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Chapter 9: Revelation & Confrontation

Darien's and Andrew's Apartment (Early Sunday morning)

When you couldn't sleep, the best thing to do is to get up. That was what Darien told himself, as he watched the sunrise and drank his third cup of coffee that morning.

I have a lot on my mind. That's all. I'm certainly not losing sleep over her. He nodded to himself. It made perfect sense to him. He owned the multimillion dollar Shields Corporation and whilst Kevin and Nathan each took the bulk of the responsibility and decision making on his behalf, he wasn't a silent puppet at the helm of the company. Added to that, he was also a fourth year medical student. And with everything that had been happening…

Those children…his mind wandered to another matter plaguing his thoughts. Those boys looked so much like me and the girls looked like her. What are the odds? If he were to think things through and not so distracted, he'd see that both sets of twins were mixtures of himself and the girl currently haunting both his waking moments and his dreams. They allhave her eyes. Not just the colour and the shape of them but the same innocence and brightness. Thinking of this, his mind drifted back to Serena. How her eyes had clouded with emotions, emotions that he had recklessly stirred in her.

It was just a kiss! Well, three kisses on two separate occasions. It was an accident. Well, the first one was anyway. It's Odango!Meatball Head!Dumpling! Why am I acting like she's the only girl I've ever kissed? Darien berated himself. This of course is not true. He had been quite the player until a few years ago when he decided to focus on his studies and company instead. Somehow, what was so obvious to his friends escaped his notice. Darien Shields had yet to realize that he stopped paying any other girl any attention since the day he met Serena Taylor!

Zachary's and Kevin's Apartment (Early Sunday morning)

The Scouts and Generals had gathered early as well, mostly to avoid having to explain themselves to Serena and Darien and to figure out a way to talk to the children without their sovereign's presence or arousing their suspicions.

"They're both already attached to the children. It's not going to be easy to get the children away from them without a good reason," Lita made the observation.

"Well, I think I know a way to keep them both occupied," Kevin said looking at Mina.

"We have to go pick up the Three Lights from the airport today. Which means Darien will have to meet up with Michelle. He doesn't know her. We'll get Serena to go with him," he continued.

"Wait! You guys are picking up the Three Lights?" both Lita and Raye asked at the same time, stars in their eyes.

Mina nodded excitedly, "I'm recording a duet and a compilation album with them and they've agreed to join mine and Michelle's joined concert and to join us as Shields Entertainment and Shields Electronics' spokespersons."

Frowning slightly though, she turned back to Kevin, "But we're not picking them up till noon. We're meeting Michelle at 9 am," she said, confused.

"Well, Darien doesn't know that. We'll use the time to talk to the children before going to the airport," Kevin answered with a shrug.

"Except Michelle is Amy's sister, it would probably make more sense if she and I were to go with Darien. At least that's what he'll argue," Zachary pointed out.

"You and Amy would be busy helping Andrew prep for his upcoming Macromolecular Chemistry test at the arcade, wouldn't you?"

"That's not till noon..." understanding dawned, "Oh."

Jason grinned, "Well, Raye and I will go with Serena and Darien. That would keep their suspicions at bay. Besides, someone needs to fill the Outers in on what's going on," he said already expecting his girlfriend's objection.

"Why can't we go with Mina and Kevin? I want to meet the Three Lights and I don't want to miss out on the meeting with the children," Raye complained.

"You'll still get to meet the Three Lights. Mina and Kevin will join us at the studio after they pick them up. We won't miss out on the meeting either. Telepathic communications, remember?" Jason said tapping his brow.

"Telepathic communications. Why can't we have that?" Raye grumbled.

"Well honey, you do have all that kick ass power attacks," Jason drawled out lazily. His grin grew wider.

"True. So very true," appeased, a grin appeared on Raye's face as well which became even wider than the one on Jason's face when another thought crossed her mind, "I wouldn't want to miss Amara's and Darien's reactions to one another either," she said mischievously.

