Chapter 4


Watching Tiria and Alisa be scared, that was what they deserved. But... as I watched further, I saw kind Kristina trying to comfort Alisa-who had hurt Kristina... but how DARE Alisa shove her to the ground? She had absolutely no right to. I was enraged, but I stayed to watch Kristina. I was glad she at least had Meg to support her. Madame Giry came quickly after, so I left to put in a little note to the managers.

I return to my lair, and quickly took out a pen and dip my pen in the black ink:

Dear Managers,

I know that you are new and I except the same payment as the last managers payed me. I demand you fire one of the background dancers, Alisa, and perhaps Tiria. I hope you clearly understand.

Phantom of the Set

I seal the envelope and stamp it. I walk swiftly behind the walls of the set. I find Madame Giry talking to the managers. I wait for her to finish, then when she exits, I step out.

"Madame Giry." I appear. She calmly greets me, "It's been a while." I nod, "Yes. Please, deliver this to the managers..." Madame Giry turns to leave.

"Oh, and Madame?" I speak and she turns, "Yes?"

"What is that," I swallow, "new girl doing here?" Madame answers, "Her name's Kristina Daae. Her father, I'm afraid, is dead... for now, I'm told her I'm looking for him. She's the same age as Meg. I didn't think you would notice." I laugh, "Oh, Madame, there's nothing that can be hidden from me, I'm afraid." Madame purses her lips, "I must leave, Meg and Kristina must be waiting for me. And, Eric... you won't do anything to Kristina, will you?" I harshly say, hurt, "What do you think I am to hurt a little girl? Especially one who so reminds me of me?" I whip my cloak and turn, ready to enter back to the wall, "You're planning to raise her on your own?" I say, as I open the wall's secret door.

"Yes, Eric, I am. And I will treat her like my very own. Farewell, then?" I nod, "Goodbye, Madame. Until the next time." I quickly enter the door and shut it, quietly. I compose the song and sleep, waking at the night. I exit to get a fresh breath of air at night. I decide to check on Kristina at Madame's home.

"Oh, Daddy... help me, Daddy... you taught me to be kind... I tried, Daddy, I tired to comfort Alisa, but I think I've hurt her-but I don't know how I did or why. I'm so confused and scared... I..." she falters.

"Help me, Daddy... send me the Angel." she whispers, and she's silent, but I can see the tears sliding down.

"Daddy, send me the Angel of Music..." after a few minutes, she sings.

"Father once you spoke of an angel. I used to dream he'd appear. Now as I sing I can sense him, and I know he's here," her voice squeaks a bit-but perhaps it is because she hasn't been trained. She continues, "Here in this room, he calls me softly. He, the unseen genius. Angel of music, guard and guardian. Grant me your glory. Angel of music, hide no longer. Secret and strange angel. He's with me even now, all around me." she finishes. Some might describe her voice as rusty... but, not I. I find beauty in her voice... untrained-but, in a few years... if only I could be able to train her... perhaps?" I thought about it, then call.

"Kristina, Kristina." I softly call. She looks around as I come out of the wall, "Do not be frightened, my dear child." I looked into her warm blue eyes as I saw her hair was honey blonde, not brown.

"Angel of Music?" she whispers, as if unbelieving. I approach her, "Yes, it is I."

"Oh, Maestro. I don't believe it... thank you... but I am not worthy, for I have not talents..." she says, looking to her hands.

"Oh, child... I have heard you sing-it is a beautiful voice... you just need a bit of training."

"Maestro, I have no one to train me... I would rather stay unnoticed, blending with the crowd." I step a bit more forward, "Kristina, I will train you... however, you must not tell anyone about me. Come, visit me in my... lair." Looking only to me, she follows me outside, into the cold. I take off my cloak and drape it around her shivering shoulders.

"Thank you, Maestro." she is about to take my hand, but I leap away, "I am sorry, Kristina." she looks down, "I'm so sorry, Maestro. Have I hurt you?" her eyes begin to well up, her blue, watery eyes staring up at me.

"No, Kristina, it's alright, child." I tap a piece of the wall, opening a secret doorway, leading to another. I guide her, slowly, making sure she doesn't stumble over the bricks and dirt.

"Maestro, I don't mean to complain, but it's so dark." Kristina's voice sounded.

"I'm sorry, Kristina." I click a button, putting on a few lights. I apologize, "I apologize, Kristina... I prefer the dark." Kristina looks to me, "Oh, no, Maestro. It's alright."

"Here we are. Let me help you up the horse." I smile, gesturing to the white horse. Kristina gleefully pets it, "Oh, Maestro! A horse! It's beautiful! May I truly ride it?" she looks to me. I nod, a smile slowly coming to my face.

"Here, let me help you." I gently lift her up on the horse and then climb up myself. We ride for a few minutes, then arriving at a small pool of water. I tap in a few things, click on a button, and a wooden brown boat with paddles appears from the ceiling.

"Oh, Maestro, Daddy was right, you truly are a genius, aren't you?" she smiles, sincerely at me. I carefully smile back and we get in the boat. I paddle us across to my lair.

"Maestro, is this your home?" she asks. I look grimly around, "I... yes, it has been my home for a bit of a while."

"Wow, it's like your own underground world." she says, looking around in awe. I nod, "Yes... my very own underground world. Now, we can start training..."