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Chapter 5: Generals & 2 Little Girls

Darien's and Andrew's Apartment (Dawn, after the events of Chapter 3)

"Are you sure, absolutely sure that I have to be there?" Darien asked Kevin a second time.

"Dare, you are the face of Shields Corporations whether you like it or not," Kevin answered patiently.

"What about the girls?" Darien asked.

"What about them? There are plenty of us. We'll take turns taking care of them," Nathan supplied.

"Will I see them when I get back? Will they still be here?" Darien voiced out hesitantly.

"What's the matter Dare? Grew attached to them already? Weren't you ready to kill us yesterday?" Jason asked from a safe distance, a cheeky grin on his face.

Darien scowled at him. "What about classes then? I don't trust him to take my notes for me," he said tilting his head towards Jason.

"But you trust me, right? When it's my turn to care for the girls, Andrew and Jace can both attend the classes. You'll have two sets of notes to choose from," Zachary said reasonably.

Defeated, Darien finally relented with no further arguments.

Darien's and Andrew's Spare Bedroom

Darien looked down at the two little girls still sleeping soundlessly, arms around each other. He sighed. Jason was right. In such a short time he had gotten attached to the girls andwas somewhat reluctant to leave them.

Leaning down, he gently kissed each girl's forehead goodbye, careful not to disturb them from their sleep.

Darien's and Andrew's Living Room (In Darien's absent)

"So, Nathan and I will take Darien to the airport. We both have to be at the office today. One of you would have to be on baby duty. Try and find out as much as you can about what's going on. And keep us in the loop," Kevin instructed.

The Generals had earlier decided that they'll each try and get information out of the twin girls separately as not to intimidate them. With their telepathic links to one another, it would be a simple matter to keep everyone in the know.

Darien's and Andrew's Apartment (Two and a half hours after Darien's departure)

The clatter of feet that could be heard coming down the stairs from the spare bedroom was followed by twin excited shouts of "Daddy!" as two little girls joined Andrew, Jason and Zachary at the kitchen counter.

"Uncle Andrew!" Andrew found two girls hugging each of his leg.

"We didn't get to see you yesterday. What are you making?" Sara asked excitedly.

"It's really good to see you Uncle Andrew! Are you making pancakes for breakfast?" Suri joined in, her tone mirroring her twin.

Looking into the girls' faces, Andrew had to brace himself. The guys are right. They do look exactly like Serena, except for the raven hair. He thought to himself. Outwardly, he smiled and returned each girl's hug.

"Hi girls! What do you know, I am making pancakes for breakfast. Why don't you sit next to Uncle Jason and Uncle Zach and I'll have fresh ones on your plates in a jiffy!" he said easily. There is no way they could be evil! was his silent thought.

The girls turned to greet Jason and Zachary and took their respective seat on either side of the two adults, all the while looking around, searching for something. Or rather, someone.

"Ermm...where's Daddy?" Sara asked.

Darien's and Andrew's Living Room (After breakfast)

Jason's Dilemma

Due to his 'favourite Uncle' status, Jason was appointed first 'baby duty' whilst Andrew and Zachary attended classes and covered for both him and Darien. This was how he found himself, standing uncomfortably in front of two little four year old girls like the guilty waiting for punishment.

For all his playfulness, Jason had a patience and focus that made him an excellent marksman. No one aimed an arrow more precisely and accurately than he, except maybe Sailor Mercury. His techniques were usually very unpredictable yet seamless and textbook perfect at the same time. As such, no one besides his prince and Kevin could best him at sword fighting. Jason Taylor is a charmer who could charm the fiercest person there is. In fact, Jason Taylor is currently dating the fierce Scout of Fire.

Right now however, he is completely out of his element and has no idea how to handle the wrath of two little girls discovering in their wake in the morning that their daddy is missing. Lucky he has all that charm and patience.

"What do you mean, Daddy's not here? Where is he?" Sara demanded, eyes troubled.

"He has some work abroad sweetie. He'll be back in three days," Jason answered soothingly.

"But Daddy wouldn't leave without saying goodbye to us," Suri insisted, her mouth forming a pout.

"But he did say goodbye to you before he left. He just didn't want to wake you up, I'm sure," Jason tried again.

"But we didn't get to say goodbye to him."

When the little voice broke, Jason let out a deep breath and crouched down. "He'll be back soon enough. In the mean time you'll have to take care of each other, wouldn't you, so that your Daddy wouldn't worry?" he said almost conspiratorially.

