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Chapter 7: Anne & Alan

The Arcade (A couple of minutes after we left off from Chapter 6)

Slowly overcoming their shock, Mina had stars in her eyes, Lita's face went soft with a dreamy expression, Amy's cheeks flushed, identical big grins appeared on Raye's and Jason's faces, Kevin and Zachary smiled a knowing smile each and Nathan and Andrew glanced at each other, both with smug Cheshire Cat grins.

The children were wide eyed. Not over the kiss, that was a familiar sight at home, but over the fight and of course finally seeing both their parents together. At this sight, their young hearts fluttered both with homesickness and a feeling of being at home, all at once.

Clearing up the mess from his dropped tray earlier, Andrew turned to them. "Err...girls, boys, how about I make you some milkshake? And then after, we can get on with the introductions?" he said to break the silence, gesturing the children back into the booth to take their orders.

"Yes please. Triple chocolate milkshake with extra sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts and cream, please Uncle Andrew!" simultaneous twin replies came from the girls.

"Triple chocolate milkshake with extra sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts and cream, please. Thank you Uncle Andrew!" the boys' twin replies came at the same time.

"Wow! The only one I know to order that is... Serena," Andrew answered without thinking.

Silence again.

But before anyone could say anything else, they were again interrupted by the bell of the arcade's door which opened to let in a pretty girl with brown shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes and her tall brother with light brown hair and blue eyes. Both of them oblivious to what had transpired earlier or the tension in the air, the Granger 'siblings' walked into the arcade side by side.

Anne immediately went to Darien and clung to his arm. Alan meanwhile, approached Serena. Scouts, Generals and Andrew scowled. Children glared.

"Err...Serena, I know it's early yet. But I was wondering if you'd go to the prom with me?" Alan asked Serena, smiling, somewhat shyly.

What?! Not happening! "Actually, she's going to prom with me," Darien said before he could stop himself.

Serena was shocked. Staring at Darien, she saw a dangerous glint in his eyes. Seeing this, she raised her chin. "Since when?" she asked defiantly.

"Since right now," he answered firmly.

"But Dare Bearrrrrrrrrrr...I thought you'd be taking me to prom," Anne whined.

Now, that stopped Serena short. No way! A feeling she refused to acknowledge as jealousy surfaced and she answered before she could think. "Well, he's not. He's going with me," she said heatedly, fire in her eyes.

"Well, that's settled then. Serena and Darien are going to the prom together," said Lita, fiercely staring Anne down, daring the girl to challenge her statement.

Anne grunted and frowned but said nothing.

"How about going to the movies instead? Day after tomorrow is Friday. Or during the weekend, maybe?" Alan persevered.

"She can't. She's moving next weekend," Jason piped in smugly.

At this, Darien's head turned sharply. "Moving? Moving where?" he couldn't help but asked.

Multiple answers can be heard at the same time.

Kevin and Zachary's calm, "To the suite next to ours."

Nathan and Jason's satisfied, "To the suite opposite to ours."

Andrew's pleased, "To the one unoccupied suite on our floor."

"You haven't told him yet?" Mina asked Kevin at the same time.

Stumped for a few seconds, Darien turned to Mina and answered her question on behalf of the slightly sheepish looking Kevin sarcastically, "Obviously he hasn't."

"Well, Serena and I are moving in this weekend. So there," Mina said with a firm nod and a sultry smile that has won her many fans in her career.

Darien turned to Serena. Keep calm Darien. "However on earth, did you manage to convince your overprotective father to let you move out of your parents' home before graduation, Dumpling?" he asked disbelievingly.

Serena fumed. "Well, if you must know, nosy, it was harder convincing Mina's Public Relations officer rather than my dad!" She said, folding her arms gruffly.

"Actually, Serena's right. Uncle Ken was okay. Especially since she's going to be near Jason and he's as overprotective of her as Uncle is," Mina said, raising an eyebrow at Jason, chuckling softly.

"Hey, I resent that! I'm reasonably protective of the both of you!" was Jason's teasing response.

"Mina's PR insisted on hiring bodyguards to follow her around. This was a compromise. I convinced the PR that the six of us around would be more effective at keeping her safe than any bodyguard he could hire," Kevin said by way of explanation.

"And what better way for us to watch her than for her to move in right on the same floor as us?" Zachary added rationally.

"It makes sense. Shields Corporation owns the entire building and we occupy the entire twentieth floor. Security is tight and we never allow strangers up to our floor," Nathan reasonably stated.

"Dad was convinced that if Serena moved in with Mina, security would be tiptop. Problem solved," Jason finished.

This sounded simple enough when Mina and Jason first suggested it, Serena thought. Oh why did he have to go and kiss me?! Don't think about the kiss! Don't think about the kiss! Don't think about the kiss!

Darien stared at the expressions playing across Serena's face. His sight dropped to her slightly opened pink lips. His stomach tightened and he inwardly groaned. Don't think about those lips! Don't think about how soft and silky her hair felt. Don't think about her at all!

Anne fumed in disbelieve, "You're going to let her move in with you?" she screeched.

Everyone winced.

"She's not moving in with me, Anne. She's moving into my building," Darien replied calmly, his usual mask back in place.

"Besides, what's it to you anyway?" Raye retorted scathingly.

"Okay everyone. We have children in the house. So, no fighting! Play nice!" Andrew stepped in, attempting to defuse the situation before it could get out of control. Yeah right! Things already are out of control! Where on earth did these children come from and why do they so resemble Serena and Darien? he thought to himself.

The mini meatball heads again! And what's this? Two more kids? Where did they come from? Anne fumed before huffing and pulling her brother out of the arcade. This weekend huh?! Let's see if I make it easy for you! I have just the right Cardian in mind...

During the adult's confrontation, the children settled in with their milkshakes at the booth. Darryl whispered quietly to the rest of his siblings, "We need to find time to consult Luna P and discuss what we are going to do..."

Darren nodded, "This weekend then? The Uncles and Aunties should be together to help Mom and Aunt Mina with the moving. Can you two distract Mom and Dad while we fill in the Uncles and Aunties?"

The girls nodded their assents. "What are you going to tell them, Darren?" Suri asked in the same hushed tones her brothers had used.

"Well, Mom and Dad said to find the Senshi and the Shitennou and tell them that Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask have to be reawakened. So, we'll definitely tell them that," Darren answered solemnly.

"We'll need Luna P to know what else we could or should tell them," Darryl added in.

"What have you girls told the Uncles? Do Dad really know who we are?" he continued, curiosity got the better of him.

"We didn't tell them anything yet. Luna P said to wait until we meet up with you guys and the Aunties," Sara supplied.

Suri bit her bottom lips. "I wanna hug Mummy," she said shakily.

Sara nodded, lips trembling, eyes starting to fill up.

Darren put an arm reassuringly around Suri whilst Darryl patted Sara's head comfortingly.

Unknown to them, some of the adults were also having similar hushed conversations before joining them at their booth.

"We really need to have a meeting," Mina said urgently to Kevin.

He nodded in agreement, curbing his need to ask her what she knows.

"There are a lot going on here that we must figure out," Amy said to Zachary under her breath.

"This weekend, we'll find some time," was his quiet response.

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