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The Only Blonde in the Family


This is an Alternate Universe telling of Sailor Moon. Some years after Beryl's defeat in Japan, Usagi, Mamoru, Motoki, all the Senshi & all the Shitennou were reborn in the United States, one by one. Some were born as siblings, others as cousins, friends, acquaintances or strangers. They each grew up with no memories of their past lives. However, when the paths of Usagi and Mamoru who were reborn as Serena and Darien, collided, the Senshi and Shitennou's memories were restored and they became the Scouts and Generals to protect the world once again. Whilst the Inner Scouts and Generals who are dating each other, try to get their leaders back together without revealing the past to them, they were joined by ebony haired 8 years old twin boys & 4 years old twin girls from the future: Darren, Darryl, Sara & Suri Shields, making Serena...'TOBITF'

TOBITF takes place approximately thirty years after the battle with Beryl. The children, being Serena and Darien's future children, are therefore direct descendants of the Moon and Earth Royalty and each are either a silver crystal or a gold crystal carrier. The nature of their crystals/powers will be explored as the story progresses. Why Motoki was reborn with S&D and the rest will also be addressed.

Warning: TOBITF is meant to be light hearted and not to be overanalysed. Relevant information/history/background pertaining to the characters or crystals will unfold along with the story. Just enjoy the ride! ;)


Crystal Tokyo (Distant Future)

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter were thwarting the attacks from Rubeus and Saphire whilst Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus and the Shittennou were fighting a dozen Demoniaques and droids. Neo Queen Serenity stopped in the mist of her attacks when she saw two very familiar looking Demoniaques. Turning to her husband, she saw that he too had seen these Demoniaques. They nodded at each other and each signalled the respective leaders of their personal Guards before heading back into the palace. General Kunzite and Sailor Venus nodded in understanding and immediately took over the fights their leaders had promptly left.

Inside the Palace

"Oh Darien! Must we?" Serena sighed, clearly agitated.

As anxious as his wife but hiding it better, Darien replied. "You know we must. We can't risk altering the course of time."

"But the girls are so small. If we have to send our girls, couldn't we..."

"No. We can't my love. You know we can't. But if memories of the past are to be relied upon, they'd be safe, they'd have fun running us around in circles and they'll come back safe. We sent them back to us, safe and sound, remember?" Darien tried to assure his queen.

A half smile formed on Serena's lips at the memories her husband was referring to. All too soon the two monarchs came to a stop in front the palace common room which also serves as the panic room for the royal family members (including children of the Senshi and Shitennou). Taking the shield down, Serena and Darien entered a room filled with children, sitting together. They were immediately surrounded.

A variety of "Why can't we help?" can be heard from the older children whilst various "Is it over yet?" came from the younger children.

Serena and Darien tried to calm the children but time was of an essence here.

Serena put her hands on two identical 4 years old raven haired girls and motioned for two identical 8 years old ebony haired boys to join her.

"The fight is not over yet children. We need you to stay here for a while longer. Michael, Jaden, you boys are in charge. Once we leave, put the shield back up and make sure everybody stays put. Don't come out until one of us come and get you," Darien commanded.

"You guys are coming with us," said Serena to the two sets of twins with her.

Immediately after hugging a few of the children and assuring them that everything will be fine, Darien, Serena and the twins headed out to be met outside the room by Sailor Pluto who was holding small backpacks in one hand and her Garnet orb on the other.

"Mummy, where are we going?" asked one of the girls.

"We're going to the time corridor little ones," she answered quietly.

The children even at their young age must've understood the direness of the situation for no other words were uttered until their destination was reached.

In front of the archway leading to the time corridor, Serena crouched down and put one hand on each girl's shoulder whilst Darien did the same with the boys.

"Now, listen to me carefully children. Sailor Pluto is going to give you Luna P which will take you back to the past, back to the time when Mummy and Daddy don't remember who we are..." Serena began gently. Taking two small backpacks from Sailor Pluto she started putting each on each girl's back.

"You must find the Senshi and the Shitennou and tell them that Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask must be reawakened but they must regain their past memories on their own. Tell them that you need to be trained to wield the silver and the gold crystal properly and that Demoniaques can only be destroyed by the power of the silver crystal and the golden crystal together," Darien continued, doing the same with the boys.

"Sara, Suri, you must hold on to Luna P and never let go. Promise me, you'll never let go of Luna P and of each other inside the time corridor and never let it out of your sight in the past!" Serena stressed urgently.

"It's important not to let too much information about the future out, if any at all. Luna P will guide you in what you're allowed to tell and what you must keep secret," Sailor Pluto instructed.

"Take care of yourself and take care of each other," were Serena's last request of her children before hugging them tightly.