Suri shrugged and sniffled. "I guess so."

"How about we watch some television?" Jason suggested.

"I wanna play with dolls," Sara said.

"Hmm... we don't have any dolls. What about colours? We could draw pictures and colour them and hang them on the refrigerator for your Daddy to see when he gets back?" he asked hopefully.

That proved to be a wrong move on his part. The mention of Darien brought back the sad eyes and trembling lips. Jason scratched his head. What now?!

"Alright," he said, standing abruptly. Quick as lightning, he grabbed both girls and held each upside down in each of his arm, their pigtails swinging towards the floor. Amidst the screams, shrieks and giggles he managed to get them both into his apartment, next door. Somehow, they all ended up with a water gun each.

Jason's and Nathan's Apartment (A couple hours later)

"I'm going to have to get rough..." he warned menacingly when he took another spray of water to his face. The girls howled with laughter. The battle went on. It was a wet and messy battle that had each of them, and most of the first floor of his apartment for that matter, soaking wet.

All three of them lay on the carpeted floor, all out of breath.

"You killed us," Sara conceded, not at all displeased. "But you are morally wounded," Suri added.

Jason chuckled. "I think you mean mortally, darling"

With that he rolled over to lie on his stomach, groaning. Who knew that playing with two little girls could be such hard work?! And I haven't even gotten any information out of them yet. He looked around his shared apartment with Nathan and another groan escaped him. Nathan is going to kill me!

"We need to go shopping after this," Sara declared.

"Huh?" Jason's confused.

"We don't have anything more to wear. We only had this and our night clothes for last night in our backpack," Suri supplied helpfully.

"And you got us all wet," Sara added.

Considering that it's Nathan's turn to take over 'baby duty' next, Nathan is definitely going to kill me! Jason thought part relieved and part mortified.

The Mall (Two and a half hours later)

Nathan's Ordeal

Nathan Starr had jumped off buildings and fight off monsters, Youmas and Cardians on a daily basis. He had stood in the middle of twin tornadoes and weathered a typhoon at sea. He had also broken several bones in his body and died several times. He was even dating the Amazonian Scout of Thunder.

Nathan had always considered himself both worldly and brave. Yet he was about to realise that he had actually led a pretty tame life. He had after all, never had to brave the mall with two little four years old to shop for said girls.

I'm going to kill Jason. He thought savagely, thinking of the current state of his apartment, the two little girls he's currently shopping with and his current predicament. Both his hands were filled with shopping bags and left and right there were throngs of shoppers walking as if they hadn't a care in the world. He'd had to handle flirtatious shopkeepers and even suspicious shopkeepers who gave him the evil eyes when he asked the simple, innocent question of what do four years old girls wear?

He had lost count on the number of times he had had to apologise to strangers as the girls ran excitedly, oblivious to the people they knocked over on their way. They really must be Serena's daughter was his wayward thought at this, remembering Darien's constant complaints of the blonde's daily run-ins with him.

Nathan sighed. He had also lost count of the number of times his heart stopped during their shopping excursions at the thought of losing either or both girls every time they ran away in the direction of something that attracted their attention, sometimes together, sometimes in opposite directions to one another, not caring if the light was red for crossing the road. He must've aged at least twenty years in the two hours shopping spree.

"Look Uncle! Shoes!" one of the twins shouted excitedly.

"We have to get new shoes!" her twin responded, equally excited.

Before Nathan could say anything, one girl had broken away from him yet again, making a beeline to the shop, twin sister hot on her heels.

"Wait a minute, girls!" Here we go again!

Suffice to say, like Jason, Nathan didn't get any information out of the girls either.

Zachary's and Kevin's Apartment (Day two of Darien's absence)

Zachary's Lesson

Zachary Archer had been declared a genius since childhood. With his eidetic memory he was able to read more than 10 thousand words per minute and the man could read and write in fifteen languages flawlessly and could express himself articulately and fluently verbally in twelve of those languages. He could spot the Fibonacci sequences appearing in biological settings without the help of a computer, had an IQ of well above 170 and is even dating the super genius Amy Mitchell aka Sailor Mercury. He thought he could find answers to anything and get information out of anyone. He was after all, the Head of Intelligence for the Earth's government during the Silver Millennium.

