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Chapter 11: Friends & Family

Serena's and Mina's Apartment (Early Saturday morning)

Serena stared into space. It was a rotten thing to do, she thought. Men like Darien win in whichever way suited him best. Running her fingertips over her lips, well, it had worked. She couldn't think of anything else.

Memories and thoughts of the exciting pressure and the expert manoeuvres of his lips against hers and the possessive grips of his hold kept her distracted all the way through dinner and into the night, keeping her awake. Scowling now, well it just proved that he's spent a large amount of time with his lips slapped up against some woman's. Lots of women! Her mind insisted. Still, beneath the panic, beyond the pleasurable sensations, her heart had recognised that there was a tenderness, warmth and care.

"Hey Rena," Mina breezed into the living room. Like Serena's golden hair, her mass of deep honey blond hair was free from their usual style. She clearly just woke up.

Glancing up at her cousin, Serena forgot her troubling thoughts long enough to stare. "You're up early."

Mina stared back. "Me? What have you done with my cousin?" she asked, only half joking. "It's not noon yet. Heck, it's not even 8 am yet! On a Saturday morning!" she emphasised.

Serena shrugged, "Couldn't sleep."

"Hmm...it couldn't have anything to do with a certain gorgeous raven haired guy, could it?" Mina eyed her speculatively.

"Now, why would I lose sleep over Seiya?" Serena asked innocently, deliberately misunderstanding her cousin's question.

"You and I both know that's not who I meant!" Mina replied over her shoulder, walking towards the kitchen. She was going to need coffee if she was going to have any hope of getting anything out of Serena this morning.

Coming back into the living room with two steaming mugs, she sat next to her cousin, her best friend, her princess.

"So, tell me what kept you up all night. Did something happen last night?" she asked.

Another shrug, "Went to dinner with Seiya. He came to pick me up here."

Understanding dawned, "Ah! I imagine Darien wasn't too pleased."

"We had a fight."

Mina nodded, giving a go ahead signal with her hand as she sipped her coffee.

"That's a good start. At least you're talking," she said when Serena said nothing else.

"There wasn't much talking involved," Serena murmured, sipping her own drink, avoiding eye contact.

"Ah. I see." And of course she did. She was the Scout of Love after all.

Just then, the bell rang.

Looking at each other in question, both shook their heads. Neither was expecting anyone, at least not this early.

Mina got up, squeezing Serena's shoulder before she went to answer the door.

Serena continued to stare off into space, getting lost in her thoughts all over again.

"So, how was the date?" Deep familiar voice broke into her thoughts.

Her chin angled, "It wasn't a date. Not that it's any of your business," she said testily, getting up.

His hand snaked up and grabbed her arm. "We need to talk. The children or any of the guys might decide to join us. I'm not ready to have them for an audience," he said.

Ignoring her struggle and protests, he led her towards the balcony.

In the brief tussle that followed, he noted, irrelevantly, he assured himself, how soft her skin was. But his grip gentled.

Her fingers flexed, and then balled into fists. She absolutely despised the fact that her pulse was hammering double time under his grip. "Will you please let go of me?" she demanded, gritting her teeth.

"Only if you promise not to run away," he could see himself chasing her and was both embarrassed and thrilled by the image forming in his head.

"I don't run from anyone," she said with the defiant tilt of her chin that he had so come to adore.

He released his hold on her and only a quick reflex had him dodging the fist she had aimed at his nose.

She was ashamed to have struck out at him and part furious and part relieved that she had missed.

In a huff, she plopped down onto one of the chairs there. Darien slid the door close for privacy. Hesitating for a moment and rather certain that he was taking his life in his own hands, he sat next to her.

"I know you're angry with me," he said quietly. So quietly, it took the steam off of her anger.

Sighing and too restless to be near him, she got up and walked to the railing.

His breath caught in his throat. She looks magnificent, he thought, half annoyed and half terrified by the now constant tug of attraction.

He rose as well and swallowing hard, "How about this, I won't kiss you again until you ask me to."

Eyes wide, she turned to look at him, "I'm not going to..."

"We'll see..." he wisely held back the smile threatening to break on his face at her adorable expression.

She looks like a scared kitten and as he would deal with one, Darien made no sudden movement and kept his voice low and soothing.