Darien too hugged his children, whispering softly as to not to be heard by his wife and Sailor Pluto "In the past that you're going back to, Mummy and Daddy aren't exactly friends. Every time I make her cry, Sara, Suri, make sure you pinch me hard. Darryl, Darren, stand up for her, don't let me hurt her. You even have my permission to punch me..." he sigh wistfully before continuing "take care of each other now."

"Come now, little princes and princesses," said Sailor Pluto.

Darien and Serena stood with their arms around each other, watching as their little ones followed Sailor Pluto into the time corridor...

Character Index

Darien Shields: 22 (turning 23) years old. Reincarnated Prince Endymion of Earth/Reincarnated Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask/Future King Endymion. Along with Tuxedo Mask's ability as in the manga and anime, he is capable of physical healing, communicating with and controlling the flora, fauna, weather and the earth. Once his memory is regained, Darien can communicate telepathically with his Generals, his future children and Serena.

Serena Taylor: 17 (turning 18) years old. Reincarnated Princess Serenity/Reincarnated Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon/Future Neo Queen Serenity. Along with Sailor Moon's ability as in the manga and anime, she is capable of telekinesis. Once her memory is regained, Serena can communicate telepathically with her Scouts, her future children and Darien.

Mina Andrews: 18 years old. Reincarnated Princess of Venus/ Reincarnated Minako Aino. Sailor Venus. Leader of Princess Serenity's Inner Senshi/Inner Scout/Guardian. Serena's and Jason's cousin. World renowned teen idol. Ability as in the manga and anime.

Raye Hines: 18 years old. Reincarnated Princess of Mars/ Reincarnated Rei Hino. Sailor Mars. Psychic. Ability as in the manga and anime.

Lita King: 18 years old. Reincarnated Princess of Jupiter/ Reincarnated Makoto Jupiter. Super strong. Ability as in the manga and anime.

Amy Mitchell: 18 years old. Reincarnated Princess of Mercury/ Reincarnated Ami Mizuno. Sailor Mercury. Michelle's sister. Trista's cousin. Genius. Ability as in the manga and anime.

Michelle Mitchell: 25 years old. Reincarnated Princess of Neptune/ Reincarnated Michiru Kaioh. Sailor Neptune. World renowned musician. Amy's sister. Trista's cousin. Ability as in the manga and anime.

Amara Travis: 25 years old. Reincarnated Princess of Uranus/ Reincarnated Haruka Tenoh. Sailor Uranus. World renowned car racer. Serena's and Jason's older cousin. Ability as in the manga and anime.

Trista Thorn: The Princess of Pluto also known as Setsuna Meioh. Sailor Pluto is the guardian of the time gate. A descendant of Chronos, she is immortal but to the human world she appears as a 27 year old. In the current timeline, she is Hotaru's adoptive mother and Amy's and Michelle's cousin. Ability as in the manga and anime.

Hotaru Thorn: 10 years old. Reincarnated Princess of Saturn/ Reincarnated Hotaru Tomoe. Sailor Saturn. Trista's adopted daughter. Ability as in the manga and anime.

Andrew Forbes: 23 years old. Reincarnated Motoki Furuhata. Darien's best friend. Manages and works part time at the arcade owned by his family. Shares some classes with Darien, Jason and Zachary. Knows about the alternate egos of the Senshi and Shitennou.

Kevin Archer: 25 years old. Reincarnated General Kunzite of Earth. Leader of Prince Endymion's Shitennou/ General/ Personal Guards. Ability to control light and to a certain extent read and control emotions, minds and actions of others. Teleportation ability and can communicate telepathically with Darien and the other Generals.

Jason Taylor: 23 years old. Reincarnated General Jadeite of Earth. Reborn as Serena's older brother. Ability to control fire. Psychic. Can communicate telepathically with Darien and the other Generals.

Nathan Starr: 25 years old. Reincarnated General Nephrite of Earth. Ability to control the weather and read the stars. Teleportation ability and can communicate telepathically with Darien and the other Generals.

Zachary Archer: 23 years old. Reincarnated General Zoicite of Earth. Ability to control water. Genius. Teleportation ability and can communicate telepathically with Darien and the other Generals.

Darryl & Darren Shields: Identical twins. 8 years old. From the future. Tanned complexion, ebony hair; basically miniature Darien with Serena's cerulean sky blue eyes. Darryl bears the silver crystal. Darren bears the golden crystal. Can communicate telepathically with each other.

Sara & Suri Shields: Identical twins. 4 years old. From the future. Fair complexion, cerulean sky blue eyes; basically miniature Serena with Darien's ebony hair. Sara bears the silver crystal. Suri bears the golden crystal. Can communicate telepathically with each other.

Cardians: Creatures summoned by Alan and Anne each having different abilities but function mainly to absorb energy. Have little intellectual of their own.

Demoniaques: Minions of Wiseman from the future. Assassins with shape shifting/chameleon ability and the ability to absorb the powers of others. Demoniques are clever creatures. Other abilities: Teleportation and sensing the presence of the silver and golden crystals.

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