Dawn of Unova

As I promised, here's my new Pokemon story. It's the first time I've dabbled in doing fanfics in the mangaverse (and so far, I only own two of the B/W mangas), so I might be out of character at some points, but I believe I know enough to keep Black and White in character. This is a sequel to Curse of the Ancients, by the way, so it'll pick up some time after that story has ended, and Ashichu and Mistichu and their Pokemon will play a big role in the story too. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or any of its characters or settings. They belong to Game Freak and Nintendo.

P.S. This is probably the first B/W fanfic that mixes the manga and anime versions of Pokemon Black and White together.

Chapter 1: A Journey Begins

It's an rather serene morning in the hamlet of Nuvema Town, where the adventures of three young children will begin. Of course, some people are more prepared for adventure than others.


Case in point, young Pokemon Trainer Black. A young boy enthusiastic about the day he would set out on his own Pokemon journey, he has been looking forward to this day his entire life. He also figured nothing else would make it better than going alongside his childhood friends: the loyal but sometimes arrogant Cheren, and their ditzy but perpetually cheerful pal Bianca.

"Black, could you come down here for a second?" his mother asked from downstairs.

"Sure thing. C'mon, guys!" Black said to the small group of Pokemon napping by the corner of the room. A couple of years ago, the town's Professor Juniper found a sall group of stray Pokemon wandering around town. These Pokemon included a Pikachu and its two spiky-haired Pichu children, a Bayleef, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. Black and his mother volunteered to look after them, and they have stayed with them ever since. Going downstairs, Black's mother gave him a package that contained three Pokedexes and three Pokeballs inside it. "It came! This is so awesom- AHCHOO!" Black sneezed in the middle of his excitement, due to waiting out in the rain for this package to come the night before. Immediately, the package dropped to the ground with a thump, the Pokeballs spilling onto the floor, releasing three apparently angry Pokemon in the middle of a fight with each other.

"Pichu pi?" the first Pichu asked in confusion, looking at the three angry Pokemon duking it out amongst each other. ("Why are these Pokemon so mad at each other, Daddy?")

"Pika pikachupi, pika." the Pikachu replied in disbelief. ("I'm not entirely sure myself, Mistichu.")

"Oshaaaaaa!" the sea otter Pokemon Oshawott squeaked, leaping into a dogpile at the snake Pokemon Snivy, only to fall flat on its face when Snivy rolled out of the way. "Osha osh oshawott." ("Ouch, that hurt. You'll pay for that, Snivy, you son of a bitch!")

"Snivy sniv sniv!" the Snivy said with a smidge of malice, grabbing the Fire Pig Tepig with a Vine Whip. ("I don't think so, Otter McFlabs! Hey, Tepig, think fast!") Tepig was then flung straight at Oshawott, who was jumping up and down behind Black's mother.

"Mom, duck!" Black shouted, as she then ducked under quickly to avoid getting smacked, as Tepig hit the wall and then fled straight out the door when it finally came to, crying enough tears to fill a dried up water basin.

"PIKA-CHUUUUU!" Pikachu screeched as it became fed up with the fighting between the other two Pokemon, and unleashed a Thunderbolt, zapping some sense into them, with Mistichu and her brother Ashichu joining in. However, Black and his mother also got hit, and ended up looking completely singed. "Pika..." ("Oops.")

"Thanks, Pikachu. Now I've got to go find where Tepig went. I'll be right back, Mom. Now come on, Musha!" Black said as he called out to his trained Munna companion, which Mistichu and Ashichu tagged along with. On the way out, Black ran past Biana and Cheren who were coming over to see him.

"What's going on, Black?" Bianca asked.

"I'll explain later! I've got a pig to catch right now!" Black said, dashing into Route 1.

And that completes the first chapter. I hope you like the start of this new story, and tell me whether you'd want me to do any other "Pokemon Special" fanfictions. Reviews are appreciated!