As such he found it incomprehensible and shook his head at the thought of Jason's and Nathan's failed attempts to gather any information out of the twin little girls who had become permanent fixtures in their lives for the past couple of days. It's okay. I'll get down to the bottom of things, he thought, formulating his questions and approach in his mind.

"Uncle Zach, why do Suri and I look alike," Sara asked before he could even voice his own questions.

"Well, the two of you are twins," he answered simply.

"We know that, Uncle. But why do twins look alike?" Suri clarified. Both twins, like their brothers obviously had inherited Darien's intellect and thirst for knowledge.

Zachary thought for a moment, unsure how deep he should go into the explanation for four year olds that seemed more intelligent than other four year olds, yet still, they are four years old.

"Hmm...When you were in your Mummy's tummy, before you were fully developed, you were actually supposed to be one baby but were split equally into two," he said trying to explain as simply as he could without corrupting the knowledge, and the children.

"But how did we get into Mummy's tummy in the first place?" Suri asked her cerulean blue eyes wide with curiosity.

Zachary inwardly cringed, scratching his head. And so the day went on and by its end, Zachary learned that there are questions he couldn't get answers to and people he couldn't get answers out of and children have the most curious minds and ask the most awkward questions.

Zachary's and Kevin's Apartment (Day three of Darien's absence)

Kevin's Playtime

Kevin Archer discovered his empathic abilities even before he regained his memories. Because he sensed and sometimes heard thoughts and felt the emotions of others, most times without even trying, he was constantly on his guard. He did not get easily baffled, was always vigilant and almost never caught unawares. Dating the famous Mina Andrews and her alter ego, the equally famous Sailor V, Kevin became an expert in controlling his emotions and expressions. He always looked immaculate, in control and formidable.

Now looking down at a pair of four years old twin girls who were looking up at him with mutiny, Kevin struggled to keep the smile out of his face.

"Why couldn't we go and pick Daddy up from the airport?" Sara asked the question that brought on the mutiny in the first place for possibly the tenth time.

United against him, both girls had their arms crossed across their chests.

"Because Uncle Andrew will go and pick him up and we'll meet them for dinner at the arcade later tonight," he answered calmly.

"But why couldn't we go instead?" Suri insisted.

"Because he's not here yet, not for several hours yet," Kevin tried his best to remain calm.

"But we miss Daddy." Tears began to form, lips began to tremble and Kevin felt the rise of a panic within him.

"He'll be home soon enough," he tried to reassure the girls, "In the mean time, we can do anything you want to do," he offered, thinking that bribery might work.

"Anything?" asked both girls.

Uh oh. "Anything, within reason," he tried to backtrack.

"Can we braid your hair?"

"You have such a nice long hair."

And so that was how Kevin Archer, successful attorney and businessman, found himself sitting on the floor having his silvery blonde hair braided by two little girls. And the list of demands went on. He became a horse for the girls to ride on, they made gross-looking concoction of multi favoured ice creams, sang off key to karaoke and played hide and seek. Though he'd be the last person to admit this, Kevin Archer had the time of his life.

That late afternoon, Zachary, Jason and Nathan walked into Zachary's and Kevin's apartment to find the now familiar sight of floor covered with scattered toys and dolls. What was unfamiliar was the sight of Kevin sprawled on the floor, sleeping as soundly as the girls tucked into the curve of each of his arm. His tie and shoes gone, his hair not just mussed but traces of leftover little braids can be seen and he definitely did not look immaculate or formidable now.

Nobody said anything. They each looked at each other, a silent agreement is reached. Jason plopped down onto the sofa and stretched out comfortably, Zachary dropped onto the single couch and made himself at home and Nathan lay on the floor, on the other side of one of the girls. "We'll go to the arcade for dinner when we wake up," he said decisively.

There were murmurs of agreement, followed by complete silence. Everyone in the room was now fast asleep. It had after all been a most tiring three days of their lives.

The Arcade (Three hours later)

Eleven adults and four children stared at each other. Jaws hanged, mouths agape, eyes wide...

Then suddenly,

"Sara! Suri! Thank goodness! Are you both alright?!"

"Darren! Darryl! Oh! We missed you!"

Four pairs of scrambling feet. Four children coming together, hugging each other with obvious relief, obvious familiarity, obvious love for one another.

Andrew dropped the tray he carried with a bang. It went completely unnoticed. The eleven adults stared hard at the unfolding scene before them, too stunned to say anything. Disbelieve, bewilderment, uncertainty clear on their faces.

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