"My thoughts exactly!" Jason couldn't agree more. His cousin is even more protective of Serena than he is, if that were possible. And with Amara usually mistaken for a male, it would also be interesting to see how Darien would react to her closeness with Serena. His heart tickled with the glee of anticipation.

"And the children?" Nathan asked, somehow already knowing the answer. He visibly shuddered.

"You and I are taking the children shopping for some last minute school stuff...but not before we have our talk," Lita supplied cheekily.

Nathan paled considerably at this. "Are you sure you want to go shopping with four children?"

The memory of his last shopping spree with the two little girls caused him to whimper before he bit it back and swallowed hard.

Darien's and Andrew's Apartment (Sunday morning)

Darien was broken out of his reverie when Andrew joined him at the kitchen counter.

"You okay Dare?"


"Something on your mind? Wanna share?"


"Not even a certain petite blonde beauty whom..."

Darien growled, literally growled before Andrew could even finish his sentence. But before he could say something scathing to his best friend, the doorbell rang and Andrew taking his cue, ran to let the Scouts and Generals in.

Lita immediately made herself at home in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for the group with the help of the other girls and Nathan.

"Where's Rena?" Andrew asked, seeing the object of his teasing absent.

"Still asleep. Yesterday was a full day for her. The moving, packing and unpacking..." Mina answered.

"What are you talking about? It's Sunday. It's barely passed 7 am. Of course the Meatball Head would still be sleeping!" Raye cut in.

Her response was greeted by nods and murmurs of assents and in Mina's and Amy's case, a giggle and a soft laugh.

"Anyway Dare. You'll have to go in to Starlight Studio to meet with Michelle Mitchell today to discuss the parameters of our next add campaign and the upcoming concert. You also need to get her to sign that agreement to become our spokesperson. That responsibility is becoming a bit too much for just Mina." Kevin turned to inform Darien.

Darien frowned "I thought you're meeting with her."

"I was. But the Three Lights' flight is coming in today. Mina and I are picking them up and will join you after. Or, would you rather go pick the Three Lights up instead?" Kevin replied smoothly, already anticipating Darien's response.

Darien shook his head.

"Don't worry Darien. Take Serena with you. She and Michelle are very close. Rena could probably get Michelle to agree to anything," Mina said cheerfully.

Amy chuckled softly at this, "That is so very true. Michelle has a very soft spot for Rena."

As Zachary had predicted earlier, "She's your sister. Couldn't you and Zach come instead?" Darien grimaced at the thought of spending yet even more time with the girl who so troubled him right now.

"Ames and I are helping Andrew study at the arcade. So don't forget your Macromolecular Chem text book, Drew," Zachary replied smoothly, putting their plans into motion.

Andrew banged his forehead on the kitchen counter. "I hate polymers. Why can't I just work in peace? It's not like we can't study tonight..." he can be heard mumbling.

Jason sitting next to him, kicked his foot discreetly, a signal for him to just go along before turning to smile winningly at Darien, "Don't worry big man. Raye and I will join you and Rena. Don't want you and my little sister to kill each other...or...end up sucking each other's face!"

Darien groaned whilst Raye smacked the back of Jason's head.

Lita chuckled, sliding pancakes and scrambled eggs into plates. "Nathan and I are taking the children shopping for school stuff. They start school tomorrow. Did you know that?" she asked to change the subject before Darien could object to the plan.

"I got my agent to register them at the same school. I know the girls are supposed to be in preschool but since they are smarter than children their age, I got them registered in first grade. The boys as well. I had them registered in fourth grade instead of second or third," Mina added in.

Darien felt an unfamiliar feeling of pride surged through him, "They really are smart, aren't they?" he commented softly.

Everyone had to agree with this.

"Well, that's settled. We'll go wake the children for breakfast and to get ready. You better get ready as well Dare. And go wake Serena or we'll be late to meet Michelle."

Serena's Bedroom (Sunday morning)

Serena was dreaming of a face with deep sea blue eyes. He was murmuring her name. Lips curved into a knowing smile. Her heart actually bumped her ribs. He could do that to her with just a smile. Chased her heart to a gallop, stopped her breath, melted her bones and shook her really, really hard.

