Chapter 1: A Nightmare

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The beautiful girl ran through the dark and forbidding dungeon, trembling with tears running down her face. The dungeon, with its dark stone walls and blood smears were her opinion of hell. She was told to stay above ground, but she couldn't bear to let anyone hurt or worse kill her love, but that failed. She had never felt so much pain in her life. The lost of love, was enough to drive any one crazy.

The girl gulped, and continued to run even though it pained her to leave HIM behind, even though there was no use helping him. After all he was already dead. The girl ran her fingers through, her long curly brown hair, thinking of him, and the times they shared before this. So what if she wasn't what his family considered 'perfect'. Nobody deserved this kind of pain. The only person as close to him as she, was his sister, but she was dead too.

The girl suddenly collapsed, giving up all possible hope. Nothing could be done. Then she slowly looked up and saw the man she had come to despise. She stared into his hateful gray eyes. He looked smug, even though he just did the unthinkable! Murdering his two children. Those gray eyes.just like HIS eyes! The girl's lip trembled, but she tried to look brave, "You can kill me, but you can NEVER change what we did, you monster!"

The wicked man smiled full of malevolence, "Shut up, mudblood! You and my foolish son and daughter got what they deserved."

The girl braced herself as she heard that horrible curse being muttered from the man's lips, "Avada Kedavra!"

Green light filled everything, and pain shot through the girl's body. Even though she was on the brink of death she retorted, "All in the name of love.."

Hermione Granger woke up immediately. She felt a cold sweat break out on her forehead. Hermoine shuddered. How she hated that cursed nightmare that came to haunt her every single night. Even though she constantly tried to tell herself it was just a dream, it awoke her with horror every single night.

Hermione groaned and rolled over to check her digital clock. It said: 4:00 AM. Hermoine sat up cursing to herself, "The one night when I need decent sleep, I need to be awoken by some stupid nightmare."

Hermoine lied back down and began to think. Why? Why was she always awoken by the same exact dream every night? It was starting to freak her out very much. Hermoine was not used to being frightened by nightmares. Even when she was a little girl, 'bad dreams' didn't faze her at all. Now here she was at the age of sixteen, being woken up by nightmares. Hermoine almost laughed out loud about how silly that was.

Hermoine looked back over at the clock. 4:30. She shook her head, and gave up hope of anymore sleep. She slowly got out of bed and began to look through all her schoolbooks. Hermoine loved school and to read. Her two best friends, Harry and Ron, may have found this annoying, but Hermoine loved them anyway. Hermoine squealed with delight. Tomorrow she would go to platform 9 ¾ to catch the train to go to her school, Hogwarts. This year would be her sixth year. She couldn't wait to see Ron and Harry again. This summer they didn't see each other at all. They only wrote letters. Hermione couldn't imagine how they changed. "Time sure does fly," thought Hermoine.

She sighed deeply lost in thought. Hopefully this year no ones life would be in danger, like her past years at Hogwarts. Maybe this year would be peaceful and calm. However, if Harry Potter was your best friend. That wasn't possible.

Hermoine got up and walked in the blue and white tiled bathroom. She stared in the mirror and began to brush her long, curly chestnut hair. She changed quite a bit over the summer. Her hair was not longer bushy. It was filled with long delicate curls that framed her sparking brown eyes well. She also wasn't as boyish, she was curvier. She also lost her huge front teeth. Well, they've been gone since the 4th year. Hermoine grinned. She actually felt pretty.

Hermoine got changed into a bright pink tank top and her silver jeans. She smiled, and looked back at the clock. 5:00. "Better get ready for another year, " thought Hermoine, as she went over to her stuff to pack it for her journey to Hogwarts. Her nightmare was long forgotten.