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Chapter 2: Scouts & 2 Little Boys

The Park (An hour or so after the events of Chapter 1)

Two little 8 year olds crouched behind the bushes, watching the ongoing battle between 3 Scouts and 3 huge Demoniaques from afar.

"What are we going to do Darryl? We've lost Suri and Sara! How're we going to find them?" one of the boys whispered to his mirror image.

Darryl grimaced at the thought of his missing little sisters. "The Aunties will help us find Sara and Suri."

"Do you think they are together? What if they got separated?"

"I don't think so. Remember Mom made them promise never to let go of each other or Luna P? She must've known..." Darryl trailed off as realisation dawned.

Calming down once he remembered that Luna P is indeedwith their sisters, Darren became his logical self again. "The Aunties would lead us to Mom and Dad too. But we can't reveal to any of them who we are. Until we find Luna P, we won't know how much we can reveal to them."

"We can follow the Aunties once they've transformed back. Surely, they'll lead us to Mom," the boys were not only gifted with their father's looks but clearly inherited his demeanour and intellect as well.

Before Darren could agree with his brother...

"Mars Burning Mandala!"

The Arcade (An hour earlier)

"What's up with him?" Mina asked referring to the raven haired man leaving in a hurry.

"Oh...nothing...much," Jason replied, sky blue eyes twinkling.

"We just got him to agree to take Serena to prom is all..." Andrew's hazel green ones filled with glee.

Mina's sapphire eyes went wide. "Seriously?!" she asked disbelievingly.

"I thought we might have to twist his arm or sick Lita on him..." she continued.

"So, he's going to ask her to the prom?" Kevin asked doubtfully.

"Well, he got rattled when we said he has to do the asking," Andrew replied hesitantly before continuing, "But he definitely agreed to take her, didn't he Jace?"

Jason nodded fervently. "Now, we just have to figure out a way for them to get along long enough for him to ask her...and for her to be charmed into saying yes..." The triumphant look on both Jason's and Andrew's face slowly faded away.

"It's a loss cause..." Andrew murmured under his breath, thumping his head on the counter.

Ever the optimist, Mina chimed in, "Well, there's always next weekend..." She turned to Kevin, asking, "You've spoken to Darien about it right?"

"Ermm... What are we talking about here?" Andrew wanted to know.

A look of dawning comprehension came over Jason's face, "They are moving next weekend," he answered.

"Who?" asked Andrew, still in the dark.

"Rena and I," But before Mina could elaborate further, her communicator went off.

"Venus here," she said quietly into her communicator, disguised discreetly as a hand phone.

"We need you at the park," Amy's voice was urgent.

"Be right there," she responded.

"We'll come with you." Jason said, getting up.

"No, we talked about this. We either fight in pairs or groups of fours or they'll be too much attention and no back up. The other girls are already there," Mina said in a low voice, looking pleadingly towards Kevin. Not just because he's her boyfriend, but also because he's the leader of the Generals and what he says goes in the case of Jason.

Reluctantly, Kevin nodded in understanding. "She's right," he said to Jason.

Turning back to Mina, he murmured, "When you look at me like that, all I want to do is kiss you."

Touching a hand to her cheek, he bent his head so that his cheek brushed hers, mouth close to her ear. "Be careful and come back safe to me."

The Park (Where we left off previously)

Both boys jumped out of the way just in time to avoid the powerful attack by Sailor Mars which went directly towards the Demoniaque that was right behind them, unnoticed by the boys due to their intense discussion.

"Venus Crescent Beam!" Sailor Venus entered the fight, blasting at the second and third Demoniaque with her 'Crescent Beam' attack.

Raye's heart almost stopped when she saw the two little boys jumping out from behind a bush. She ran towards them but Amy in Sailor Mercury form got to them first.

"Are you boys alright?" she asked anxiously.

"Are they okay?" Sailor Venus joined them.

"Did I hurt them?" asked Sailor Mars.

Before either boy could answer, a burning flame headed their way.

"Look out!" Darryl shouted.

Sailor Venus grabbed Darren whilst Sailor Mars took hold of Darryl. Sailor Jupiter prepared for a 'Supreme Thunder' attack but was stopped by Darren, "Don't! It's a Demoniaque! You'll give it your ability instead! It can only be destroyed completely by the power of the silver crystal and the golden crystal together..."

Shocked, Sailor Venus stopped running. "What? What did you say?"

"No time for that. We need to find cover Venus!" Sailor Mercury said running while simultaneously analysing the Demoniaque through her visor. "The boy is right. The thing absorbed your ability and Mars..." she was cut off when a beam not unlike the Venus Crescent Beam headed straight for Darren.

"No! Darren!"

Silver lights came from Darryl, so bright, it extended and encompassed the Demoniaque that attacked his brother.

Golden lights as bright as the silver one came out of Darren, this one encompassed all the Scouts, acting as some sort of shield before moving out further to encompass his brother's silver light, turning the Demoniaque to dust.

A swirl of smoke, a flash of light, and the remaining two Demoniaques shimmered and disappeared.

The golden and silver lights from both boys disappeared leaving them lying unconscious on the grass. The Scouts were left stumped.

"What just happened?" Sailor Venus asked in wonder.

"Did I just see what we just saw?" Sailor Jupiter wondered disbelievingly.

"No way..." Sailor Mars was at a loss for word.

Sailor Mercury whipped her minicomputer out and started scanning the two identical boys that were starting to regain consciousness.

Sailor Jupiter crouched next to the boys, checking for injuries.

"Sheesh Aunt Lita, we're okay!" Darren said without thinking.

Stunned silence before...


"How did you know who I am?"

"What the heck?"

"What's going on here?"

Another stunned silence.

"Nice going Darren!"

"I didn't do it on purpose!"

"Now what do we do?"

The Scouts' heads moved from one boy to the other as they continued with their discussion, seemingly to have forgotten their very surprised audience. In the back of each girl's mind lurked a vague pang of familiarity over the ebony haired little boys' appearances. I know we've never met, and yet they look so familiar ran through their minds.

Sailor Mercury stared at her minicomputer, trying to analyse the readout from her scan of the two boys. Sailor Venus cleared her throat, gaining the boys' attention.

"Boys, who are you and how did you know...I mean why did you call Sailor Jupiter Aunt Lita just now?" she asked.

"How do you even know what those things are and what they are capable of?" Sailor Mars, regaining her speech, asked at the same time.

"How on earth did you do what you just did?" Sailor Jupiter questioned simultaneously.

Both boys shifted from feet to feet. Not really knowing how to answer the questions...Or rather, if they should answer the questions.

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