She opened her eyes, blinked at the darkness. She could have sworn that her arms ached where fingers had dug and that his scent of roses and coffee was in the air.

"God! You really do sleep like the dead!"

The sound of his voice almost had her jumping out of her skin.

"Darien? What on earth? What are you doing in here? What time is it? God!" she exclaimed when the light from the window speared her eyes. "Shut that curtain! Or I'm going to kill you!"

Darien chuckled and sat himself on the bedside, looking down at the girl, "It's almost 8 am. I'm here to wake you up. You're coming with me to Starlight Studio to meet with Michelle Mitchell."

Her eyes were glazed from interrupted sleep. Her hair unbound, the beautiful golden miles of it, spread wildly over the tumbled sheets. Darien was mesmerised. He couldn't help himself. He lowered his head and scraped his teeth lightly over her jaw. When she moaned, he prayed he was making her suffer just as he had throughout the night and this morning, with thoughts of her.

Serena was having a hard time keeping a coherent thought in her head as he slowly nibbled along her neck. When he lifted his head, her breath caught in her throat. The light from the rising sun shone on him. With his hair tousled, his eyes dark, he looked reckless and dangerously male.

"Don't," she didn't know where the denial came from, not when her every nerve was primed to beg for more.

She let out a shaky breath, drew out another. His mouth skimmed along her temple and teased the corner of her mouth.

"Don't what?"

"Don't kiss me."

Remembering himself, Darien swore softly and pulled himself back.

"Just get ready Meatball Head. Breakfast's at my place. We're leaving in 40 minutes," he said abruptly, before walking out of her room.

Zachary's and Kevin's Apartment (In the absence of Darien, Serena, Andrew, Raye and Jason)

"How do we awaken Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask without telling them their past?" Lita asked.

"The same way Luna activated Usagi in our previous life, remember? She awakened Sailor Moon before any of us..." Amy answered.

"...and when we became Senshi, none of us even knew who the Moon Princess was, nor do we have any memories from the Silver Millennium," Lita continued, comprehension dawning on her.

"Except me," said Mina.

"Well, it makes sense. You were the leader of the Senshi in every lifetime and were her cousin in both this life and during the Silver Millennium. You needed your memories to keep her safe," Luna explained.

Zachary looked at the children and gently addressed them, "We know that Serena and Darien are your parents, or rather, the past selves of your parents. We understand you can't tell us everything in order to preserve the timeline. But can you tell us anything else?" he asked, looking each child in the eyes one by one.

Darren had his arm around Suri's shoulders whilst Sara clung to Darryl's arm with the fingers of her other hand intertwined with her sister's. The children looked at one another. The girls bit their lips waiting for their older siblings to take charge. Darryl drew in a breath before speaking up.

"We were told that they have to gain their past memories on their own and that we need to train to wield our crystals properly."

"What difference is it how they gain their past memories and how do we go about training you children to wield the gold and silver crystals? Darien and Serena are the only ones of us who can wield the power of those crystals!" Nathan ranted, running his fingers through his hair, frustrated.

Lita rubbed his back soothingly.

"They have to gain their past memories on their own because there is a difference between being told something and actually experiencing it," a familiar voice came from the floating balloon which slowly descended to hover just above the children's head.

"Luna P!" the children exclaimed, looking up at it.

"Trista?" Amy asked uncertainly.

"Right as usual, Sailor Mercury. Although, it is my partial consciousness that you're actually speaking to, or as the children call me, Luna P. Now, to fill you in, and you're quite right General Zoicite, I can't tell you everything. The timeline must be preserved."

All the Outer Scouts have always been more formal when it came to their duties. So the reserved, proper tone of her cousin's 'consciousness' hardly came as a surprise to Amy or anyone else in the room.

