for dinner." I grin at the thought of food and Madame Giry shuts the door.

I enter the bathroom, put on the water, and slip into the bathtub. I rub the soap and cleanse myself. I wash my hair and rinse the bubbles out of my hair. I use the towel to wash the droplets off me and change into the blue dress and a long green sweater Madame Giry laid out for me. I leave the warm bathroom to outside the room.

"You're ready?" a girl about my age, with blonde hair and blue eyes beams. I falter, "Where's Madame Giry?"

"Oh, that's my Mother. My name's Meg!" I stutter, "Oh, she mentioned you." Meg nods, grasping my arm, "Let's go eat. I'm starving." she giggles while we're walking, when my stomach growls.

"Meg!" I see Madame Giry seated at a wooden table, "I told you not too!" Meg pouts, "But Mother!" Madame Giry glares at Meg, then to me, "I'm sorry if Meg bothered you. Anyways-Kristina Daae, this is my daughter Meg. Meg, Kristina. I suppose you're hungry?" I simply nod and we both sit down.

"My daughter's the seven. How old are you?" Madame Giry questions.

"Seven." I say as I look at my empty plate, longing for more. Meg laughs, "Mother, I think Kristina's really hungry." Madame nods and leaves.

"So, why are you here?" Meg asks, out of curiosity. I try to hold back the tears and bite my lip. Madame enters the room, takes one look at my face, and turns to Meg, putting down the plate.

"Meg! What'd you say?" Meg shrugs, "Just where her parents where, Mother."

"MEG!" Madame Giry looks furious, "What'd I tell you before?" Then she turns to me, "I'm sorry Meg upset you, Kristina. But... maybe it would be better to learn a bit more about you? To find your Daddy." I open my mouth, "I... travel with my Daddy-he plays the violin." She gently says, as she pours some more food on my plate, "What about your Mother?"

"She's... gone." I gulp. Madame Giry simply nods and sits down.

"I work as the head maid in the movie making business. Meg is one of the background dancers-perhaps you would like to join her? I mean, it would give you something to do, because Meg and I will be gone when I go to work..." Madame Giry trails off.

"Well, I suppose-" Madame Giry nods, pleased, "Of course then, Meg, you will help her won't you?" Meg nods, "Oh, yeah! We can dance together! And, of course, Mother!"