"So what do you say Meatb...Serena? Truce? Can we be friends?" he asked, smiling hopefully, extending his hand.

Serena took the outstretched hand and shook it. Giving him a wobbly smile, she said grudgingly, "Okay, I'll be your friend, Darien." Still, the suspicious look didn't quite leave her eyes.

Feeling suddenly light hearted, he gently tugged her close, putting his arms around her.

Serena looked up at him warily, "What are you doing? Darien, you promised..."

His breath blew warm against her ear, "I know I did. Just sealing the deal...with a kiss."

His mouth slid down and grazed her cheek. Before she could jolt from the sensation of his lips on her skin, it was fixed warmly on hers. The kiss was long and slow. Her head swam and the hand on his chest flexed open and clutched at his shirt.

He eased back, barely an inch, so that she was looking directly into his eyes. "We can't seal the deal if I'm the only one participating," he murmured teasingly, eyes bright with mischief that couldn't quite cover the tenderness.

"Let's try that again," he said softly, "I think you'll get it right this time."

Apart of her wanted to protest, the other part just wanted to drag his lips back down to hers. But his mouth was on hers again, clever, persuasive and hot and she was swept along.

The rich male taste, the firm knowing lips, the sure exploration of tongue and the teasing scrape of teeth. Something hummed in her throat, despite the now familiar taste of him, it was wonder and amazement.

She should feel familiar by now. He thought. The vision came unbidden, an older Serena, in a white dress, in his arms. Just as suddenly, it disappeared, leaving him with a banquet of contrast; heat that filtered through her cool shield of indifference, shyness that fluttered under her passion.

"That ought to do it," he murmured, forcing himself to pull away, still keeping his arms around her.

She could do nothing but to stare up at him, hands still fisted on his chest.

Struggling to keep it light when his every instinct was screaming for him to devour her, he lifted her hand and playfully nipped at the knuckles.

"If you keep looking at me like that, I won't be able to keep my promise," he softly growled out, exasperated and enchanted at the same time.

She tore her gaze away, stepped away from him and resolutely stared over his shoulder. "You caught me off guard," she said tersely.

Immediately feeling the lost, Darien jammed his hands in his pockets to keep himself from grabbing her into his arms again.

"That makes two of us," he said quietly and then changing the subject as he moved to slid open the balcony door, "Children should be awake now. We'll head out after breakfast?" he asked.


"We're going to the theme park."

As if on cue a rumble of running footsteps can be heard. Four excited children in pyjamas barrelled in like tornadoes, "Mummy! Daddy!"

At the Theme Park (A couple hours later)

The Theme Park was crowded with people. Stalls of games where plush toys could be won, candy floss and floating balloons, hot dog stands and bumper rides, ice cream vendors, Ferris wheels and train rides. There were even hot air balloon rides offered and children under one metre heights get to go on most rides for free.

"I wanna get dizzy in teacups!" Suri squealed excitedly.

Sara nodded her head in agreement, adding "I want Daddy to win me Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask plush toys!"

Looking around though, her face fell when she couldn't see any. Much to the amusement of the Scouts and slight embarrassment of the Generals, theirplush toys were everywhere.

"I think Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are both pretty new to the scene, people don't know them yet," Darien said, part amused, part relieved.

Serena laughed, ruffling Sara's head. "We'll get your Daddy, brothers and Uncles to win you the whole set of Scouts and Generals, shall we?" she said brightly.

Sara's face immediately lightened up.

"What are we, chopped liver?" Lita asked with mock annoyance.

"Yeah! I'll bet you we could win more toys than the guys!" Raye joined in, bumping her hips against Jason's.

Jason laughed. "I'll take you on my lady!" he said to his girlfriend.

At one of the games booth, Darien won Sara a Sailor Mercury plushie much to her delight whilst Suri was ecstatic with her Sailor Jupiter plushie. Darryl won Sara a matching General Zoicite soft toy that had Amy blushing slightly. Not to be overshadowed, Darren won Suri a General Nephlite's plushie to match her Sailor Jupiter soft toy that had Lita and Nathan both throwing their heads back in laughter.

When his second attempt managed to get three basketballs out of five into the hoop, Darryl whispered to the games attendant and turned almost shy eyes at Serena, "This is for you, Mom," he said, handing her a stuffed Sailor Mars plushie.