"In the future where the children came from, an evil force called Wiseman is manipulating the royal court of the Black Moon Clan. Wiseman's a master at manipulating thoughts, insecurities and fears. If the Prince and Princess are told of their past instead of remembering, the knowledge could easily be manipulated by Wiseman to be used to his advantage. Without the weight of the knowledge that came from the memory of the experience itself, it could easily be twisted, especially given the Prince and Princess's current relationship with each other. Also, neither Tuxedo Mask nor Sailor Moon exists in the future. There, they are in their Serenity and Endymion's persona. Hence, neither Wiseman nor any member of the Black Moon Clan knows of them. This could play to our advantage and keep the identities of the Prince and Princess hidden," Luna P explained.

"Can't we use the Luna melt?" Luna suggested.

"No. They have to know in their hearts. The Luna melt would only give your memories of what happened, Luna, from your perspective, not theirs," Luna P countered.

"Who are these Black Moon royals?" Artemis questioned. "I don't recall them from the memories of the Silver Millennium"

"That's because they don't exist then. Only in the future. The Black Moon Clan comes from the Planet Nemesis, the tenth planet of the Solar System. It is a planet of 'negative energy' that has the ability to vanish from sight. All members of the Black Moon Clan have black, upside-down crescent moons on their foreheads and they each wear earrings made of Black Crystal that allow them to teleport. They are not evil, nor are they good. They exist independently of our Moon Kingdom. But their insecurities over the Moon Kingdom and Prince Diamond's unrequited love of Neo Queen Serenity have been used by Wiseman to turn them into our enemies and they make very formidable enemies."

"This Neo Queen Serenity, she's Rena's future self? And who is this Prince Diamond?" Lita queried further, picking up Suri onto her lap whilst Nathan did the same with Sara, the boys sitting at their feet on the floor.

"Yes, Neo Queen Serenity is the Princess's future self and the children's mother. Prince Diamond and his brother Sapphire rule the Black Moon. Rubeus and Emerald are their Generals. Each has powers of their own, similar to those of the Scouts and they can create and control the creatures Demoniaques which could only be destroyed completely by the use of both the gold and silver crystals together. Now, Demoniaques can sense the presence of the gold and silver crystals and they are smart creatures. They won't attack the crystal bearers when they are together but they will attempt to destroy when a gold or silver crystal bearer is alone. So it is imperative to keep a gold crystal bearer with a silver crystal bearer at all times. For example, Sara has to stay either with Suri or Darren or Darien since she holds a silver crystal and they each hold the gold crystal."

"Still, this would be of little significance if they don't learn how to wield the crystals. They would still be vulnerable. We can't always depend on luck to trigger the crystals even though they are triggered by emotions. How do we train them to wield and control the power of their crystals?" Mina asked, sitting at the arm of the sofa Kevin sat himself on.

"General Kunzite is an empath. So is Sailor Neptune to a certain extent. Both Sailor Mars and General Jadeite are psychics. They can train the children and the Prince and Princess to focus their thoughts and emotions in order to control the crystals and its basic powers. Once the Prince and Princess regain their memories, they can take over training of the children on more specific powers of the crystals. Wiseman chose to send the Demoniaques here to this time to destroy the Scouts and Generals to weaken the defence of the Moon Kingdom in Crystal Tokyo, your future. He incorrectly assumed that there are no gold and silver crystal bearers here or maybe he knew that they are here but correctly assumed that their powers have yet to awaken."

"And you chose to send us two more silver crystal bearers and two gold crystal bearers to help us. Wouldn't that interfere with the timeline?" Zachary wanted to know.

"In this case, the timeline repeats itself in a loop. Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion of the future have both lived through this past that you are currently living. So sending the children back is actually preserving the timeline. When Serena and Darien finally become Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, they'll have to send their children back and the cycle begins again."

Shields Starlight Studio (Just after 9am)

For the first time since a lifetime of knowing Michelle, Serena felt uncomfortable. All her friends were beautiful but to Serena, Michelle radiated an aura of beauty and elegance that outshone everyone she knew. Introducing the elegant classical musician with the captivating aquamarine eyes and extraordinary turquoise hair that reached her back to Darien left her feeling somewhat insecure. So she unconsciously slipped her hand into his while he instinctively held on without realising it. They stayed that way throughout the discussions.