Serena gasped in pleasure and hugged the toy and the boy who won it for her. Glancing cheekily at Raye who was holding a stuffed General Jadeite that Jason had won her at the same booth, she said, "Just imagine what I can do to her!"

Raye stuck out her tongue at the blonde. "I'm going to win you one of that!" she decided, turning to Jason, "At another game." She added as an afterthought, blowing a raspberry at Serena before pulling him to the next booth. Basketball really wasn't her game after all.

Darren pouted. "I wanna win you something too," he said resolutely.

Darien nodded at the attendant, paying for Darren's second attempt. Just like his brother, he got three basketballs out of five into the hoop and proudly handed Serena a stuffed Sailor Venus with Mina and Kevin looking on, amused.

The two lovers looked at each other. Mina pecked Kevin's cheek before adding, "I think Raye had the right idea, I'm gonna get you one of 'me'," she said in a low tone, a twinkle in her eyes.

Amused and enchanted, Kevin lets out a low chuckle, "Then I'll have to see about getting you one of 'me'," he replied, almost demurely.

Serena sighed dreamily. How sweet!

"Daddy! You haven't won Mummy anything yet!" Sara said suddenly, folding her arms.

All her siblings were nodding in agreement, wide cerulean blue eyes looking up at Darien expectantly.

Darien scratched his head, looking around for another games booth. A smile bloomed on his face and in a rare show of public spontaneity, he grabbed Serena's hand.

"I'm going to win you the biggest bunny in that game!" he said much to his children's glee and Serena's surprise.

Taking a deep breath and trying to ignore the pressure of five pairs of SERENA eyes staring at him in anticipation, Darien pulled his arm back and took aim, hitting all the cans down with just one softball throw.

Darryl and Darren jumped and high fived in the air, Sara and Suri hugged each other whilst jumping up and down, Lita and Nathan whooped and whistled and Serena clapped her hands excitedly.

But before Darien could pass the huge, almost three feet tall pink and white bunny to Serena, a blur of brown and blue pushed her aside and took the toy out of his hands. "Aww...Dare-Bear! You shouldn't have!" Anne in a blue sundress said, hugging the bunny to her chest.

Darien looked at Serena's crestfallen face. "I didn't," he said firmly, "I won it for Serena."

Gently but firmly, he took the toy from Anne and handed it to Serena, surreptitiously stroking the back of her hand before letting go.

The children looked at one another and nodded to each other as if coming to a silent agreement. Suri concentrated on the earth and Darren looked up to the sky.

Anne felt small movements on her feet and looked down. She gasped in horror. Worms and ants and other insects were crawling around her, trying to scale up her legs. She gave a horrified shriek, jumping up and down to get them off her, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Help me! Get them off me!"

Out of nowhere, a pigeon swooped low and she felt a warm squishy something landed on the top of her head. "Ewwwwww! Gross!" she cried out when she figured out what it was.

She took off running with the children once again high fiving and hugging each other, laughing in mirth. Scouts, Generals, Andrew, Serena and Darien looked on with disbelieve. Incredulous expressions on their faces before Lita, Mina, Raye, Nathan, Jason and Andrew were laughing as well.

Kevin eyed the children speculatively. He could sense the power radiating out of them. Unconsciously he shook his head but was unable to hold the smile that formed on the corners of his mouth.

Noticing his looks though, the children immediately sobered up, practiced looks of innocence appeared on their faces.

"Let's go up the Ferris wheel!" Darren suggested, evading suspicion.

"Wha...t?!" Serena's face went white. She doesn't do too well with heights.

"What's the matter Meatball Head?" Darien couldn't help teasing.

"Urgh! Will you stop calling me that, Jerk?!" Forgetting her fear for a moment and falling back into their easy routine of teasing one another.

"It will be fun, Mummy," Suri tugged one of her hand while Darren held on to the other.

"What? None of you are afraid of that thing?" Serena asked, incredulity showing on her face as she looked at each of her future children one by one.

"Figures that they'd all take after you!" she mumbled.

Darien gave a throaty laugh. A rush of pride surged through him. It was a feeling he was becoming rather accustomed to and very fond of since the children appeared in his life.

They started walking towards the Ferris wheel, Serena still protesting along the way.

An elderly couple stopped when they passed the family.