Somewhere in between contract negotiations and concert parameters deliberations, he glanced over just as she turned her head and smiled at him. He had to fight the urge to lift her hand to his lips and taste her skin.

She touched something in him. Something he is determined to maintain untouched. When she smiled at him, even when she scowled at him, she made him feel more, wish more and want more than any other women he had ever known.

It's ridiculous. We're miles apart in every way. Yet with her hand warm in his, he felt closer to her, more in sync with her than he had ever felt with anyone. He could even see them sitting together in the park, watching their children play on the grass. Two sets of twins that looked like them.

He blinked. Terrified his heart had stopped. The image had been so clear and so terrifying. It's just the children. He assured himself. Their presence is playing games with my imagination! He was not a man to sit in parks and watch children. He had a medical degree to earn and a business empire to run. He's jaded and cynical. The idea of him becoming involved with the innocent beauty is absurd.

Letting go of her hand, he addressed the beautiful musician in front of him charmingly, "Your classical influence would definitely balance Mina's and the Three Light's contemporary force. Your talent..."

Before he could proceed, a tall handsome blond in white shirt and brown pants interrupted them, "Kitten."

Darien almost growled when his Meatball Head was picked up by this stranger and twirled around before brought into a huge bone cracking hug. The instant knee jerk jealousy both baffled him and infuriated him.

When she laughed a care free laugh and put her arms around this person's neck in joyous abandon, he thought of murder, bloody, bone breaking, brain splattering murder. His hands clenched into ready fists, the snarl ready in his throat. But pride overcame jealousy and possessiveness. It iced over him in windstorm as she finally withdrew back.

Serena turned laughing eyes towards Darien, completely unaware of the commotion she had caused to stir in him. "Darien, this is my cousin Amara Travis, renowned racer and Michelle's partner. Amara, this is Darien Shields of Shields Corporation, 'Mr Know-it-All' and a constant thorn on my side." Her laughing eyes took the sting of her words and just like that, the storm inside him calmed.

Both Amara and Darien stared at each other, sizing the other up, relented for the moment, and acknowledged each other with a slight nod and a firm handshake, both silently staking their claim on the blonde Meatball Head.

Amara shook Jason's hand, give Raye a quick hug and took a seat next to Michelle, kissing her lightly on the cheek before joining the discussion.

As discussions and negotiations proceeded in a rather casual informal air, the door to the meeting room opened to let several people in.

"Darien?" a soft gentle voice called.

Darien glanced to where the voice came from. Serena saw 'something' came into his eyes, just a flash of it. A 'something' that she had only ever seen when he looked at her. It was there for the briefest of moment before sealed into polite pleasure. But it was there.

Very slowly, Serena turned, and saw her, a beautiful girl with straight brown hair that passed her shoulder, smooth golden skin, bright blue eyes.

"Darien," the girl said it again. Soft, with an intimacy that brought up the hackles on Serena's back.

Saori Kou glided smoothly, gracefully as some women do, towards them, holding her hands out for his.

"Saori," Darien said, rising from his chair and taking her outstretched hands into his. She lifted her face for a kiss and he brushed her lips very lightly with his. Frowns formed on the faces of Scouts, Generals and Serena's before carefully hidden away.

"What a surprise," Darien said politely.

"You're still as handsome as ever!" Saori ran a hand down Darien's arm, a light, somewhat intimate gesture that twisted Serena's gut.

"It's so good to see you again," Saori gushed and brushed her lips against Darien's cheek. Serena folded her hands together to hide the tremble.

Mina cleared her throat, "Sorry we're late," she said as she ushered the other newcomers in.

Three good looking gentlemen in suits and ties with ponytails that passed their waist entered.

A faint blush appeared on Saori's cheek, "Oh, I've forgotten my manners!" she said sheepishly.

"Darien, this is my little brother, Seiya Kou," she introduced a very handsome ebony haired man with eyes as deep a blue as Darien's who seemed to be completely entranced with Serena who was standing next to the Earth Prince, earning the newcomer a scowl from him.

"And these are my cousins, Taiki Kou and Yaten Kou," Saori continued oblivious to the dangerous glint back in Darien's eyes which was not lost on Jason, Raye and Amara who smiled smugly at this.

Mina took over the introductions, introducing Saori, Seiya, the very tall brown haired with purple eyes Taiki and the petite silver haired with brilliant green eyes Yaten to everyone else and everyone to them.

"Whatever happened to a career in law enforcement?" Darien asked Saori teasingly.

Saori laughed at this. "Well someone has to watch the kids," she said tilting her head towards the teen idols.

Protests at being called kids can be heard coming from Taiki and Yaten. Seiya had yet to say anything. The beautiful woman, long golden hair fashioned into two buns with ponytails that passed her knees. Her pale smooth alabaster skin on a face that could have been carved on marble or ice by a master artist, with eyes so blue it would put the sky to shame. This angelic vision was utterly perfect in his eyes. Slowly as if in a trance, he took Serena's hand and kissed the back of it. "It's my pleasure to meet you," he said softly, looking into her eyes.

Darien caught his growl just in time, using every ounce of will power to keep his cool polite front.

Just outside of Shields Starlight Studio (Late afternoon, after the meet)

"I can't believe I didn't get to meet the Three Lights!" Lita complained as she, Nathan and the children joined Serena, Raye, Jason and Darien outside the Starlight Studio. They were all headed to the arcade to join Amy and Zachary for a late lunch.

"Well, they're still inside with Mina, Michelle, Amara and Kevin," Serena said, "You could pop in and say hi," she suggested.

"I don't see what the big deal is with the Three Lights," Nathan complained, still slightly disgruntled from his latest shopping spree though he'd be willing to admit that with Lita and the little boys around, the little girls were more manageable. Much more manageable! He was actually pleasantly surprised at how contained the boys were. Very much like Darien, I supposed. He theorised.

"Are you kidding me? They're like the biggest Idol group in Asia and they're just as big here!" Raye gushed uncharacteristically. Lita nodded vigorously in agreement.

Serena just shrugged. "I've never heard their stuff," she said indifferently, more concerned for Lita's discontent rather than the pop stars' presence.

She swung both her arms, each hand held a tiny little girl's hand, causing the little girls to giggle. The three of them started skipping merrily down the sidewalk.

Before they could reach their cars, they were rushed by a stampede of screaming, panicking crowd. Loud banging noises could be heard and a tree flew just over their heads to land on a nearby car.

"Uh, oh," Scouts and Generals looked at one another before quickly steering the children, Serena and Darien into a nearby alleyway between Starlight Studio and its neighbouring building. Ducking into the alleyway themselves, Lita turned to Serena. "Stay here Rena and keep the children with you," she said urgently.

Before Serena's and Darien's astonished eyes, she held up a key in one hand and threw that hand in the air and shouted, "Jupiter Star Power!"

Raye did the same thing shouting, "Mars Star Power!"

Now standing in front of Serena's and Darien's still disbelieving eyes stood the legendary superheroes Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, General Jadeite and General Nephlite in place of Raye, Lita, Jason and Nathan.

Nathan's and Jason's Apartment (Later that evening)

"I still don't believe it!" Serena said for what must've been the hundredth time.

Darien was more collected, at least outwardly he is.

"So Kevin is General Kunzite, Zachary is General Zoicite, Amy is Sailor Mercury and Mina is Sailor Venus," he had put two and two together once the secret identities of Jason, Nathan, Raye and Lita were out of the bag.

They had all gathered at Nathan's and Jason's apartment after the battle and the secrets had been spilling out since; everything except about their past lives and their future identities as Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion.

"You're Tuxedo Mask and Serena is Sailor Moon," the talking black cat had freaked Serena out initially. But not nearly as much as what was coming out of the cat's mouth and her friends'.