"Oh! How lovely! What a lovely family! Your parents must be so proud to have such beautiful children!" said the lady excitedly grabbing hold of Serena's arm, stopping her further protests.

Huh? Our parents? What is she talking about? Serena thought, confused.

"We're not siblings Mam," Darien's answer broke the silence.

"But they can't be your children. You're far too young to be their parents." The old lady looked baffled.

"But they look like the two of you..." she continued.

Both Serena and Darien blushed awkwardly. Thankfully, Jason and Raye joined them at the moment. "They are our nieces and nephews," Jason replied truthfully, raising his eyebrows at the blushing couple mischievously. Raye bumped her shoulder to Serena teasingly.

"Oh, I see," a look of dawning understanding on the elderly woman's face. She smiled. "Well, you have a very good looking family. What a gene pool!" she remarked admiringly.

In a hidden part of the Theme Park

The pink haired alien thumped her fist on the chest of her blue haired male counterpart. She was fuming. "I swear those little girls, those little meatball heads had something to do with it!" she snarled.

Alan was trying his best to hold back his laughter but the sight of Anne running with pigeon droppings on her head really was funny. So he hid them behind a cough instead.

"How could the girls possibly have anything to do with what happen?" he said reasonably, trying to soothe her.

"You'd be surprise."

Startled, Anne and Alan looked up to see two somewhat humanoid forms standing at least seven feet tall with bulky muscles and thick rock-like skin, shimmering into existence in front of them. One is completely blue with white spiky hair and bright red eyes whilst the other is completely green with long black hair and eerie striking purple eyes.

"What the hell are you?" Anne asked, preparing to defend herself.

The blue creature bowed slightly. "We're Demoniaques. I am 'Bleu Neigeux' and he is 'Corbeau Vert'. We're here to destroy the Scouts and the Generals," he explained.

Corbeau Vert added, "We need you to keep the children occupied and separate from each other if possible. If you can do this, we'll destroy the Scouts and the Generals for you."

"Why do you need us to keep the children occupied? What do they have to do with the Scouts and the Generals? You're not scared of little children, are you? I'll crush them like bugs!" Anne said snidely, her anger still a long way from dissipating.

"They're more powerful than you think. Granted, most of their powers are still dormant."

Near the Ferris Wheel Ride

After the Ferris wheel ride Serena had insisted that she needed to win her girls something as well. Against Darien's teasing, she managed to win them each a huge bunny at the ring toss booth, much to her triumph, Darien's disbelieve and Scouts and Generals amusement. Sailor Moon after all, is an expert at throwing disc!

In no time at all, almost all of them had their hands full with toys. Mina held a plush General Kunzite in her hand, Kevin held a stuffed Sailor Venus, Jason had his own Sailor Mars plushie, Zachary had won Amy a stuffed dolphin, Lita had won Nathan a stuffed unicorn and Serena had even won Andrew a plush bartender.

Now some of them sat happily licking their ice creams whilst others devoured their hot dogs as they chatted happily, each ready to just enjoy the other rides after putting all the toys away in their cars.

Serena looked around her, happy to be surrounded by friends and family. Her gaze met Darien's and his mirrored her elation.

"Daddy! I need another hot dog!" Suri suddenly declared, taking hold of his arm and pulling him toward a hot dog stand.

"Oh! Me too!" Sara joined in.

"Me as well!" Darryl chimed in at the same time.

"With all the works!" Darren added.

Darien laughed. "Well, we all know whose appetite they have, don't we?" he said slyly.

Everyone except the annoyed Serena who was rolling her eyes at Darien, and the children who all looked confused, burst out laughing.

Nothing good lasted forever. A blast of purple lights headed their way, aimed straight for the children and Darien.

"Watch out!" Nathan shouted.

Kevin raised his hands, immediately deflecting the energy.

Generals stood in place of the guys and formed a shield around the children.

The public went wild as Demoniaques and Cardians rampaged through the theme park.

In the commotion, the girls, Serena and Darien transformed.

"Scouts! We'll take the Cardians! No direct attacks towards the Demoniaques!" Sailor Venus instructed, leaping to the air in the direction of the first Cardian, a Medusa-like creature with tentacles coming out of its limbs, whipping everything and everyone within distance.

For a brief moment, her eyes met her lover's and a look of understanding passed between them.