"And the children?" Even as he asked the question, Darien somehow already knew the answer.

Serena trembled. She was shaky, terrified and riding too close to panic. Her fingers gripped the brooch that holds her transformation power, given moments before by her cat guardian. She too already knew the answer. At least her heart did. Her mind however, was not quite ready to listen. So, she braced herself.

"They're yours. They came from the future," Raye's quiet response rang with a truth so loud there's no way of denying it, no matter how impossible the words may sound.

Yet he had to ask. Swallowing and using every scrap of control to keep his voice even and cool, "Ours?" he said pointing to himself and Serena, "Mine and hers?" he repeated again.

Serena's face is completely ashen. "Are you okay, Mummy?" Sara asked, touching a tentative hand to Serena's, eyes wide with worry.

Serena's heart stumbled in her chest. For a moment, she couldn't breathe. 'Mummy', she called me 'Mummy'.

Hearing the same word, Darien felt a punch to his gut. He was having just as much trouble breathing.

Gasping for breath to calm herself, Serena crouched next to the little girl. She put her arms around both girls and turned to also hug each boy in turn.

"Why don't you children go with Uncle Andrew to the kitchen and have your dinner?" she said as calmly as she could for the benefit of the children.

Andrew nodded in understanding and agreement. "Come on kids. Let's go. I'll fix you up with yummy treats," he said.

The children turned to look at Darien now, as if asking for permission to leave and assurance that everything would be okay. Darien held back a sigh and crouched as Serena did. He too hugged each child in turn.

"Go with Uncle Andrew kids. We'll figure things out," he assured them with a confidence he was nowhere near experiencing.

Once the kids left however, all hell broke loose. Desperate to overcome their panic, too distraught to think rationally, Darien and Serena resorted to lashing out at one another, anything to keep their fear at bay, anything to avoid confronting the truth now staring them in the face.

"There is no way, NO WAY ON EARTH I'm having children with him!" Serena wailed.

"I'd sooner eat mud than end up with her!" Darien's scathing reply was cold. An image of them together at the park which flashed through his mind earlier during the day flickered once again into his mind and have him visibly flinching and on the defensive.

"The two of you will stop this fighting at once!" The fact that the order came from gentle Amy, gave everyone pause.

"Yeah Dare. She's the mother of your four children. One would think you'd be able to treat her with more respect!" Jason couldn't help retorting in his state of agitation.

"Meatball Head, the two of you have children together. Four children together. Couldn't you at least be civilized?" Raye was no less frazzled by the turn of events.

Nathan smacked the back of Jason's head whilst Lita cupped her hand over Raye's mouth.

"Hehe…Never mind these two," Mina tried to defuse the situation.

Serena looked at Darien derisively, "I can't even imagine being in the same room with him voluntarily much less having children with him," she spat out to cover the turmoil brewing in her.

"Well, I'm sure the act of acquiring them would probably be bearable enough," Darien drawled out lazily, allowing his gaze to blatantly roam her figure.

Inwardly, he was repulsed by his own behaviour but pride kept his cool, indifferent façade in place.

Nathan had to hold Jason back and both Mina and Amy had to hold Lita and Raye back at the innuendo his words and gaze suggested.

"Oh, I suppose you think that that would make my heart go thumping away?" Serena hid her hurt behind sarcastic apathy, standing her ground and matching his stare.

"Nope. But this might."

He caught her face in his free hand and allowed himself the pleasure of seeing fury leaped out of her eyes before covering her mouth with his.

Heat flooded her senses. There was no point in lying to herself. But lying to him was a different matter altogether. So she shoved at him.

Nonplussed, Darien laid a hand on her thudding heart, with his mouth only a breath from hers, he stared into her eyes, "Hmm…Definitely got it going," he said referring to the racing beat under his hand, thankful all the while that she had no way of knowing that his was beating just as uncontrollably.

He straightened himself and nonchalantly walked out of the room, leaving Serena looking after him, heart still thudding wildly.

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