"Generals! The Demoniaques are ours!" General Kunzite's order to his Generals was loud and clear. A sword shot up from his raised hand.

Both Demoniaques circled the Generals, keeping their distance, not wanting to trigger the power of the gold and silver crystals within the children. Not when they are together. They had learned firsthand that whilst the children had almost no control over the crystals they hold, its power can still be triggered if the children were scared enough.

"Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, take the children to safety," Jadeite ordered over his shoulder. A sword appeared in a flame in each of his hand.

The Demoniaques were now on edge with anticipation. Kunzite frowned. Sensing the thoughts raging from the green Demoniaque, he somersaulted into the air and landed next to the children. Grabbing Darryl's shoulder, he urgently ordered, "Whatever you do, don't separate from each other. Stay together!"

Looking to Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, he stressed, "Gold and silver!" and then jumped to rejoin his comrades in the fight against the Demoniaques.

An albino Cardian with long white hair jumped in front of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and the children. With a snap of her finger, there was now four of her.

"Jupiter Thunder Crash!" A shot of thunder came from Sailor Jupiter and hit one of the white, albino Cardian, knocking it off its feet. Within moments however, it was up again.

A tentacle came from the Medusa Cardian and wrapped itself around the two little boys.

"Darren! Darryl!" Sailor Moon shouted frantically, terror clawing at her.

Taking off her tiara, she aimed it to the tentacles, "Moon Tiara Magic!" at the same time "Venus Love Me Chain!" Sailor Venus's chain wrapped around the creature, crushing it and a black burnt Cardian card floated to the ground.

The boys fell to the ground, got on their feet and grabbed their sisters out of the way of the ongoing battle.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!" Sailor Mercury's attack froze one of the albino creatures in ice.

"Mars Fire Ignite!" Sailor Mars' attack burnt another to a crisp.

The Scouts now circled the remaining two albino creatures.

The Generals weren't doing so well. Even though the Scouts tried to keep their attacks away from the Demoniaques, they were able to absorb some of it and were using these attacks against the Generals.

It seemed that while a direct attack towards them would slow them down and be absorbed, an attack towards something else that is within distance could still be absorbed too, and without hurting them at all. Every time a Scout used her attack on a Cardian, either Bleu Neigeux or Corbeau Vert would be nearby and ready to absorb their power.

Zoicite melted the sharp ice pelting by the dozens toward him and Kunzite but not before one embedded itself into his arm, blood now flowing out freely.

Jadeite deflected the flame heading toward Nephlite but was hit from behind by a strike of lightning.

The Scouts quickly defeated the Cardians and rushed to the aid of the Generals. But being unable to use their attacks put them at a disadvantage. Soon, most of them were sporting injuries.

Sailor Moon stood in front of Bleu Neigeux, moon sceptre on the ready. It merely grinned at her, a wide ugly grin that showcased razor sharp fangs. It sensed the silver crystal's presence inside this unknown Scout but was not worried. The presence was dormant and it can only be destroyed by both the silver and gold crystal together.

"Look out Sailor Moon!" the warning from Sailor Mercury came a bit too late for her to move out of the way of Corbeau Vert's attack that came from behind her. Too late also for the steel tipped rose to deflect.

The pain was like being stabbed with ice. Then it was gone, numbed by both fear and fury as the two Demoniaques turned towards her friends. Silver light began to glow from her.

Tuxedo Mask's blood drained at the sight of a dagger embedded in Sailor Moon's back, between the shoulder and the arm. He muscled his way through to her, eyes now glowing gold in anger.

Both Demoniaques turned to him and gasped. If one were to decipher the looks on their faces, it would be ones of surprise and fear.

Immediately the two Demoniaques shimmered and disappeared in a swirl of smoke and a flash of light.

Amidst the commotion of the battle, Darren and Darryl stood in front of their sisters, using telekinesis in Darryl's case and the wind in Darren's case to minimally deflect any attacks coming their way.

None of them realised when two alien forms appeared without a sound just behind the two little girls who were too enraptured watching their brothers and parents. Anne slowly crept towards Sara. A burst of energy came out of her hands and enveloped the little girl in a cocoon of pink light while Suri was simultaneously enveloped in a similar cocoon of blue light coming out of Alan's hands. Silently, all four disappeared into thin air.

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